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Paul Simpson praised for damning post-match interview | Firework let off in stand at Carlisle

Manager Paul Simpson has been praised for his damning post-match interview after losing to Leyton Orient on Saturday afternoon.

Ruel Sotiriou’s fifth goal of the season on the 21st minute, following Joe Pigott’s through-ball, was enough to give Leyton Orient a 1-0 victory at Brunton Park in League One.

The O’s have now only one defeat in their last seven games in all competitions.

It means Leyton Orient sit 10th in the table with 17 points from 12 games played, while Carlisle are 20th with 11 points from 13 games and put themseves at risk of being in the relegation zone should those around them get something from their games in hand.

“I think the big lesson you learn from it is that you can’t start games like we did today,” Carlisle boss Paul Simpson told the Carlisle United website. “We can’t go into any game in any league starting like we did in the first half, and that’s the big disappointment.

“Second half we had a go and we were more positive in our passing and our running. We showed more energy and unfortunately all of those were seriously lacking in the first 45 minutes.

“Yes, we kept the ball, but we kept it in rubbish areas and that’s not what I want from our team. We’ve gone from such a level last week at Bolton where we earned a big result, and we’ve had an opportunity today to go and repeat that in front of our supporters and we’ve let ourselves down with the way we were in the first half today.

“No, I thought they were better than us. They got onto second balls better than us and passed it with more of a purpose than we did.

“There was no spark to us. You need an aggressive way to play, an aggressive way when you’re out of possession to press. I think they probably won nearly every second ball in the first half, balls are bouncing, they picked them up, we didn’t get on the end of it.

“I was happier with the second half but I just don’t think you can start any game like we did and then expect to suddenly flick a switch and change it around and come out on top.

“And it’s a horrible goal to give away, a really poor goal, I think we’ve gifted them it. I thought the second half was much better but that’s the way we have to go about it from the start.

“You can’t wait until words get said at half time, you’ve got to start every game right and not start when you’re a goal down.

“Like I say, it’s a rubbish goal. I thought Sam had got himself into a decent position, I don’t know why Tomas is out there and, when he is out there, I don’t know why he doesn’t just clear everything.

“Even after that, when the ball is rolling in I think there can be an enthusiasm to go and try and stop it by other players, but unfortunately they didn’t.

“You look at the example where they hit the crossbar and none of our players have reacted to the rebound. We knew they’d be a threat from second balls from set plays.

“I thought that was an example of where we had no life about us today, it was all waiting for somebody else to do it. If that’s what you do you get nothing out of the game.”

With nine corners and a run of free kicks, he also admitted that it was disappointing not to see the keeper tested more.

“There were some good balls that went in and there were people getting half near the ball, I just think you have to have more desire and aggression to go and get on the end of it.

“We could maybe say with a bit of luck it might have dropped to our feet, but you have to make your own luck by making runs and positive actions.

“Let’s be honest, because of the way we went about it in the first half, we’ve got nothing out of the game and that’s probably what we deserved.

“It’s alright keeping it where we did, but possession stats do my head in. I want to keep the ball in the final third and produce exciting moments. It doesn’t interest me keeping it in our own half.

“We have to do it to try and drag players out, but I think we’re a good team when we press and win it back high up the pitch.

“When we play with a level of intensity and get quality balls into the box and get shots off, we’re hard to deal with. We’ve done it a few times in the second half maybe but, as the result suggests, not enough.

“And the first goal is massive at any level. Even after that, there was still enough time for us to do it, but unfortunately we haven’t. I keep using the word unfortunate, but is it unfortunate, or have we just not done enough to get it.

“We have to make it a fortress. Everybody tells me it’s a horrible journey to get here, but if we go into games like we did in the first half we’re going to make it a nice easy place to come.

“I thought we played at a real pedestrian pace in the first half with no bravery about us, and for us to get anything out of this league we’re going to have to play with some bravery.

“Terry Ablade came on and he had a bit of life about him. We turned them round and he got in behind with his pace, and he used it more effectively than he did on Tuesday night, which is a bonus.

“I thought even before Terry came on, particularly in midfield, I don’t think we had a lot in terms of the front three, but in midfield we had a bit more desire about us. Just again, not enough, and we can’t start game like we did and allow them to have that foothold.

“The fans tried to help with pushing us onwards. They’ve turned up in their numbers, which is magnificent. When I saw the rain and what I was like before the game, I did wonder if it would affect things.

“We can’t credit them and thank them enough for that type of attendance, sadly we haven’t put on a performance, particularly in the first half, to give them a lot to be happy about.”

Meanwhile, there was an incident in the stands during the game, with an appeal sent out by the Cumbrian outfit for help in identifying who let off a firework.


Carlisle United Football Club is appealing for assistance in identifying the individuals or individual responsible for the ‘letting off’ of a firework shortly before half-time during Saturday’s home game against Leyton Orient.

The device, of the flash-bang variety, caused a flash and a loud noise, and some shock and distress for fans stood near the incident.

“Once again we are faced with a fan incident in the Warwick Road End,” chief executive Nigel Clibbens said. “I went and spoke to fans in that area at half time in the stand close to it, and made my feeling known directly to them.

“I have seen numerous comments on social media from supporters who were close by, and I started to receive emails on Sunday morning from people near to it who were extremely upset, to the point of saying they wouldn’t be coming back.

“If you know who did it, or know of anyone who was responsible for the incident, please help us to identify them and deal with them for the good of the club.

“As I said in my last update with the Carlisle United Supporters’ Groups, we were due an FA inspection to assess our fan behaviour following previous incidents and the most recent fine.

“That took place on Saturday. An FA inspector was at the game.

“As you also know, we have an outstanding FA misconduct charge relating to mass incursion at the home play-off game with Bradford, and we await an outcome from that.

“It’s an obvious understatement to say that this doesn’t help us at all. The club and many thousands of fans have been let down by this.”

If you have any information that could help us with this incident please email media@carlisleunited.co.uk.

Any information received will be handled confidentially.

There was plenty of reaction with Paul Simpson praised for his damning post-match interview…

@thefootyfifa777: I just watched that clip, as a Bradford fan I like what Simpson said he’s true to his word. Proper football manager who takes no short cuts. 👍

@Blencath007: Yeah that is pretty strong stuff. Not nice to hear but no doubt justified. Fortunately I was not at game. Couldn’t go but refuse to watch someone else’s Under 21s in this comp.

@ashley_wooding: This is what I would like to see from Paul warne. This interview shows that Simmo cares about the club and fans. Players come and go. You need a manager to say it how it is. We don’t need a manager to be their mate.

@Oxford_carper: Great honest reaction.. maybe @Joey7Barton can learn from that.

@chazitfc: Absolutely love these types of interviews

@WindersMurphy: No man I’d rather have leading our club, honestly spot on time and time again.

@TonyP789: Got to love him

@Chris_CA2: Some of them got to be shitting it when this money comes in, be a few agents eyeing up options in January when their clients become jobless.

@Mcmanus36: The man’s straight down the middle no faffing about

@cufc52: The ends near for a few players at Carlisle

@Pat00758889Pat: Simmoooo! Keeping a watch on him, was totally committed, talented player

@JimmyRamBelieve: Simmo !!!!! Would make a great Derby boss – brilliantly put – he don’t do pansies

@MoBackhouse: I like him well said 🍊👍👏

@bluearmy4ever: What was needed, a dose of honesty and verbal rollicking!

@mitchtheram7: yes simmo you tell em

@CU04_YOUTUBE: Thought Jack Ellis, Whelan and Barclay were okay tonight, then the rest I think Simmo is bang on here, could see on his face throughout the game. He was raging…. #cufc

@Prestonoldham51: Probably the best interview I’ve seen by a lower league manager. When do the players start taking responsibility ? #oafc

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