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Oxford United aim cheeky chant at Bolton and Swindon during their promotion parade

Oxford United fans and players were in high spirits as they aimed a cheeky chant at Bolton and Swindon during their promotion parade.

Thousands of supporters of took to the streets of the city as the team paraded aboard an open-top bus on Monday evening days after securing promotion to the Championship for the first time in 25 years with a 2-0 win over Bolton Wanderers on Saturday.

The chants got going, with “Bolton get battered, everywhere they go” belted out by those in the crowd, who were being filmed by players on the bus, as can be seen below…

They also can be heard singing “Swindon Town is falling down”, lead by manager Des Buckingham…

Talking ahead of the parade, the club’s chief executive Tim Williams admitted he is still “dazed and confused”.

He said to the BBC: “It’s nothing to do with numbers or money – it’s what it means for the fans to be out of the league for 25 years – it’s such an achievement to have come this far.

“It still feels surreal to see the trophy in the office.

“I’ve been here for two years. We were nearly relegated last year, to have turned it around in a year is incredible.”

Head coach Des Buckingham said: “There’s been a lot going on, we’ve enjoyed each other’s company, we celebrated together and we’re really looking forward to celebrating with the fans in Oxford.

“It’s everything, I think we knew looking around how important this club is to so many people for so many different reasons. I grew up supporting this club and to be able to walk out and lead the team on Saturday at Wembley Stadium and then to come away with this trophy was very special.”

Des said to Sky Sports: “It’s massive for this club to do what we’ve done and get us back to where we want to be. And I think you can hear behind me what he means to the people.”

Interviewer: “You’re a fan as a child is your boyhood club. So is this a real sort of full circle moment for you?”

Des: “Yeah, it is. It means so much to me. I grew up a couple of hundred metres away from the training grounds. I went to my first game in 1990. I know what this club means to the people of Oxford because I am one. And to be able to lead them out at Wembley and to do what we’ve done this season, massively special moment.”

Interviewer: “You’ll enjoy these celebrations and then you’ll be looking ahead to next season. I’m sure it’ll come around quick. I mean, what is it you think you can achieve next year?”

Des: “But we’ll enjoy this. I think you have to. You don’t get many moments in football which you can spend together, enjoy together. We’ll enjoy this. We know we’ve got some work we’re going to need to do, but the foundations of this club are very strong and solid and ready for it. And we’ve got a good group of owners and a good people at the club that are ready now to really try and make sure we can sustain championship football.”

He gave an insight into what happens next for Oxford United, regarding terms of their retained list and summer transfer plans, this is what he said, per Oxford Mail: “We have to look after our own to start with. We’ve got decisions we have to make on players, and we’ll make sure we do that in the right way.

“Then we’ll look at what we’re going to need in the Championship. We want to play a certain way, and we have players in this building that can do that.

“That’s the pleasing thing for me, but now it’s about adding some additional quality to our group, to not only make sure we’re sustainable, but that we can play our Oxford way in the Championship.

“That work started before the final. We always do the what ifs and the scenario planning, and that’s always ongoing in the background.

“We’ve put a timescale on what we want to do and what that looks like. We’ve got some really good solid foundations in place now, that will allow us to do as much as we can, and the timeframes we need to get where we want to get to.”

Portsmouth cheekily mock Bolton and their fans for losing playoff final and bottling promotion

This is how Twitter users reacted as Oxford United aim cheeky chant at Bolton and Swindon during their promotion parade…

@acsmythe: Oh my, that’s some content right there 💛💙

@joshhickman_x: Des, I’m sorry for never believing in you. Oh how wrong I was. Fairytale story💛💙 #oufc

@heyit5sam: Sleep tight @Thogden

@bwfc_1874: fairs we deserve this

@JayBwfc99: Imagine we won and sang Oxford get battered, strange 🤣

@Seanwanderers1: This is what happens when your manager’s an arrogant gobshite.

@bwfc_elliot: I’m so confused. What do Oxford have against us? Before this video genuinely couldn’t have thought of a better team to lose to in a playoff final. And if we get battered everywhere we go, what does that mean for a team that finished 10 points behind us and got beat 5-0 by us?

@LukeNigel_: You boys expected to get autos, didn’t. Expected to walk the semis, didn’t. Expected to walk the final, didn’t. Sometimes the arrogance of a club will bite itself on the arse. (And also then just a catchy/common chant)

@RobaFett1898: … because most of your fans on here were giving it the Billy Big Potatoes all season. Now it’s a case of eating humble pie. Genuinely, nothing against Bolton, but you deserve all the flack you’re getting right now.

@MickHarrison85: Looks like someone on the camera got battered as well!!

@ab1d03: Ik we got beat by them but I genuinely didn’t mind them and would’ve wished them the best of luck before this. Absolutely embarrassing hope they go straight back down #bwfc

@lukebennett2711: We lost 5-0 who gives a fuck we’re oxford United and we’re going up We’ve got 3 stands who gives a fuck we’re Oxford United and we’re going up

@widgeman27: Good lads, enjoy it. Hope every single player on our team see this. Bottle jobs #bwfc

@HaydnGwilliam_: At least 80% of the efl hate us and i fucking love it

@BenTrotChat: ell done Oxford you more than deserved it on Saturday. But fuck me we are actually the laughing stock of the division. Shambles

@NathanielOUFC: I see Bolton fans are a bit wound up by this 😂

@TheChrisMcKeown: If the players and Evatt (presuming he’s still here) need to know what they have to do next season , watch this and think of the support you have and make sure you give us a season to be proud of ! #bwfc

@JackRourke15: Evatts fault this. His arrogance every week has made the whole league hate them and i’m absolutely here for it

@JakebwfcHurst: The irony of singing this with a black eye????

@StevronConnor92: Wish we had an open top parade like this. Instead of that stage shitshow down the common. Proper. And Bolton get battered everywhere they go 😂👏🏻

@el_jay_cee_: I love this. We absolutely shit ourselves in biggest game of the year, and yet every cunt and their dog is singing and tweeting about us. Cant wait for next season 😉 #BWFC

@josh_massyPufc: Singing bolting get battered with a black eye made me laugh way more than it should’ve

@jackdodgson: Bolton & Evatt deserve all the shit thrown their way this season. Well in Oxford

@reece_scholes: Ian Evatt single handedly turning our club in to the most hated, laughed at, and ridiculed club in the entire EFL 🤡 #bwfc

@MattOufc: This video is made so much sweeter as I remember going up to Bolton at the start of the 21/22 season and losing 2-1 and having a bunch of kids running around our hotel chanting “Oxford get battered everywhere they go”. I am so glad we did it against them

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