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Pep Clotet hits back at Garry Monk after hand shake refusal

Pep Clotet has hit back at Garry Monk after he refused to shake his hand during the 1-1 draw against Birmingham City in midweek.

It was always going to be an interesting night as days before, Monk launched a surprise attack on Clotet, claiming he was stabbed in the back by his former assistant.

Monk described the decision to work with Clotet as an error in judgement. Watch the video going viral for yourself below…

After that was said, the two managers came face to face, however as Clotet went in for that handshake, Monk decided to snub it. The images that follow are great viewing…

Clotet responded by saying on talkSPORT: “I wanted to ask him why he said that and I wanted to offer a handshake.

“One thing that I love about British football is that, whatever the rivalry, manners are on top of everything.

“When I tried to talk to him and give him my hand, I am giving him the hand of Birmingham City.

“And manners have to be on top of that, but that’s up to him.

“When it comes to me personally, I’ve worked in four different countries as a head-coach, or manager, or assistant manager.

“I’ve worked with fantastic managers when I’ve been assistant, I have a fantastic relationship with a lot of them and I learned a lot.

“They will all agree that I always put their interests ahead of mine. With Garry, together we had five fantastic years.

“I think he grew thanks to my experience and my influence, and obviously he helped me a lot.

“It was very clear with Garry that I always put his interests in front of mine.

“That was very clear at Leeds, where I was living a honeymoon and it would’ve been great to stay, but it wasn’t possible because of his problems.

“Then again, at Birmingham, he put me into a position that I could not hold.

“For me, everything we hold together is very positive, and I hope that we respect that when we are speaking in front of the media we are speaking about our clubs and we should be speaking respectfully.

“We should be speaking about facts and not these kind of things that aren’t real.”

On the refusal to shake hands, Monk said: “This is a personal situation. That’s nothing against this club, this is a personal situation with someone that I invested a hell of a lot of emotion and time with, and classed as a friend.

“He chose to do a different thing in the worst possible way and that cuts deep.

“That’s all I can say about it. It cuts deep and I’m not going to shy away from that. I’m not going to be fake, I’m going to make things up, that’s not me.

“I don’t respect that, so why would I do that? If you don’t respect me, then why would I respect him in that way?”

The Owls boss was booed by travelling Birmingham fans, who were previously understood to have had a close affinity with the manager that steered them through the choppy waters of a points deduction last season.

Visibly emotional, Monk said: “I wasn’t making accusations. I wasn’t making claims, I wasn’t making comments. I was speaking facts, that what it is.

“I wish it wasn’t true. Every part of my body wishes it wasn’t true. I have to stay consistent and true to myself. You ask anyone that’s ever worked with me, I’ve been honest and open and that’s who I am.

“Whenever you guys ask me questions, I’m honest and open and I answer them honestly.

“I was asked the question, so why shouldn’t I stay true to myself, why shouldn’t I be honest and open. And I understand, I didn’t do it for a reaction, I had nothing to gain from it. I know that, I had nothing to gain from that.

“But what I have to do in that moment, like I’ve done my whole life, is be open and honest, that’s who I am. I got asked the question and I was open and honest about it. Why should I shy away from that, but I understand the reaction.”


After finding out what Pep Clotet said and Garry Monk’s handshake snub, fans took to give their reaction with many applauding the Birmingham boss for his good manners – see those tweets on the next page.


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