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Paul Scholes’ son scores a screamer for ninth-tier club

There was a huge amount of talk online as Paul Scholes’ son scores a screamer for a ninth-tier club on Saturday afternoon.

Arron Scholes let fly from distance, with the ball finding the top corner with a stunning strike at the weekend, causing plenty praise on social media.

The Manchester United legend shared the clip his brilliant strike for Chadderton, which was too much for the Prestwich Heys goalkeeper, on Instagram.

He wrote about his 21 year old son, who plays for Chadderton FC in the North West Counties League: “You don’t save those.”

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The youngster managed to earn his side a point in the 1-1 home draw with Prestwich Heys on Saturday – which was their first match for almost two months.

Scholes junior picked up the ball from around 30 yards out and managed to get free of his marker with some superb footwork.

He then opened up some space for himself and hit the ball with his right foot, before swerving away from the goalkeeper as it hit the back of the net.

Last weekend, Scholes Jr turned out for Dukinfield Dynamos, a Sunday League Tameside Division 2 side, and scored another beauty, curling in from way out on the left wing.

It was back in 2018 that Paul Scholes made a surprise return to football one Saturday as he made an appearance for Royton Town.

Scholes called it a day professionally in 2013, but after finding out that his son Arron’s team were short of numbers for their fixture at Stockport Georgians, he decided to give them a helping hand.

Despite the presence of the 11-time Premier League winner, Royton went on to lose 1-0.

One point during the match saw Scholes lunging in for a 50-50.

Check out some videos of him in action below…

Manager Mark Howard was quoted by BBC Sport as saying: “We had eight or nine of our senior players missing and Paul said he’d be happy to help out if we were ever short as his son Arron plays for us.

“It’s great for the league. He raises the level of those around him by 10 to 15 per cent and opponents don’t want to look stupid in front of him.”

Royton chairman Gary Leeming added: “Usually these sort of games attract 40 or 50 people but there were a lot more there when word got out that he was playing. I can’t imagine Stockport Georgians have ever had so many people on their car park.

“We were down to the bare bones. He’s 43 now but he’s still got that magic wand and he was absolutely fantastic for us.

“He obviously has a lot of media commitments but he occasionally trains with us when he can and is still a great player.”

Paul Scholes opened up back in 2011 about how his older son Aiden has autism.

In his frank autobiography, Scholes: My Story has let readers into his world.


In Day One of an exclusive serialisation, Paul reveals the strength he gained from his close family and tells of the support they have been to his youngest son Aiden, who suffers from autism.

It read: My new generation of Red Devils are our three kids who keep Claire and me extremely busy, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. I know I’m bound to say this about my own children but we think they’re brilliant and love them to bits.

The oldest is Arron, who is now 12, his sister Alicia is ten and little Aiden is six. Aiden suffers from autism and has quite severe learning difficulties, so he can’t take part in most sports at the moment, though he does absolutely love his swimming.

He seems in his element in the pool, he’s a real water baby and it’s wonderful that he’s got that to enjoy. Some children with autism are scared of water but Aiden’s the opposite. He’d be swimming every minute of the day if he could and on holiday we even feed him in the pool.

We hope his condition improves but we’re not banking on it, just doing everything we can to make sure he has a happy life. He has a load of people trying to help him, speech and play therapists for example.

Aiden’s in his own little world, and it is some consolation that he does see content in it. He loves being tickled and the other two know how to get him to enjoy himself, then to keep still for the camera. To me, this just shows how much they all love each other, and there’s nothing better than when your kids get on like that.

Arron and Alicia are fantastic with Aiden. It can’t be easy having a brother in his situation but they cope with it brilliantly.

They don’t always get much attention from him, which is all a part of autism, but they still put the effort in and show him love. And he loves them in return.

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