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‘Oscar winning nonsense’ – Fans react to ‘horrific headbutt’ during Spennymoor v Alfreton

In footage getting thousands of views, fans react to a ‘horrific headbutt during the Spennymoor v Alfreton game in midweek.

The incident came in the 23rd minute, and at the time of the game, it was reported that the Alfreton captain Conor Branson had been shown a straight red for an altercation with Moors’ James Curtis.

However now that highlights of the National League North game are out, everyone can see what exactly went on with many choosing to laugh at how Curtis went down.

The game ended up finishing in a 0-0 draw, but the main talking point was of course whether Branson should have been sent off.

Bernard Morley was left exasperated after seeing Moors held to a goalless draw by Alfreton Town at The Brewery Field on Tuesday evening.

His side couldn’t capitalise to win three points despite hitting the woodwork on five occasions and seeing two other efforts cleared off the line.

Afterwards, a frustrated Morley admitted that the players need to be more ruthless in front of goal and start turning their draws into victories.


Moors: Metcalfe, Cousin-Dawson, Duxbury, Tait, Curtis, Greenfield, Anderson (Watt 59), Ramshaw, Oyibo, Thewlis, Taylor.
Subs not used: Lufudu, Chandler, Wheatley, Payne.

Alfreton Town: Willis, Lund, Wilder, Cantrill, Smith, Wiley, F Preston (D Preston 51), Branson, Denton (Rhead 76), Southwell, Hobson.
Subs not used: Whitham, Askew, Dockerty.

Booked: Cantrill (39), Smith (41).

Sent-off: Branson (23).

Referee: Darius Bradley

Attendance: 1,244 (16 Alfreton)

As mentioned, fans react to the ‘horrific headbutt’ during Spennymoor v Alfreton…

@renny_overton: Captain leading by example, sounds about right for a side managed by bill and Ben the flowerpot men

@TrailOfDebt: I hope he survived

@SpennyKM: Take it the game is coming up soon. 😴

@PL2NL: Fucking hell. He could have killed him 😂

@AbsGlasper: no way he got a red 🤣

@AndrewSlaughte1: Clubs should clamp down on this behaviour internally in my opinion! Sadly happens too much! No time at all for cheats! Players should be punished @SpennymoorTown @AlfretonTownFC

@James_Turnerr20: Always been a massive shithouse Curtis 🤢

@Jarmstrong93: Shame to see Beaker go down so easily

@SteveyAsp: Embarrassing…

@LRbix: And this guy used to play for us.. 🤦‍♂️

@JackBarker27: What’s gonna be done about this then @TheVanaramaNL? Horrendous officiating and it’s every week 😡😡

@hufc_g: That’s a 40 year old man 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 someone’s grandad 😭😭

@ConorBrans: Absolutely embarrassing

@hibbard96: Gets worse every time I see it, hope that Curtis gets what’s coming to him

@nonleaguefiles_: Embarrassing

@NeilFromNorge: Serial Cheat.

@jimcurtisbbn: That is identity theft!

@ForDarlo: Bloody hell. Carrot pubes gets away with anything

@calbeagle18: I’ve never despised a footballer more in my life.

@Tezlad1231: Doubt Curtis is bothered, he’s 40, played through it all and had the stick to go with it…. Yes was pathetic to go down like that. But realistically EVERY player would go on to the floor like he did. Hate the way the game has become. 🫤

@dannewell190: James Curtis already rent free in their heads 9 days before we even play them 😂😂😂

@stretcha75: I think that might be one of the most embarrassing things I’ve seen on a football pitch.

@harrythequaker: I can’t put what I think to that

@YCFC1972: I’d be embarrassed to show my face again had I gone down like that and it was captured on camera!

@kevinluff: Some Oscar winning nonsense there mind

@BenPearson1997: Ridiculous, isn’t it? Hopefully our lads don’t give him the chance to pull another fast one again.

@PieCarlton: Centre half throwing himself to the floor like that, embarrassing

@Stevecathutch: James Curtis, the pride of County Durham amateur dramatics society, the absolute weapon #Embarrassing

@antarcticdonkey: Always him, absolute melt of a ‘man’

@mrmrskitchen: Football………….. Only sport where they teach players to cheat from a young age

@tommytaylor2250: Shock he’s at it again 🤦‍♂️ Embarrassing

@SteveNewcomb3: 3 match ban for Curtis I hope

@Darlo_1883: James Curtis just being a cockend. Nothing unusual

@harisio_5: That’s embarrassing the game has gone

@Silk05: That’s embarrassing 😳

@Moss1910: Man’s a fucking idiot.

@tomhawkinss1: Curtis is the biggest prick in non league (apart from his managers)…

@dale_sando: Be interesting to see if that gets overturned following our incident last year.

@chris_vallis: He is an absolute cheat and just franks the form. Not surprised in the slightest, turns like the QE2

@darloborn1883: #prideofcountydurhsm should be ashamed!

@Lord_C_Beckett: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, what a cheat.

@JoshButlerBUFC: Typical johnson/Morley team being shithouses. Them 2 and Spennymoor a perfect match for eachother

@JGriffiths143: Cheating twat. Never even touched him

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