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Oliver Glasner speaks of his excitement in his first interview as new Crystal Palace manager

Former Eintracht Frankfurt boss Oliver Glasner speaks of his excitement in his first interview as new Crystal Palace manager.

The 49-year-old Austrian comes in to replace Roy Hodgson, who stepped down earlier this week so Palace could “bring forward their plans to appoint a new manager at the end of the season”.

Palace currently sit 15th in the Premier League after 10 defeats in the past 17 games. Overall they have picked up 25 points from 25 games played, and 5 points above the drop zone.

Glasner has signed a contract until June 2026 and will be in charge for Saturday’s home game against Burnley.


“I’m very pleased to be here,” Glasner told Palace TV. “I’m really excited and looking forward to the next weeks, months and years. Starting with a home game here at Selhurst Park [against Burnley], I’m really happy about it.

“There are a lot of things [which excite me about Palace]: Selhurst Park, the fans, the fantastic squad we have, the talks I’ve had with the Chairman, the Sporting Director and the owners about the vision of the club. I think it’s a very interesting project where we can have a shared vision and, now, it starts.

“It’s our responsibility to fill this vision with life, and we will work hard to be successful.”

Glasner paid tribute to his predecessor, Roy Hodgson, who stepped down from his post on Monday afternoon to allow the club to accelerate their plans to appoint a new manager.

“First of all, the most important thing is that Roy is healthy again and he’s doing well, and so I wish Roy all the best,” Glasner said.

“It’s the first time in my career I’ve started as a manager during a season. It’s a different situation, but it is how it is, and for me, it’s important to do the best out of it.

“Talks started already in the autumn, but the plan would have been to start in the summer.

“It came faster than we all thought, but it doesn’t change many things. We have three training sessions and then the first game against Burnley, and we will prepare the team as well as it’s possible, and then we go for three points here at Selhurst Park.”

Arriving at Palace with an outstanding track record in the Austrian and German Bundesliga competitions, as well as in Europe – winning the 2021/22 UEFA Europa League with Eintracht Frankfurt – Glasner is looking forward to the challenge of the Premier League.

Describing his footballing principles and philosophy, Glasner explained: “It’s also important for me always to have the same important things: honesty, passion for football, a good spirit in the whole team – not just the players, the staff – and to create a great team spirit.

“Then, I think we can talk about football, the basics are always good characters, good team spirit and a good environment for all of us.

“My philosophy is very easy: it’s scoring goals because that’s why, as I tell the players very often, we all started playing football. Nobody went on the pitch when he was a young kid to defend!

“Everybody wants to have the ball and wants to score a goal and then celebrate together with his friends, so this is why we all started playing football.

“I think we never should forget this because this is what the fans want to see: that we fight together and we play together to score a goal. This is the headline over the football philosophy.

“Then, of course, it’s how we defend: sometimes it’s a high press, sometimes it’s a low block – but [overall] it’s all about how we can score goals.”

Regarding his expectations of the rigours of the Premier League, Glasner explained: “I’ve watched many games, some live in the stadiums, many on the TV screen.

“I also have the experience of playing with Frankfurt against West Ham in the semi-final of the Europa League, and playing Tottenham in the Champions League, so of course there are tough games, but also nice games, great stadiums and great atmospheres.

“There’s a lot of intensity, but this is what we’re all looking for: challenges. Maybe the referees would whistle for more fouls in Germany or in other countries in Europe – there’s a lot of passion and a lot of duels – but [here] I think it’s all about football.

“There are maybe the best players in the world playing in the Premier League. There are maybe the best coaches in the world, so the teams are really well-prepared, and this is the challenge that we are looking for and the challenge that I am looking for: to also improve and to develop myself.”

Having been at Goodison Park to witness Palace’s 1-1 draw against Everton on Monday night, and having watched many of the Eagles’ matches this season, Glasner has already seen plenty of positives to work with in his new squad.

“This season, the circumstances have been a little bit difficult, with many injured players and key players [who have been] injured for many games, but I see a team with great characters,” he confirmed.

“When I saw the game at Everton, there was really good spirit in the team, always supporting each other. I saw the basics, where we can build up the philosophy and where we can build up what we want to do, how we want to play.

“I could see this in every single [Palace] game, also in the losses, because there you can see a lot of the character of a team, and I saw and I’m convinced that they are great characters and great players.

“Now, of course, when you don’t win many games [recently], and this is the same in every club, they have a lack of confidence. This is maybe the first thing: we want to give them their confidence back so that they show their abilities.”

Glasner’s tenure begins in earnest with the aforementioned home match against Burnley at Selhurst Park this Saturday.

The Austrian, who has led sides out in front of some of Europe’s most impressive atmospheres, is looking forward to experiencing that of SE25.

He said: “I’ve been here once in autumn watching a game, and I was really excited about the atmosphere, but it is one [thing] sitting in the stand, and another is being close to the sidelines, so it will be emotionally different.

“I think that’s also one reason why I’m a manager, a coach: to feel these emotions here, to feel this atmosphere. This is something you cannot buy. You have to live it, and this is why I really like being a manager.

“For me it’s important that now we get to know each other, that we create a working attitude, a way of playing, a way to get the best out of any player. These are the short-term goals, of course: to get as many points as we can, to win as many games as we can.

“For me, this is very important: that we play the same way here at Selhurst Park and in the away games, so that we always trust in us, we always trust in our teammates, and we always trust in what we do. This will start with the first practice.

“We’re starting. We’re all looking forward to it. I’m really convinced that we’ll reach our goal, that we can improve as a team, that we can improve individually – and then that we’ll enjoy our time together.”

Twitter users reacted as Oliver Glasner speaks of his excitement in his first interview as new Crystal Palace manager…

@LandscapeMan: I like him a lot already. It’s a shame he won’t have the strongest lineup to put out against Burnley but in a way it’s more interesting to see what he does with the rest, given that Guehi, Olise and Eze might all be gone by next season.

@samuelpjordan: This has done nothing to dull my excitement. We’re winning it all 🫡

@60djr: Definitely feeling positive for the future with him in charge

@Phil_Sampson46: Selhurst park is going to be rocking on Saturday you just know it. 🔥🔥 #cpfc

@KenPaul88: He’s making the right noises. Promising start. Let’s hope he’s as passionate and honest in his post match interviews. #CPFC

@Luke_Seychell: God the atmosphere at Selhurst Park on Saturday is going to be ridiculous isn’t it? #cpfc 🔥

@Dazzaedwardo: Sounds like he was always our number one choice 👀 I’m in love with the fella after one interview 😍 #cpfc

@HunterCPFC: Music to my ears. Attacking football.

@liamb0117: I don’t want to be dramatic but I think he might be God

@pnm1979: This is the polar opposite to what we have been used to and I’m all for it.

@fivestarjane: This is a great interview. Looking forward to the days, weeks, months and, hopefully, years ahead. ❤️💙

@WhyteleafeEagle: I’m sooooo happy. Exactly what we need ❤️💙

@andylatts: Could listen to Glasner talk all day!! #cpfc

@priestley93: The day Glasner practises a high press in training is the day he realises Jeff schlupp will never play for the club again. I’m all for it

@Phil_Sampson46: Just watched olie Glasner interview the guy absolute breath of fresh air can’t wait to Saturday #OlieGlasnerredbluearmy🔴🔵

@ollie_cpfc_: It’s not a sprint, not a marathon but a 5k – Glasner 🤣🤣 Love him already

@CPFC_Trigs: fucking love glasner what a guy

@ThePalaceFC: The thing that excites me most about that Glasner interview is about the ‘shared vision’ for the club. Parish and the board will know full well that Glasner will resist any broken promises so you’d like to think there are some hugely encouraging plans in motion already #CPFC

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