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Paul Konchesky sent off for ‘clashing with staff member’ as player WHACKS opponent in head

WSL’s Aston Villa v West Ham sees Paul Konchesky sent off for ‘clashing with a staff member’ as a player WHACKS her opponent in the head.

The incident came in stoppage-time during the Hammers’ 2-1 victory on Saturday, with West Ham defender Hawa Cissoko was shown a straight red card for smacking Villa right-back Sarah Mayling in the face.

In the heated scenes that played out, Konchensky was also dismissed for aggressive behaviour as both teams became embroiled in a touchline brawl.

However, Villa state that in spite of reports, he didn’t hit any of their staff.

Konchesky claimed after the game that the incident occurred due to the Villa players saying things to Cissoko.

“I did get sent down the tunnel with their guy. Is it a bit harsh? Probably because I’m sticking up for my player who’s getting stuff said to her,” said Konchesky.

“But I think that’s football and I’m looking after my players, so whatever the consequences I’ll take [them].

“We don’t want to see that happening in football, I get it. But like I said I will stick up for my players and so I have.”


Konchesky added: “I’m not sure what really happened on the pitch, how it happened. I did see Hawa raise her hands but I see the opponent raise her hands as well.

“She stays on the pitch and Hawa gets sent off.

“As Hawa goes down the tunnel some of their staff are saying stuff to my players, which I don’t respect, so me and my staff will obviously stick up for my players and I think that’s why you see – not a scrap – but you see it all going on near the dugouts.

“It’s a bit like what’s gone on on the pitch.”

Villa boss Carla Ward added: “I’ve never seen anything like that in a game, the punch in the face from Cissoko is not acceptable.

“The melee in the dugout is absolutely not OK, from what I’ve seen.

“What’s frustrating is our girls were superb, they deserved more from that game.”

West Ham won the game with two early goals from Dagny Brynjarsdottir and Honoka Hayashi.

Villa midfielder Kenza Dali got one back in the second half but it was too late for the hosts to get any kind of comeback

Twitter users reacted with Paul Konchesky sent off for ‘clashing with a staff member’ as a player whacks her opponent in the head…

@storeyanthony: The Villa player didn’t want that smoke

@HaydAVFC: Disgraceful that. Needs a hefty fine and ban.

@tdriscool: Hardly shocking but both players were equally at fault. Mauling showing the initial aggression and Cissoko reacting. Either two reds or two yellows. Definitely not one red and nothing for the other.

@cockney_yid: I tell you what, plenty of men in the premier league would still be on the deck if they’d have been on the end of that left hander 👊🏻

@whu_fanz: “women’s football is boring” well this was quite entertaining to watch 😂

@CH4RLIEKN0TT: Could’ve done with you Thursday against Anderlecht girl!

@TheCouzens96: Disgusting behaviour honestly! I understand getting angry about a challenge but to escalate to that is madness in my eyes. Cissoko out of West Ham altogether should be done.

@finchyyyn: Cheeky left hook that 🤣🤣

@Hammerhexy: Wallop!! She’s the Tommy Repka of our Women’s team! ⚒⚒

@charlcox6: Fucking jab and a half that

@ArtJ001: Piss poor from her teammates not getting involved.

@RachyAVFC: Terrible this

@TomCowley23: Thats an absolute disgrace. Phenomenal restraint shown by the Villans in the circumstances

@TheVillaHome: Disgraceful! Hopefully a substantial ban @BarclaysWSL pending?! 😤😠

@iron__Tom: I wouldn’t mess with her

@JLJLewis91: Get her in the mens team

@Sam95201283: Imagine if this was in a men’s league level match 😂 player would have gone down like a baby on the first hit. Fair play to Mayling, didn’t retaliate, didn’t flinch, stood up to her and did it with pride 🦁 UTV!!!

@AW12_OFFICIAL: Didn’t even touch her ref

@jack_mchattie: Get in there have ittt🤣🤣🤣⚒⚒

@Greggy73: The girls don’t fu€k about… 💪👧⚒️

@WillBaxxx: Naughty jab. Irons ⚒

@Chayy___: 😭😭😭 dropped a stiff one

@samdavidstone: Oh my days 🤣🤣

@ChaddersCha: Lovely jab. Made the opening for the back hand but looked gunshy and happy to take in on points.

@GeorgeJoseph97: Hahahaha go on girl

@riobeare: Solid left hand that, what a woman

@BurdenEllis: Fucking take that

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