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Oldham SUSPEND player after “why are we here” comment having to train on Christmas Day

Oldham Athletic have decided to SUSPEND player Alex Reid after an “why are we here” comment having to train on Christmas Day.

He uploaded the clip onto Instagram, but reaction from the club’s supporters has led to it being deleted, but not before fans put it back on to do the rounds on Twitter.

While the majority of us tuck into our Christmas Dinners and over-indulging on alcohol, snacks, and chocolate, for footballers, it’s business and usual.

Even in the fifth tier of English football, as the festive football continues and preparations take place for the Boxing Day fixture.

Oldham will travel to Hartlepool that day, before hosting Hartlepool on the 30th of December, and then head to Dorking on the 6th of January 2024.


Oldham Athletic has suspended striker Alex Reid pending an internal investigation.

The course of action follows reports of a social media post which appeared on 25 December.

Alex will be suspended while the investigation takes place and the club will make no further comment until it is complete.

After Oldham suspend player Alex Reid after the “why are we here” comment at having to train on Christmas Day, it seems the video has caused quite the stir with fans online…

@Gareth_is_Tommo: This one might backfire one Micky sees it

@zakpemberton1_: Hope he does and fines the fucking lot of them

@MarcFeighery: Don’t over think it 🤣! Just dressing room banter. Great to see them in, win Tuesday then enjoy ya Turkey and 🍺 lads 💙

@JChappers94: Oldham’s owner is currently rowing the Atlantic for charity. They’re mid-table in the National League with an EFL squad. And yet they’ve got over privileged, and no doubt overpaid, players like this moaning they have to work at Christmas. Have a word.

@zakpemberton1_: Yeah proper funny being mid table in the national league with an efl squad 🫣

@latics_lad: It’s what 6000+ fans ask themselves when they’re subject to home performances like yesterday.. Merry Christmas 😂

@MadGeordie3: There human like anyone else 🤷🏼‍♂️ you’d all be whinging if you had go graft Christmas Day. People having a go at them for whinging it’s not that deep ! Just bit crack in changing room

@kezza9505: We question why half of you lot are still here every Saturday tbf

@dancingdickie: Owner in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowing boat raising money for charity, and this lot are literally doing their job that they are paid to do like thousands of others today earning a hell of a lot less. Shameful #oafc

@olswmc: Horrendous attitude. You’re probably there cos Gateshead ran rings around you in your own back yard on Saturday. Good job we’re away tomorrow.

@1rhysparsons: Video been deleted now, they clearly have seen the reaction. Fucking into em from minute one tomorrow. #oafc

@OafcAsh: What a joke. “What are we doing here “ get rid of the lot of them. Made me quite annoyed that

@tonyrob77: ‘What are we doing here’??? In recent weeks you got played off the park by Mickleover, Ebbsfleet & Gateshead. Put some effort in & next time you might be able to compete with them. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard #oafc

@johnclarke1981: Bunch of overpaid shite, put in a performance if you don’t want to practice as much you weapons. Can’t expect to play like a bunch of amatures and get away with it. They should be in 7 days a week until they start earning their money. Soft cunts. #oafc

@tgilly82: What a shambles. Mentality of a mid table non-league outfit, funny that.

@SIVIUDGER: Owner is currently in the middle of the Atlantic raising money for charity and these divs are filming themselves moaning about a Christmas morning training session.

@_callumfowler: Fuckin hell fire how are people so upset by that 🤣 having a laugh with your mates in changing room god forbid

@jthrobbo1996: Dragging them in on xmas day, no better sight after that gutless performance on Saturday. I wanna see em doing wind sprints on Clayton Playing Fields. #oafc

@MessyRAFC: Alex Reid having his Christmas ruined by having to run? Absolutely lovely. Merry Christmas.

@bringbackngoo: Very entitled. If results were better they’d probably be given it off. Clearly an attitude issue within the squad. #oafc

@HadfieldRegan: Exactly what the away end will be saying at 3:01 tomorrow when you’re just strolling around watching Hartlepool knock the ball about. Get rid of the lot… #oafc

@JFS1Macca: It’s only when they’re playing for Whitby Town while stacking shelves midweek will they realise what they had, and I hope it haunts them until their dying day. This is our club, you arrogant pieces of shit. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking you’re something special #oafc

@BP_PlaceToBe: You chose that you wanted to become a professional footballer so do the fuckin work that us fans pay stupid amounts to come watch all over the country. Soft arses #oafc

@bensonio: Don’t know what’s worse; the attitude considering the performances they’ve put in, or Reid thinking “I’ll post this on socials” knowing the piss boil it’ll cause and also throwing whoever said it under the bus with Mellon #oafc

@NathanKnowles1: Our owner currently rowing the Atlantic alone and these players moaning about training sums up the attitude #oafc

@Rusty_Barnacle: Comes with territory of playing football… Sure it’s not the first time in when games are on boxing day and won’t be their last. In wrong job if they wanna be sat at home

@Josh_T95: He’s got a point, training on Christmas Day is for professionals. Not these part-time dossers.

@gazapalooza: Honestly lads, I regularly think when watching you “what the fuck are you doing here” they have no idea how lucky they are to be at our club. #oafc

@Iukeoafc: Why do some of our squad have the arrogance of Ibrahimovic but the footballing ability of Sunday league. Really pissed me off has that, fine the lot of em.

@oafcMB: Hope Mellon keeps them in all day the pricks

@mikeastley17: It’s funny you say that lads, exactly what I was saying in the second half on Saturday. #oafc

@LRbix: Loving the attitude here 😂

@Prestonoldham51: What the fcuk are we doing here? Exactly my sentiment lads. Why the fcuk are Oldham Athletic mid table in the conference getting turned over by the likes of Ebbsfleet #oafc

@nprice3: Franks at sea raising money for charity and missing all his family and we hear comments like that fuck off #oafc

@1rhysparsons: After what I saw last home game I’d of took their fucking presents off them n all they cheeky cunts. Boo em on tomorrow ungrateful bastards, I’d play on Christmas Day for free for Latics.

@jaacknffc: You’re lying if this isn’t you and the lads at work every morning 😂 what their paid makes no difference

@willyfog44: Every single one of those players (and the manager) should be embarrassed after that performance against Gateshead. If you don’t like it, leave #oafc now. I’ll drive you to train station if it helps!!

@JacobAWright96: Will take our squad of 16 players who give everything over these overpaid lot any day. Merry Christmas! #RAFC

@bringbackngoo: No-one wants to work on Christmas Day, we get it. But posting this when we’ve not won a home game for 3 months is disrespectful to the coaching staff and fans. Very naïve. #oafc

@harriettbusby: Meanwhile, there’s thousands up and down the country getting ready for a shift in the NHS. Entitled knobheads.

@Tommy_Oldham1: The players there is proberly a hint of sarcasm, no one wants to work Christmas day. But as footballers, it’s a big part of the footballing calendar, but after Saturday performance its a stupid thing to share on here and gives ammunition for fans to moan, boo and have ago #oafc

@burgess16_lydia: Already deleted off his insta, too little too late #oafc

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