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Paul Gascoigne claims he touched teammate’s penis before games for good luck

Paul Gascoigne amuses a crowd of fans at an audience with after claiming he touched a teammate’s penis before games for good luck.

Gazza claims he used to cup his hand on his England teammate Les Ferdinand’s manhood in the dressing room and was so impressed with how well presented the striker was that he asked if he could have a “hold of that thing”.

He said he went on to score and “played a blinder” after the first time he done it, so it went on to be a pre-match ritual… as you do.

The former Newcastle, Tottenham and Rangers footballer told those in attendance at a charity event a few years back: “In the dressing room, Les Ferdinand, I swear down, when he took his clothes off, you should have seen the size of his f***ing c**k.

“He made mine look small.

“I went ‘Les, Les please, please let me have one f***ing hold of that thing’.

“So he let me have a hold of it.

“And I went out played a blinder and scored, right. I thought ‘f***ing brilliant’.

“And every time we played for England Les went ‘hurry up and get it over with Gazza’.”

He spoke at an ‘Evening with Gazza’ at Nine Sports Bar in Newcastle with the charity event held to raise money for the Jay Lennon Foundation which was set up in the name of Gazza’s nephew following his death a few years back.

He spent five years playing alongside the ex-Queens Park Rangers, Newcastle and Tottenham striker Les Ferdinand with England between 1993 and 1998.

They made 12 appearances together for England and scored five goals between them.

Les couldn’t stop laughing when The Sun questioned him about Gazza’s claims, laughing, he said: “That’s absolute nonsense. That never happened – I think he’s away with the fairies on that one.”

Gazza also told the story of placing an England cap on a cheetah while drunk on safari in South Africa as an FA ambassador.

He told the audience: “On the way to Africa I am f***ing steaming on the f***ing plane.

“I get off, I get to the place.

“They thought, ‘S***, let’s get him out of here. Let’s get him on a safari’.

“I jumped off the lorry and ran over to the cheetah.

“I’m an England ambassador and I’m looking at this cheetah, and I’m pretending I thought it was a puppy.

“I said, ‘Don’t move, you’re not getting fed’.”

“I could see this guy, I didn’t know if he was going to shoot me or the cheetah.

“All of a sudden another cheetah came around.

“F*** me, it went with it’s claw and ripped my f***ing England suit.

“I went back to the f***ing truck and got two England caps and put them on the cheetahs.

“They went, ‘F*** Gazza, get here’. I jumped back in the truck and they said, ‘You know that could have f***ing killed you’.

“I went, ‘F*** that, where are the hippopotamuses?’

“I was supposed to be there a week, they sent me home the next f***ing day.”

Fans on Twitter reacted as Paul Gascoigne claims he touched a teammate’s penis before games for good luck…

@IanHardie9018: There’s only one Gazza. On and off the pitch, magic.

@tonypierson2: What a legend 😂😂

@peterlell: Just love him… and loved his biodoc and what he went thru’ just a kid who wanted and loved playing football ❤️

@myfabdad: What a funny man and what a player back in the day. Bless you Gazza, you gave us some great moments in an England shirt.

@GraingerTweet: We’ll never get another bloke like this 😂😂

@darenwhite1971: Absolute legend 👏 ❤️

@Goggathejogga: Him in the dressing room & on the pitch man 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

@iceman_9talktv: Great craic and a player ahead of his time. To bad with the demons in his life how much more better he could have been.

@GuySeaton5: What a story 😂😂😂

@jamesjemm: No matter how many times ya hear these stories from gazza, howl every time. What a fucking man

@BritInTheMitt: I couldn’t listen to his stories all day 😂😂😂

@joshmorris1904: Some man 😂

@DownieSeb: Funniest thing I’ve seen in months

@kiddyhlee77: He was definitely a rare un!! 🎤😳

@gary_halman: Him and ally Mcoist must have the funniest story’s in football for sure absolute joy to here 😂👌

@kierealdeal90: What a personality. Fergie would’ve got him on the right path

@MCokey91: Still a beauty this 😂😂

@leehope2: What a bloke man 😂😂

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