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Paddy Kenny receives threats against his children after tweet posted about Sheffield Wednesday

Paddy Kenny receives threats against his children after a tweet which was posted about Sheffield Wednesday, he claimed this weekend.

The 45 year old former goalkeeper revelled with his old club Sheffield United being promoted to the Premier League having been their shot stopper for eight years.

He isn’t exactly one to hide his passion for the Blades, and regularly takes on their Steel City rivals Sheffield Wednesday.

The Owls finally won promotion, after he first mocked the team for missing out on automatic promotion.

“Read it and weep piggies. Those idiots celebrating promotion in March is the best banter around. #wearepremierleague.” he said.

Sheffield Wednesday went on to defeat Barnsley at Wembley in the League One Playoff Final after an amazing comeback against Peterborough.

Throughout Wednesday’s and United’s promotion celebrations, players from both clubs have exchanged jibes at each other in various ways but mainly chants .

Blades forward Rhian Brewster first riled up Owls fans, before Wednesday captain Barry Bannan called him “absolutely f***ing honking”.

Kenny also got involved and enjoyed a Twitter back and forth between him and keeper David Stockdale, who just departed Sheffield Wednesday and been snapped up by York City.

Stockdale tweeted Kenny after the final. He included a photo of himself with his medal, beer and kit in his hand and asked: “@paddykenny17 you around sheff tomorrow?”

Kenny responded: “TBF I didn’t even think you’d get a medal for sitting on the Judy Dench.”

Since then, the two have tweeted each other, yet somehow things have gone too far.

Wednesday announced that Stockdale, 37, would be leaving the club on Friday.

Kenny went out with Stockdale and sent him a picture of himself drinking a beer, along with the caption: “Fancy Sheffield tonight @stockogk1313.”

Then he posted another picture of him with a bottle of Hooch.

Kenny then took taken to Twitter and claimed: “People calling my mobile and threatening to blow my kids knee caps off now that’s proper low and sums some people up, I’m all for banter but that’s crossed the line.”

Stockdale responded to this tweet by saying: “Agreed. It’s all good humour in a great rivalry. Really not needed. Have a safe night Patrick.”

Kenny added: “You know it pal, people can’t take bants, do they not realise us keepers stick together.”

Barry Bannan tweeted: “Shambles mate can’t have a bit of fun without it getting silly and over the line.”

Kenny replied: “You know it pal, all I ever do is have banter never mean anything but that crosses the line, btw congrats.”

Here’s how Twitter users reacted with Paddy Kenny saying he receives threats against his children after a tweet posted about Sheffield Wednesday…

@OllieStubbins: Both teams have been promoted in the same season for the 1st time since 84’ there should be bags of pride behind the long standing banter we all love. It’ll be those that don’t go to games, but hang on to football as an excuse for violence that post this hate. Get them reported.

@S35CB: That is shocking. No need for that, its gone way too far.

@MlLindley: I love the banter but that’s just insane it’s a game at the end of the day !

@enic_levygetout: Too far mate, unfortunately Twitter virgins don’t get that

That’s Bang Out of Order
Sorry to hear that

@CraigPlatts2: Disgusting maté absolutely vile !!

@K_F_James: Trust me Paddy these are all Social media kids who never lived pure football like we did in 80s,90s & 2000s

@W_pow311: Thats crossing line that paddy…no need for threats….proper low….banter is funny…thats not 👎🏻

@SWFCfan12: I’m all rivalry banter and everything but threatening is just completely wrong hopefully your kids are safe Pads

@BigTommo: Bit much that fella! Keep doing what you’re doing! Top man

@gazza2k12: People hate that you can be a wind up merchant but doesn’t realise its football banter. Some other fans do really take things way too personally.

@Ijblade: Unders 12s watching adult gangster films. It’s Sheffield not Columbia and the cartel ffs ⚔️👍

@MarkHowsham: hopefully there is actual evidence to be handed over to police etc . anyone making such calls or texts/posts should be dealt with.

@tweetingdarren: Ffs, lads it’s some banter. That’s way over the line. For all the shit I’ve thrown @stockogk1313 way today he’s taken it like a champ. The banter is why the rivalry is there .

@D__Hands: I’ve enjoyed the back and forth lash few weeks but that’s jus wrong. Banter is banter, but that’s just abuse.

@tommysaline: The law needs to catch up with the things that are written on the Internet, and fast! Keep safe.

@cdog10ncfc: Folk who’ve never played Paddy so don’t get the banter

@hurlstonegary1: 😮 that’s shocking Paddy, should be like Spain where your mobile numbers linked to your address

@biggyblade: Willing to sort Paddy if you have any info. Everyone has banter and that’s all it is, bring family into it then it’s a whole new ball game

@Nip32425690: Paddy Keyboard warriors pal and when you see them Not a word 👍👍👍⚽️⚽️⚽️

@LoftFlags: Absolute disgrace…

@TH_Golf: Report that to the police. That’s completely out of order.

@BrewCrewD09: Not called for that at all.

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