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Paul Cook puzzles fans with hilarious celebration plans should Ipswich score

Manager Paul Cook plans to do a hilarious celebration should Ipswich Town score against Swindon Town, ending a goal drought.

He’s puzzled fans with comments about potentially going topless, and of course this has caught a lot of people’s attention.

Cook says that if his side hit the ball in the back of the net against an already relegated Swindon – who have conceded 84 league goals already this season – then he’ll get on the pitch without a shirt.

Ipswich are a game away from equalling a club record seven successive matches without scoring, a run that came during the 1994/95 Premiership relegation campaign and including the infamous 9-0 loss to Manchester United.

“Listen, if we do score I’ll run around the pitch with my top off!” joked Cook, who like after the’s 0-0 home draw with AFC Wimbledon in League One, was scathing of his players in the pre-match press conference.

“So you can tell our fans watching on iFollow to keep their eyes on the dugout for the celebration!”

Cook is clear none of his players can change his opinion of them now, with 20 first team players coming to the end of their contracts or loans and a summer clear-out planned.

Asked what he wanted to see over the upcoming games, he said: “We’ll see what we’ll see. This team, this group of lads cannot hurt me or our supporters any more. The pain is done. We are ingrained in that pain.

“Imagine if we went away and won 3-0 on Saturday. Would that change everyone’s minds? Not a prayer, absolutely not a prayer. So what will be will be.

“I’ve got no interest in other clubs, I’ve got absolutely no interest in Swindon. My job is totally focussed on Ipswich, the future and changes going forwards.

“I don’t want to be sitting here next season speaking about other teams, I want to be speaking about the changes we’ve made, the help that we’ve been given by the new ownership and how much more of a progressive club we look.

“At the minute there is a lot of work ahead, so other clubs do not interest me in any shape or form.”

Here’s Cook in the dressing room celebrations when Ipswich’s youngsters went through to the FA Youth Cup Semi Final on Friday…

As mentioned, Paul Cook puzzled fans with his hilarious celebration plans should Ipswich score…

@Vicky4244: You won’t see it. We won’t score. Simples!

@leeando70: I sense a tattoo bet coming on?

@lewyitfc: Bit worried about scoring now! 😂 Good interviews, I’d love someone like Simpson to be given a chance to show his worth.

@KerridgePhil: Has IFollow got a wide enough camera lense to cope 🤣🤣. I knew watching #itfc was x rated but this takes it to another level 🥴

@robinsontonyLIR: MOOBS out for Cookie!!!!

@ForeverAYellow: lol wtf never heard a manager plan than before, all eyes on him then…

@JoeDik92: Tits out for the lads

@BigEdBanthorp: No wonder no one from town wants to even take a shot!

@abblue2106: Not sure a top less Paul Cook is really going to improve the viewing, but sure as he’ll won’t be the worst thing seen on the pitch!

@Polly49151351: I actually love him. Says it how it is!

@ThomasGrover13: Bang on as per

@mjcben148: That last sentence – maybe PC’s last ditch tactic to wear down opposition. #triedeverythingelse #drastic #itfc

@mattfiddy89: Some of the strangest comments I have ever read here from a manager. Bizarre.

@thebestwinger: Brilliant interview and an ‘as ever’ totally frank and honest response from Cook – love it

@MattJClarke: A manager being brutally honest after giving players a chance to be in his team next season after 2 poor seasons, just excited to see the list of players he actually likes/trusts

@HDavies1804: One of the most open, honest and transparent interviews I’ve seen from a manager. Quotes such as “I’d have released them all on Saturday” and to reference several times that he doesn’t trust any of them, says it all. Certainly going to be some exciting changes this summer! #itfc

@YxtseysTattoos: This man isn’t afraid of doing what’s right, I genuinely think we could see a few ‘in contract’ players released this summer too, paying them up to go elsewhere #itfc

@Martyn1988: Anyone else start reading his interviews in a low gruff scouse accent and then halfway through go up to a high pitched scouse accent before ending in a gruff scouse accent? No??? Just me then 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #itfc

@JamiePinner: Definitely backing him, but it’s becoming a little tedious him saying he won’t criticise the players but then makes it perfectly clear he doesn’t like them and thinks they’re rubbish

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