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Patrick Bamford scores ‘elbow of God’ then rubs it in Rotherham’s faces with celebration

Leeds’ Patrick Bamford scores an ‘elbow of God’ then cheekily rubs it in Rotherham’s faces with a brutal celebration on Saturday afternoon.

Patrick Bamford channelled his inner Diego Maradona as he scored a contentious opening goal for Leeds in their 3-0 victory over Rotherham.

Bamford’s use of his elbow caused uproar among the Millers, but with no VAR in the Championship, his actions went unnoticed by the referee and his assistants.

Leeds extended their lead with Crysencio Summerville netting twice including a panenka penalty.

Rotherham manager Leam Richardson voiced his frustration, particularly when Bamford openly confessed to using his elbow to control the ball.

Richardson further condemned the officials for laughing with Bamford following the game.

Speaking after the match, Richardson said, as per Yorkshire Post: “The first [goal] was disappointing, I think it’s an easy decision, but officials have a million and one decisions.

“Andy [Madley] has apologised, I didn’t really enjoy the linesman on this side laughing and joking with Patrick Bamford, that’s unprofessional.

“I don’t want to guess, but I think it’s unprofessional to joke with a player who has cheated them out of a decision and potentially a result as well. That’s for them to take forward.”

Richardson added: “If our striker had put his arm forward and nicked a goal, would I tell him to go to the ref and chalk it off? Probably no.

“Half-time, he apologised because he wasn’t fully committed to the decision, he didn’t want to guess. He spoke to Patrick and he said yeah it hit my arm and went in.

“It always seems to come around at these places but we’ll move on.”

Leeds’ Daniel Farke: “If I’m honest I haven’t watched it back, someone mentioned it’s a possible handball or the ball was deflected by Patrick’s arm. For me it’s not possible to judge it.

“You have to say if it was a handball then probably it should have been not allowed but if I’m really honest normally you say over the course of a season everything is a bit equal.

“I also think normally it’s important during a game if it’s a goal or not a goal but today it was not important because we created so many chances.

“I think even if this situation would have been disallowed, I think it would still be the same outcome and to win. I think in the end it was not a decisive moment, we were too dominant.

“Rotherham is a side which still fights until the end in order to be successful in this relegation battle, they never gave up, also in the last 10 minutes they had a few set pieces, so that we are happy with the 3-0.”

Patrick Bamford was trending on Twitter after he scores an ‘elbow of God’ then rubs it in Rotherham’s faces with his celebration…

@Jordwalker19: Proper bamford this hahahha

@seanbaker87: Even showed in his celebration how he used his arm 😭 shithouse

@OwenTebbutt: Love the way he celebrated too 😭😭

@Millers1964: Listen it doesn’t matter 🤷‍♂️ wtf of course it matters its blatant cheating and no msm seem at all bothered by the cheating 🤔

@Kieran_b_NFFC: Once cheats always cheats

@Antzharris10: Jesus Christ that’s bad!

@FfcSkippy: He has always been a cheat

@airlie_bird: Not even subtle. As blatant a handball as you’ll ever see. How was it not seen by an official.

@marksmithccfc: Absolutely disgraceful decision to let this ‘goal’ stand

@MartinEvans87: Bamford cheating again? Who would have thought it …

@bealolufc: Karma always comes back to bite you in football and it will here, have some shame @Patrick_Bamford

@SusieCrime: Phenomenal 😂😂😂

@lufc1919ER: Firpo did most of the work for the goal but Bamford definitely had a hand in it. #lufc

@Cameron__29: Was an ‘armless offence in the end

@drury_ben: The audacity of the celebration 🤣

@Millermick2: This is a genuinely embarrassing post from the official account of a so called ‘professional’ football club. Celebrating & actually promoting dishonesty is precisely what I’d expect from such an entitled and classless club. #rufc

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