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Oxford United boss linked with manager’s job at Spanish club

Oxford United boss Karl Robinson have been linked to the manager’s job at Spanish club Malaga as a replacement to Victor Sanchez.

Sanchez, who played for Spain and Real Madrid, was sacked by the Segunda Division side over a sexually explicit video which leaked online.

Robinson, who does want to work abroad, said: “I signed a three year contract only six months ago, so there’s two and a half years left on that.

“That’s as strong as any other manager has got as a contract sat here right now.

“The biggest thing for me is my wife and daughter are happy and that’s because of how we’ve been welcomed here.

“That means a lot to me. They’ve never been treated like that and it’s something that goes a long way with me, which is why I have a debt of gratitude to the club.

“For me to say I’ll never leave is impossible, but I can honestly tell you it would have to be something out of this world to make it happen.

“By the way, I could lose the next seven games and also be sacked. That’s the way this industry is as well.”

Robinson said he was unaware of the link to the job in Spain until being told about the rumour earlier this week.

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He added: “It’s always been something I’ve talked about quite openly that I would love to learn a new culture.

“I’m still so young and I’ve never hid from the fact it would appeal to me.

“I go to Holland or Belgium every few weeks to watch games.

“I’m quite up to date on European football.

“I immerse myself in it quite a lot because I’m interested in different styles and philosophies.

“Someone just told me before (about the Malaga speculation) and it’s the first I’ve heard of it.

“My agent is based in Spain most of the year but that’s all I know right now.”

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