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Partick Thistle get mocking with new half and half shirt

Partick Thistle get mocking with new half and half shirt which has been unveiled by Greaves Sports on social media this week.

Yep, you heard that right, an actual half and half shirt is now up for purchase, and whilst some fans are choosing to buy it for it’s uniqueness, others are really not keen on it.

The Scottish League One outfit haven’t tweeted about it, maybe there is a reason why following the backlash that it has had when the sports shop posted on Wednesday morning.

As can be seen in the photo below, one half of the shirt shows the home kit design for the 2020/21 season whilst the other half is the same look as the away strip also used for the same campaign.

The home shirt consists of traditional red and yellow stripes with a black cuff and yellow collar, while the away is an all black strip with a classy stripe pattern.

For those that are wanting the limited edition jersey, it will cost you a total of £45, with five sizes available to pick to suit every supporter.

Both the home and away kits individually costs £40 when bought from the Partick Thistle section of the Greaves Sports shop online.

The club currently sit 5th in the Scottish League One table, taking 15 points form 10 games played, and six points from the league leaders, before the season was then suspended from January.

As mentioned, Partick Thistle get a mocking with the new half and half shirt unveiled to supporters, see what they had to say on it below…

@craigwardscott: Best of luck selling a hundred of these…

@stuthejag: that’s grim

@Flanican: Ay Caramba! That’s….. 🤢 You know, there’s a very good reason other clubs don’t do this.

@iain_c1986: Horrendous 🤮

@DazzJag: Just take it down before anyone else sees please

@BigDazSaturdays: Whoever came up with this idea should be queuing up at the job centre on Monday, horrible concept!

@SkwerrWheels: Cripes, that PTFC shirt is akin to turning up at ur bestie’s wedding n’ wearing a Gucci loafer and a Hush Puppie on the wrong feet for a giggle. This contraption will outrank the freebie scarf bearing the classic line, “We don’t know who we are” printed on it. #JulyBargainBin

@D_Mac81: Hahahahhhahahahahaha

@just_Gordie: You’re 36 days early for an April fools…

@DazzJag: I can definitely see why only 100 were made 😂

@andy_mciver: Done so well with merch up until this. Sure you’ll make up for it though with the Scottish cup win centenary top

@Niall_inGlasgow: poor money grab that.

@scottmacpherso: You’re at the wind up aren’t you

@GoalazoShirts: Last time I checked… The whole point in half and half was that it was a) 2 ENTIRELY DIFFERENT teams b) so that you could get both crests/kit makers on one shirt. So why, given that this is one team, not just do a horizontal split? Would look so so much better

@PaddytheJags: Bogging

@AllanHadjiHaig: 😂😂😂😂 what the hell is this? 😂😂😂😂😂

@SirScottYoung: Hahahaha hahahahahahha what the fuck is that

@Notrainsnoparty: You’ve done some good thistle stuff greaves….. this is not one of them,anyone coming to train spotters meetings wearing that will be denied entry

@VBL1986: I believe the kids call this “gettin ratioed”

@ketaminedrams: Get your half and half kit to commemorate a season that won’t finish but we were doing shit anyway

@DHanley1: Ye couldn’t pay me enough to buy that.

@alantherogue: The natural evolution to half and half scarves, thanks I hate it

@DMM97____: That is brutal

@jaggo2210: No words!! 100? Good luck with that.

@DrLichtie: There is no place in football for

@JamieMcRorie: How do you unsee something

@alexmelrose02: Well at least there’s only 100 of them in existence

@MozzaPlays: Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. 😳🤢

@saintee12: Who thought this was a good idea

@kieran_ashton1: Thank fuck I slept in and missed this

@_neilcowan: We deserve to be relegated, if not liquidated, for this.

@ReeceW29: Brought some cracking stuff out greaves for thistle but fuck me man wits going on that’s howling

@GCHPTFC: Omg, WTF is that… 🤮

@arran_ptfc: Not a chance am a touching that

@MurrayGardner4: Should be giving out life bans for anyone who turns up to Firhill in one of these

@_JC1971: why tho

It’s not to say that there weren’t any positive reaction to the new jersey, see some other tweets that got the approval of others…

@TheKitmanUK: Just ordered ours! 🤗⚽️👕

@Doughboy20001: Think I’m the only one, but I like it!

@ForeverAYellow: I mean, in a weird way, I would buy it haha dont ask why

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