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Pascal Chimbonda unleashes 72-swear-word rant at players during his side’s 6-0 defeat

Skelmersdale United boss Pascal Chimbonda unleashes a 72-swear-word rant at players during his side’s 6-0 defeat at home to Colne.

According to The Athletic, the ex-Premier League player attempted to get his team fired up, when down 4-0 come half time, only to concede two more times in the second half.

He surprised many by becoming manager of the North West Counties League Premier Division‘s bottom club on the 15th of October, and are eight points from safety.

Since his arrival, his side have picked up five points from four league games, which is good going compared to the three points from 16 games prior to his appointment.

Pascal Chimbonda unleashes 72-swear-word rant at players during his side’s 6-0 defeat

But for the thrashing against Colne, Chimbonda made his feelings clear, shouting: “What the f***! What the f***! What the f***! What the f***! What the f***! Seriously, what the f***!

“Now go back out there and show a bit of f***ing something in the second half. Because this is a shambles. This is f***ing horrible. This is s***. If it wasn’t for him [pointing at goalkeeper Ben Barnes], it would be six or seven.”

Even before the game, he had no choice but to criticise his side’s warm-up, saying: “That warm-up was f***ing shocking. Seriously, listen to me. That 10 minutes is important. But that was so f***ing sloppy. That was crap. We cannot warm up like that again. We have to be better, much f***ing better.”

Come full time of the game, in which saw them concede six for the fifth time this season – he told his players: “Football is not f***ing nice. I love all of you. I would go to war for all of you. But I don’t know if you guys would go to war with me.”

He has so far found it difficult to find opportunities in the game, but remains ambitious nonetheless.

To give an insight just how tough it is down at this level of football, players are part-time, Skelmersdale’s reserve keeper came on in the role of a striker for 20 minutes because of an injury, while, with shot-stopper Barnes unable to attend training on Thursday night because he was doing the other job of his, a police officer. 

Chimbonda talks about finding it difficult in finding opportunities in the game: “I don’t know why this bias is still there because there are so many good black coaches who played a high level of football and you never see them involved in coaching or on different boards in football.

“I have had many people telling me ‘don’t give up’. One day maybe it will happen and you will open the door for other black coaches to be involved in the football industry.

“This challenge, if I have to accept it to go into football, I open my arms for it. I’m really pleased they gave me that opportunity to express myself.”

Mid-November, Pascal Chimbonda said as per The Telegraph that he’s coaching Skelmersdale for free.

“Nothing,” he said. “I get nothing. People say, ah he is only there for the money. But there is no money. We have no budget.

“I want to coach, I like to coach.

“I don’t know why black players don’t get the chance. It is not that we don’t try,” Chimbonda adds. “I have done all the courses, I have the qualifications. I have applied for lots of jobs. Academies, coaching, managing, everything. I send my CV and I don’t even get a reply. No interviews. Not one. ‘No experience’, they say. Right, so I need experience. This is what I am doing. I am not earning money, I am earning experience.”

“I got sent off in my first game,” he said. “My player is involved in some business on the pitch. I run on to separate him from the other player. And when I get back to the dugout the opposition manager is in my face. We have words. He grabs me, I pull away. The ref says I raise my arm. So it’s a red card. Not a good start. But we win. Maybe the players they notice my passion.”

And boy since they have as we learned earlier in the article.

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