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Oxford’s match against Wigan suspended with stadium evacuated

Oxford’s League One match against Wigan Athletic had to be suspended with everyone inside the Kassam Stadium evacuated due to a fire.

A statement was issued on the U’s social media pages, stating that one of the floodlights had caught on fire, delaying the second half.

The game was initially set to go ahead at 3pm on Saturday, but with a frozen pitch, Oxford were confident it was thaw out by Sunday afternoon, and was then delayed by an hour until 4pm.

Oxford’s clash with Wigan almost went up in smoke after a fire broke out in the floodlights.

The League One sides had battled out a 0-0 draw in the first half but they were forced to suspend the start of the second period.

The players and staff were evacuated from the stadium while they waited for the fire brigade to arrive.

Oxford United wrote on Twitter: “There’s a fire in the floodlights so the second half will be delayed until the fire brigade arrive.

“The stadium is being evacuated. We will update you when we know more. Got to run…

“Everyone is safely outside the building, the fire brigade are here and discussions are still ongoing. Please bear with us”

“The lights are due to come back on shortly. Once we’ve established the floodlights are working, the teams will warm up and the game will resume #OUFC”

Oxford boss Karl Robinson said: “We were coming out at half-time and we could smell burning through the air vents.

“We were told to quickly evacuate the building.

“The vaccinations are going on here as well so there are far more important things than football happening at the stadium.

“There’s a leak in one of the rooms which contribute towards the floodlights and that’s where the burning was coming from.

“The fire brigade settled it down and cut off whatever they needed to cut off.

“It’s just another strange scenario that’s been put in front of us. It’s been a crazy, crazy 48 hours.”

The game restarted at 5:45pm with the players back out and warming up.

It was just a few weeks ago that work was being done on the floodlights, here is a picture to prove it, little did they know that they would go on to be set on fire…

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Fans reacted with Oxford’s League One match against Wigan Athletic having to be suspended with the stadium evacuated…

@DanielClarke9: I know it was a shit half don’t need to burn down the stadium lads

@LathamPlayZ: Who tf invited Will Grigg

@Matty_Ox10: How’s there a fire it’s freezing

@WAFCDaniel: If you’re that scared of us just give us the 3 points

@PetelaudaPete: Floodlights on fire….your defence is terrified

@chr1sbett: MAKE SURE @BrandonBarker96 is OK

@JoeBillGibbo: Hi, when will I get a refund for my £10 iFollow stream? Need to feed the kids. Thanks.

@Laurencereade: Only a fiver… we got half a game

@WAFCNathan: It’s alright fellas just end the game 0-0 and we’ll call it a day

@Jamie_Hodder21: Not done your fire training? Always walk calmly!

@wafc_niall: Play the second half on the car park!

@mike_sneade: Jumpers for goalposts.

@JWYOUFC: Just flip a coin, heads we win, tails we draw. Seems fair.


@NeilSmythe: Go on then, who had “stadium gets evacuated after floodlight failure” on their #oufc Bingo card then?

@Smith227Steve: Playing havoc with the timings for the Sunday roast this

@1904Irrelevants: Glad everyone’s safe and minimal damage etc. Well done all for prompt action, comms and hopefully resumption of game and vaccinations at the site.

@CaptainOx: So a fire at the stadium adds to the following list of impacts on our games this season: waterlogged pitch, frozen pitch, covid, late covid results and the team bus being immobilised due to Covid spray getting in the drink-drive breathalyser. Probably missed one #oufc

@Wakefield__: Hope our run out song Tuesday is Kasabian – Fire #OUFC

@Hicko11: everyone has been praising the ground staff, didnt anyone think that starting a fire to defrost the pitch was a bit to far?? #OUFC

@ryudale: Yesterday – Too cold for Football, let’s do it tomorrow,
Earlier today – need to be a bit warmer, let’s do it later
Today – things on fire. Lets stop playing. You couldn’t make it up. 2021 ladies and gents. #OUFC

@andrews1984: The floodlight fire updates are more enjoyable than the first half of football I’ve just witnessed. #oufc

@LJSanders9: Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The South Stand’s on fire,
Three stands become two.

@ollyhowells: Karl Robinson finding ever more inventive ways to complain about us not signing Will Grigg #oufc

@AJPOnline: First I had to tell her footie moved to Sunday, then asked if we could have dinner an hour earlier, and now, “it wont be long my love, there is a fire” She thinks i’m taking the piss, it’s Valentines day #OUFC

@FantasticMrOx: Would you mind just letting my wife know I’ll be starting cooking our romantic Valentine’s dinner 3 hours later than planned?

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