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Pep Guardiola reacts after Gary Neville’s comments about Man City being ‘boring’ to watch

Pep Guardiola reacts after a journalist put to him Gary Neville’s comments about Man City being ‘boring’ and ‘unwatchable’.

The Manchester City manager gave a sarcastic thanks after the former Manchester United player turned pundit Gary Neville claimed he was ‘bored’ by the treble winners.

City produced a 3-1 win in the first leg of their Champions League last-16 tie against Copenhagen on Tuesday, but Neville chose not to watch the game.

Gary Neville said on the Stick to Football podcast that City have ‘ruined’ the jeopardy of most of the matches they play in, which differed from the teams he used to play in at Old Trafford.

He said: “I didn’t switch Manchester City, on Tuesday night. I felt a bit bored. I saw a post from a Liverpool fan that said he watched every single one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United games in the Champions League.

“There was that feeling that there was always going to be excitement one way or the other – they’d lose, or they’d win and the game would be exciting.

“You just can’t watch City – it’s almost like they’ve ruined it a little bit.”

Neville’s comments were put to Guardiola at his press conference on Friday ahead of Saturday’s match against Chelsea, with Man City 2nd in the Premier League table, two points behind leaders Liverpool, with Pep’s side having a game in hand, while Chelsea are 10th with 34 points from 24 games..

Guardiola responded with a cheeky smirk: “Thank you [Neville] for the compliment. What can I say?!

“Everything is so difficult in football. We do many things to try to win games for many years. What this group of players have done for many years, this season as well, is admirable.

“It’s hats off to my players because it’s unbelievable how they are so consistent and the way they take our opponents seriously.

“We are admired, I am pretty sure of that, [by] the people in the world of football who know how difficult it is being six or seven years there in all competitions every week.

“I am going to tell you something, in the future you will not forget. It looks easy, but it’s not. Remember that sentence: it looks easy but it’s not. The opponents respect us.

“Sometimes [for] people it is not enough what we are doing, but I know how difficult it is.

“The opponents respect us. Always I said the same, sometimes it’s not enough but I know how difficult it is.

There was plenty of reaction online as Pep Guardiola reacts after Gary Neville’s comments about Man City being ‘boring’ to watch…

@lukedolan_: Never heard something so mental. They have most goals per game ratio of any side in Europe.

@BradleyJC8: Havent watched this but city boring to watch most of the time, just batter teams and pass then to death. Normally good games against better teams tho

@christtocs: United while dominant were never as dominant as City. United would give you chances. Remember games like 5-3 against Spurs while 3-0 down, 5-0 loss to Chelsea. Being absolutely battered by Middlesbrough 4-1. No one has done that to City. City are boring to watch.

@balovesfooty: I’m SO bored of watching them too. It’s a hard watch—because I know what’ll happen. I just want something to run a muck where City gets somewhat thrown off their game. Pep finally thinking—“gotta switch things up!”

@RicoLewis_ERA: How are our matches supposed to be entertaining when 90% of teams in this league park the bus against us

@pacmanMCFC: Might be the worst “insult” that rivals have… you’re so good it’s boring 😂😂😂

@chefmancity2: Well we know it’s not just g Neville who doesn’t watch or know about City! The majority of main stream media, sky sports talk shite and five live don’t watch City they should spout their shite bitterness! Nothing new

@trebletime23: Bet @GNev2 never thought United were boring when winning everything? Guess what, I did.

@Plonkkit: I‘m probably compromised because I hate cheats but I agree with @GNev2. @ManCity games lack jeopardy and so they’re boring and predictable. That’s why we need #ffp to level playing fields where the best win, not those with deep pockets and cheats.

@gillymcfc: Lets hope Pep enjoys boring the socks off all these jealous people who don’t appreciate what they have seen and are seeing and he decides to bore them even more by staying at City for 10 more years #mcfc

@IanBilko72: @GNev2 you call City boring when you played under a MANAGER who never took a coaching session in his life. You played 4-4-2, not exactly groundbreaking. Pep has revolutionised English football from grass roots to the national team, he’s changed football forever.

@Mmck09: Just finished listening to the overlap and yes Man City are boring to watch. every pep team is boring. People call it pure football but I hate watching it. It’s obviously the right move given his results but man I’ll take lumping it into the box over it every time

@beckytaylorgill: I used to think Man City were boring but I must admit I’m quite enamoured by them these days

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