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Paul Merson mocked by fans after making baffling comments live on Sky

Paul Merson has been mocked by fans and viewers after making some baffling comments live on Sky Sports’ Deadline Day gossip.

Arsenal have spent more than £130million in this summer’s transfer window, but the ex-Gunners player has hit out at his former club for their strategy as they overhauled Mikel Arteta’s squad.

Paul Merson slammed Arsenal’s chiefs and claimed that he could “do a better job” as the club’s director of football.

Technical director Edu, full name Eduardo César Daud Gaspar, currently holds that post but has come under fierce scrutiny for his strategy in the transfer market, with many underperforming players still at the Emirates Stadium outfit.

Pressure has ramped up on the Brazilian and manager Mikel Arteta after what has been a shocking start for the Gunners, so far enduring a new Premier League season which has left them winless and goalless after three games.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the club having spent more than £130million across the summer transfer window, with six players in total moving to North London.

However, Merson is still rather unhappy, with the former striker claiming he’d be able to do a better job than Edu.

The pundit even made a sly dig at the fact Arsenal have not qualified for European football by insisting that he would be able to combine a director role with his punditry duties on Sky Sports.

“Tell you what I’d do a better job [than Edu]. I’ll tell you now, I could do both [Soccer Saturday and Director of Football], if you’re successful you play on Sunday’s,” Merson said on Sky Sports News.

“I think their season starts when they start when they come back from the international break.

“The fixtures coming up are winnable games, or they will have to win them there’s no doubt about that.

“Mikel Arteta will have till the October international, if they haven’t done anything by then he will be under pressure. When you spend that kind of money, these players have to perform.”

“At the moment, Arsenal are middle of the table. If they come fifth or sixth I think they’re pulling up trees, 10th is about right,” Merson added.

“These other teams are buying good players, Aston Villa have Danny Ings, why’ve Arsenal not got Danny Ings? Why they not buy Danny Ings?

“I worry about the recruitment. Arsenal are never beating anybody, you never see them nick a player off Man United. They’re the only team after a player.”

As mentioned, Paul Merson has been mocked by fans after making some baffling comments live on Sky…

@care3cal: Would gamble all the money away

@carltregale: He wouldn’t be able to be left with the purse. It would all end up down paddy power!

@HeznaldinhoJr: Would put all the money on Red and lose it

@Greg_P_C: I loved Merson the player. Merson the pundit is even worse than Merson the manager. Took over a struggling Walsall team, got relegated. Just avoided a second successive relegation in first full season. Sacked the following season with team in relegation zone. Absolutely clueless.

@MrHMonnoyer: Tell you who wouldn’t actually do a better job. Paul Merson

@EAaa9801: He doesn’t even know what day of the week it is

@tuite147: All the coke and drink have fried his brain I’m afraid.

@mikehall_83: He can barely pronounce his own name never mind direct a football club

@Shock_TheSystem: Same way he did with management…….

@Andrew_ORegan: couldn’t direct traffic.

@ChrisMcnally74: So instead of talking bollox on tv why doesn’t he get a job somewhere, do well and work his way up to a top job 🤷‍♂️

@J_E_4: Sure Walsall will back that..

@highbury_arsnl: No thanks

@TimMoor13632408: Merse was a great player but we’ll know for not being the smartest kid on the block. Nope.

@Richard27700612: I’m going to say that (A) Merson would be an absolutely useless DOF (B) this window is the start of a new era. Going to take a few years to get back to the top but if we keep having that much cash to spend – we’ll do it.

@OnzeMwiza: He can’t run any business, he is not even capable of pronounce names of players on public TV.

@Hamish_M: Mers would get the club relegated in 2 mins

@Majidbala85: He can’t even do a proper job as a pundit, and he thinks he can do a good job at being a director of football lol he needs to stay off the drugs.

@N1JYX: I don’t mean this in a harsh / rude way, but a serial drug, gambling and drink addict cannot be a Director of Football. I know he needs $$$ and I get it, but he does talk a lot of $hit

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