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Paul Heckingbottom demands other clubs to face punishments after Everton’s points deduction

Sheffield United manager Paul Heckingbottom demands other clubs to face ‘bigger’ punishments after Everton’s points deduction.

He’s become one of the first managers to react to the Toffees being found guilty of profit and sustainability breaches by an independent commission.

As punishment, they were handed a 10 point deduction, seeing the club fall from 14th to 19th after being found guilty of breaking financial rules, moving Hecky’s side up one place to 18th in the Premier League.

Manchester City and Chelsea are other clubs facing a nervous wait, with potentially facing a more serious sanction.

Man City have 115 Financial Fair Play charges in January while Chelsea find themselves under investigation over transfers during Roman Abramovich’s reign.

Speaking ahead of his side’s home game against Bournemouth, Heckingbottom said: “I think it’s opened the door to other sanctions, which we can’t just have one team punished. We need more. If there’s been breaches, you know, we suffered last season from that.

“And I think me being a football fan, I think it’s only right, you know, the rules there for a reason and they should be imposed.

“Otherwise, what’s the point? From Everton’s point of view, they’re going to feel hard done to because of the first and it’s the biggest punishment we’ve had in the Premier League, so that will only be seen as justifiable if others follow suit with bigger punishments potentially.

“So it’s open to all sorts, but from a football point of view, I’ve honestly been impressed with Everton this season in terms of I think they should have had more points than what they had anyway.

“So whilst it initially knocked them down into where they are, they’ve shown more than enough for me to show that they’re going to be fighting and be more than capable to work the way out of it.

“We just hope we finish above them.”

Meanwhile, Steve Cooper of Nottingham Forest said, as per Leicester Mercury: “I can’t really comment on how it happened and the process of the decision – that’s not my bag at all. But we play them soon, and my first thought was of how it is going to be an even tougher game now.

“We are focused on this weekend first, but when that game comes around it is going to add to the challenge of playing against them. We will have to be ready for that.”

Wolves’ Gary O’Neil says: “It’s really difficult for me to give you an accurate answer on it. I don’t want any of the teams deducted points, I feel for them. You want everyone to have a fair crack at the season.

“Everton have moved 10 points below us but that doesn’t make me feel any better about it. I’m sure they’ll reach a conclusion that’s fair for everybody.

“My only feeling is disappointment for Everton, the fans, the players and Sean [Dyche]. I’m sure they’ll pull together to make sure they have a good season.”

Burnley boss Vincent Kompany: “There’s discussions at Premier League level and board level but for one second it’s not been on my mind. I don’t think it is for me to make a judgement on this. I need to focus on the team and getting rewards and turning performances into results.

“Like I say I’m aware so not going to pretend I’m not aware, but it’s none of my concern. It’s not my job and it’s not my task. My task is way too important for me to get distracted by this, we are talking politics here and board-level discussions.

Twitter users had their say as Paul Heckingbottom demands other clubs to face punishments after Everton’s points deduction…

@ColliverM: Well said. Surely everyone agrees cheats should be punished. Shane they never are. Evertons points deduction will end up costing a couple of million. Hardly a punishment for cheating to stay in the division which ultimately they did.

@ChampagneBladex: Nice to see comments actually agreeing with him for once, he does know how to win a room over really well hates off to him for that

@aroundgroundsss: Time for a massive reset in football. Cap what any team can spend doesn’t matter who they are in any league to. Be far more enjoyable than seeing teams just spend millions on players. Would help the EFL to

@FoersDarren: Hecky has the balls to say what all other are thinking. Other need to follow suit

@CW_1867: little grass 😂😂😂 desperate for other point deductions to be able to stay up

@UpperGwladysBlu: Generally positive words but I’d like to know how in his words ‘we’ (Sheff Utd) ‘suffered last season’. They were relegated at the end of the 20/21 season bottom of the league, 36 points behind Everton. They’ve spent the last 2 seasons in the Championship.🤔

@Joelbirmz12: I agree more points deductions needed (defo not because that’s only reason me might stay up)

@thegeoblade: How are people interpreting this as Hecky saying he wants teams deducted points so we can avoid relegation? That clearly isn’t the point. Whilst it would be helpful (yes, I’m not denying it), those who break the rules should be punished. Simple.

@JulesG08: He’s right. This is just the beginning and some teams will be frantically looking at those loop holes. The premier league needs to stop protecting, they’ve opened these floodgates.

@aaronclarke034: Finally a prem manager speaking out on the problem

@aide_dews: He’s sound is Hecky, nice fella from Barnsley 👍🏻

@_luke1878_: Fair play

@JakeEFC_98: Hope Sheff United finish below us, but stay up. Decent club & fans

@JosephMcclarnon: Very fair and measured

@Smally_Blade: He’s 100% bang right

@Haroldiinho_: Could put every team above Sheffield on -10 points and I’m confident they’d still go down.

@Danthedon1878: What a lad he’s talking with zero bias and complete logic hopefully they stay up alongside us come the end of the season

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