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‘Other clubs should do this’ – Brentford praised for superb kit decision

‘Other clubs should do this’ is what is being said by fans as Brentford are praised for a superb kit decision revealed this week.

London’s newest Premier League club have announced that they will wear their 2021-22 home kit again next season in an attempt to be more sustainable and save fans money.

Some Premier League clubs release three new kits each season, but the Bees are planning to do something, showing what a class unique club they are to English football.


Brentford’s first ever Premier League Home kit is to get an extended life as we can confirm we will continue to wear our current red and white striped home kit again next season. The iconic shirt was worn as we kicked off the Premier League season with a memorable win over Arsenal and Sergi Canós was bedecked in red and white stripes as he scored the first top flight goal in front of a full stadium in England for almost 18 months in that same game. The shirt from that never-to-be-forgotten first night will now also be our first choice kit for the 2022/23 season.

Jon Varney, Brentford FC Chief Executive, said: “Respectful, Progressive and Togetherness are our three core values at Brentford FC, as many of our fans know. We also believe in football being affordable for our fans and are aware of the need for the game to become more focussed on sustainability. As such, when we discussed the idea, everyone at the Club was fully behind it.

“Whilst it is not normal practice for Premier League clubs to roll a kit over for two seasons, fans have told us that they would be in favour of the savings that a two-season shirt would provide. This season, our membership of The Premier League means that the income we receive from broadcast and commercial partnerships far outweighs the income we can generate from retail, therefore now is the perfect time for us to try something different without it having a material impact on our revenue.

“All of our kits have been in high demand this season, but our home shirt has been particularly popular. We placed additional orders upon our promotion to the Premier League and have stocked up ahead of Christmas. This decision allows us to maintain higher levels of stock and helps improve both availability and delivery times for those that wish to buy a shirt which will now be relevant beyond the end of this season.

“We also think this is a step in the right direction to help the environment a little. It can only be a good to reduce kit cycles where circumstances allow, and we will continue to work with Umbro to make sure the production of our kit is as sustainable as possible. It is only a little thing, but we believe it will help.

“We know some of our fans enjoy having three new kits every season and may be concerned that they have less choice. The kit reveal is always an eagerly anticipated event and each season we wait nervously to see the reaction of our supporters. For those fans keen to purchase a new shirt each season we can confirm we will have a new away and a new third kit for the 2022/23 season. We hope the new away shirt design will excite our fans who remember the 80’s and early 90’s, whilst the new third shirt is designed very much for the future!

“I would like to thank Umbro for their support of this idea and also Hollywoodbets and SafetyCulture whose commitment to multiple-year relationships have made this opportunity possible.”

The red and white shirt, as well as our yellow away shirt and our white third shirt, is available now. Priced at £49 for adults and £38 for juniors, you can also personalise your shirts with Premier League letters and numbers as well as the Premier League sleeve badge for an extra £17.

As mentioned, Brentford have been praised for their superb kit decision, see what has been said below…

@CJT10: Other clubs need to look at this. Having three new kits every season is absurd. Can’t speak highly enough of Brentford in a lot of ways.

@BolivianRovers: Well done Brentford, ignore the bed wetters as they only enjoy moaning. Costs going up everywhere and you’re doing your bit and in my opinion you can’t be knocked for 5hat. As Always Up The Bees

@finlaybaker18: How is this lazy? What is the need to change home shirt every year? This will save people alot of money

@Slownomaguy: On behalf of all the neutrals… please stay up. The league needs you. #BrentfordB

@theredfez: @AVFCOfficial take note

@1wanderingbee: Thank you for doing this #bees. Looking after everyone.

@RJHarle: Used to be the norm not so long ago. Well done for trying to restart the trend

@baldini84: Do you see this @adidasfootball and @ManUtd. Back to how it used to be when a kit would be for 2 seasons. Takes a huge pressure off families and fans.

@samueldwilliams: This is class, remember the days of kits being around for a couple of seasons, even better when the fans got to vote for them, those were the days

@StoreTw8: I think this is a great idea to have the same kit again next season. Used to be the norm with a new kit every other year. Making it more affordable for families to keep the kids in up to date kits.

@o_reachtaire: Well done Brentford. Teams changing their home shirt every season is pure greed. This is better for the environment and puts less pressure on parents especially if they have two or three children supporting a club

@rewilak_3: 👏🏻 step in the right direction for fans. Other clubs take note. If my chosen club doesn’t follow suit (guaranteed it won’t), I’ll donate the cost of a replica shirt to @BrentfordFC so you can raffle it off or something in one of your community events.

@slavbard: I am seeing people in the comments calling this lazy, I disagree, Brentford reusing a kit is very responsible and putting fans before profit.

@ElliotLowe7: Hate to admit it, but i think this is a fantastic idea. Huge enviromental benefits and fans not hsving to empty their pockets of £50 at the start of the new season

@Cj_covblaze: Well done Brentford. How it should be

@darrenrobs7: Hopefully other clubs will follow suit. Fucking doubt it though.

@OufcNumbers: Hopefully more teams can do this, the amount of kits teams produce each season is becoming a joke.

With Brentford praised for their superb kit decision, do you want to see your club do the same for next season? Let us know via our socials!

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