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Pep Guardiola claims he’ll more likely stay in charge than leave if Man City are in League One

Pep Guardiola claims he’ll more likely stay in charge than leave if Man City find themselves having to play in League One.

The boss sent a defiant message as he spoke out about the 115 charges Manchester City are facing for breaching the Premier League‘s financial fair play rules.

 They could face an unprecedented punishment if they are found guilty, and in light of Everton being deducted 10 points by the Premier League for breaking financial fair play rules, questions were soon aimed at Guardiola to get his thoughts again.

In response to being asked about the charges facing Man City, Guardiola said: “Wait and see it and after the sentence has been done, and after we will come here and explain it.

“But absolutely I will not consider my future if it depends on being here or being in League One. Absolutely.

“There is more chance to stay if we are in League One than if we win the Champions League.

“I won’t say a word about Everton – I don’t know the reality of what happened, but I know it’s a completely different case. I know others are saying ‘OK City, can go to the conference’, but wait. What’s going to happen will happen.

“You read it and we should be relegated, of course, but nobody knows. All the people who say it don’t know exactly what happened. I haven’t read it all.

“But wait. It’s what I said a month ago – if we’ve done something wrong, we’ll be punished. After what will be done, I will be here.”

Asked if he felt the Premier League were under more pressure to punish City after the record points deduction handed down to Everton, Guardiola said: “It’s a good question. I will answer when I have the sentence.

“You are questioning like we have been punished. And in this moment, we are innocent until guilt is proven. I know the people want it. I know, I feel it. I will wait.

“It’s written, why Everton has been punished for 10 points deduction, and why Man City is in there. It’s two different cases. It’s not the same. Honestly. I spoke with my people and they said it is completely different.

“Okay, the other one is longer because it is more complicated because it’s 115 breaches. So wait. Then after that, the lawyers from both sides present their cases in front of the judge and the verdict and after that I will speak in front of you and you can ask me the question.”

In 2020, Pep Guardiola reiterated his commitment to Man City stating that he would remain at the club even if they were playing in League Two.

The Spaniard, who’s been in charge at the Etihad Stadium since 2016, said that he has no intention to leave, allegedly telling his players: “Whatever league we are in, I will still be here. Even if they put us in League Two, I will still be here.

“This is a time for sticking together.”

Twitter users reacted as Pep Guardiola claims he’ll more likely stay in charge than leave if Man City are in League One…

@OfficialVizeh: The idea of Pep Guardiola at Carlisle (A) gives me life

@CorrinneStanley: would genuinely pay twice the current price of my season ticket to see this man run riot in league one 😂

@BlossomsMinds: Breaking records in league one, my manager.

@MaraudersJFC: Relegate us to league One immediately

@slsmith809: Gotta love this man. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

@bifana_bifana: Which is exactly how it should be in moments of difficulty. Witness the huge crowds that followed City through thin and thinner between 1996 and 2000. We can enjoy rolling over Bayern and Real, but we’ll be damned if we’re not there to provide exactly the same support v. Tranmere

@SpibySalford: Bolton away soon come! The Main man is going nowhere 🤜🏼

@AlexEveritt91: Fucking get us relegated. Keep the greatest at all costs

@joe_nolann: Mental to not be hoping we get found guilty and relegated at this stage 🤞

@citykieron: Not sure what I want more, Pep in league 1 or tears when we’re found innocent

@Mataniels: Couldn’t love him any more than I do already 🩵🤍

@OUFCBilly_: #oufc city away anyone?

46 straight wins
+150 goal difference

@TomYates9820: He’s an absolute liar but i love him

@dlamb75: I almost want us to be demoted to League One just to see Pep in League One 🤣🤣🤣

@Sarina4177: The dream to compete against big clubs like derby county, blackpool, Northampton, Barnsley is still alive

@Salop_Nathan: I’d pay to see Pep at the Mem on a Tuesday night 😭

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