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Peter Crouch says which Championship club he’d join

Peter Crouch says which Championship club he’d be happy to join after being asked the question from one particular football fan.

The former England striker retired from the beautiful game back in July 2019, after more than 21 years as a professional.

He played a total of 468 Premier League matches for Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Southampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Stoke City and most recently, Burnley

However, the only thing that could tempt him in coming out of retirement is if he got some free kebabs.

Crouchy, 39, was replying to a question from a fan called Jojo Neal, who said: “If we set you up in a flat above Joe’s Kebabs down Old Kent Road, would you play for Millwall?”

The striker, who is married to model Abbey Clancy, replied: “Let’s weigh this one up. Accommodation? OK. Access to food? OK, I’ve been partial to a kebab.

“And I would be back in the game?

“This deal is starting to sound like one of the most attractive that’s ever been put in front of me.”

He added: “Millwall have got a certain reputation, shall we say, but I can only speak from experience and tell you that whenever I have bumped into your fans, they have been brilliant with me.

“I’m thinking about this deal more and more now.

“Let me ask Abbey about the flat and I’ll see what I can do.”

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Since his retirement at the age of 38, he has has worked with the BBC hosting a Podcast, and a Saturday night BBC One TV show titled Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer.

In one of his podcast episodes, he Crouch named the only player who ever made him scared during his 29 year playing career and it’s one who certainly had many a footballer afraid.

Crouch named former Wolves, Crystal Palace, Rangers and Millwall defender Kevin Muscat as his toughest opponent.

He said: “Kevin Muscat scared me.”

“You know people would say ‘I’m going to break your legs’ – when he would say it, you genuinely believed him.”

The Australian defender was once known as ‘the most hated man in football’ after gaining a reputation as a brutal enforcer on the pitch.

Former Charlton midfielder Matty Holmes was awarded £250,000 by the High Court way back in 2004 after Muscat produced a malicious challenge on him, so bad it left the player requiring skin grafts and a metal bolt inserted in his ankle.

Muscat was branded a ‘lowlife’ by Arsenal legend Ian Wright, he stamped on Danny Webber’s head, elbowed Gold Coast United midfielder Jason Culina, threatened to break Ashley Young’s legs while he was a youngster at Watford, and committed one of the worst tackles in football history on Adrian Zahra.

He ended his professional career with 123 yellow cards and 12 red cards, and in 2013 was voted ‘football’s dirtiest ever player’ by Spanish outlet El Gol Digital.

Muscat stood down as Melbourne Victory coach in May after an Asian Champions League clash with Sanfrecce Hiroshima.

He also once applied for the manager’s job at Wolves, instead that was handed to Nuno Espirito Santo.

Peter Crouch also revealed 10 secrets that come from inside the dressing rooms.


Peter Crouch said: "It's small in there, tight and you can actually hear through the air vents the team talk from the other side.

"If you're quiet you can hear it."




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Peter Crouch says: "The kit man is the heartbeat of the football club really.

"He knows the lads, he's usually local, a fan and he's got his finger on the pulse of the dressing room."

He also adds that when they go into the dressing room, the kits, boots and shin pads are laid out. Drinks and jelly babies are also on a table for players to have as they prepare for matches.




Peter Crouch said: "You get two a season.

"It's like £50 - you don't even get a staff discount, pay it in the club shop.

"It's harsh.

"If you're playing in the FA Cup or something and a young lad asks for a shirt, I can't say 'give me £50 and you can have it!'"



Peter Crouch said: "I've been at Stoke for eight years... I think I've had the same towel for almost eight years.

"It had a massive hole in it, I said I'm going to have to move on and upgrade.

"I used this towel once, sometimes twice a day if we had a double session.

"It's worn down to a piece of string."




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Peter Crouch said: "The shower gel situation is embarrassing.

"One lad will bring a tiny gel and we'll be sharing it around 20 of us in the dressing room.

"We all have wash bags but no one ever brings shower gel.

"One of the lads will have a tiny one from a hotel.

"I don't know if you've ever stayed at a Malmaison Hotel you get the big family shower gels.

"You're not meant to take them but they usually end up in our shower.

"We can have a proper wash then!"


Peter Crouch named five more things about what goes on in the dressing room of Premier League clubs - check out what else he said on the next page.


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