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Old Trafford away dressing room FLOODS after downpour during Arsenal’s win over Man Utd

The away dressing room at Old Trafford FLOODS after a heavy downpour during Arsenal’s win over Man Utd on Sunday evening.

The 114-year-old stadium was struck by a thunderstorm, resulting in water cascading from one corner of the ground, in the dressing room, under seats in the stands, and a waterfall from the roof.

Man Utd state that 1.6 inches of rain fell in two hours after the final whistle – more than in the entire month of May last year.

Fans managing to get out of the stadium safely, although many had left early, not just because of the performance on the pitch but also because they were drenched by the leak and river of water while in their seats.

The flood, inside the stadium, was there for all to see with Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party and a season-ticket holder for Arsenal, in attendance having been invited by the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham.

Prior to the visit, Burnham had a meeting with Lord Coe and Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the minority owner of Manchester United, to discuss the future plans for Old Trafford.

Lord Coe is leading the taskforce responsible for the much needed redevelopment for the stadium and its surrounding areas.

The club has been supporting Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s proposal to demolish Old Trafford and construct a new stadium, often referred to as the ‘Wembley of the North’, with an estimated cost of £2 billion.

However, if the plan is not feasible, the club are consider renovating the existing stadium instead.

As part of his £1.3 billion investment in Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has pledged £237 million to upgrade Old Trafford.

However, if images of the rainfall and flooding at the stadium after anything to go by, a significant amount of additional funding will be required to address the necessary improvements at least for the time being until work begins on any redevelopment/new builds.

On the pitch, it was Man Utd’s 14th defeat of a dismal Premier League campaign which sees them currently sit 8th.

Leandro Trossard’s 20th minute strike was enough to dent the Red Devils’ European hopes.

Ten Hag’s side are now hoping to return to winning ways when they host Newcastle on Wednesday.

The morning after the Arsenal game, Sky Sports presenter Tom White spoke more on the floods at Old Trafford: “A lot of people talking about how obviously there was that thunderstorm and the rain was coming through the roof and we saw it. It was quite embarrassing pictures, I suppose, for the Manchester United ownership here, you think to yourself, right, so symbolic of the team here. Do you fix the roof or do you get a new roof? Do you try to coach these players or do you get a whole new squad?”

Mark McAdam explained: “So now the situation. You’ve made some really relevant and important points there. I think one thing that was quite interesting yesterday, there was a big meeting in Manchester about this Wembley of the north, which is Ineos and Sir Jim Radcliffe’s plan. They want to build a new stadium and they want it to be a huge focal point for northern football. And, of course, it would be the home to Manchester United. Now, that roof has been leaking for a number of years, so I don’t think these are new pictures. They’re pictures fresh from yesterday. But this is a situation that’s been ongoing for a number of years that Manchester United fans have been complaining about and the Glaziers haven’t fixed or haven’t been able to fix, should we say so? Therefore, that’s something that clearly needs to be addressed, because it’s just not right that fans go and pay all that money to get soaked wet through watching the side. Obviously, the team needs to be rejuvenated, and they need to invest heavily in that. They need to try and find. If they don’t believe Erik ten Hag is the right manager for Manchester United, they need to find someone who can get a tune out of this group of players that clearly aren’t playing to their potential at the moment. So I think there’s a number of things. But there was a meeting where Sir Keir Starmer was also at Old Trafford for the game yesterday, and he is obviously Labour leader. And Andy Burnham is involved with this new stadium and this rejiggling with Old Trafford and what they’re trying to do moving forward. I think there are a number of huge things that Sir Jim Radcliffe needs to identify and change and change quickly. The stadium will take a number of years. That team potentially could get an injection of life this summer, maybe with a new head coach, maybe with some new players. But it seems like there’s something that needs to change and it needs to change quickly, because this is not what Manchester United fans want, seeing that team or getting wet going to Old Trafford.”

Jack Flintham, Sport Central Audience Writer for Manchester Evening News, said: “Man United endured a new form of embarrassment on Sunday evening as their famous ground became a laughingstock worldwide.

“Manchester United fans who decided to leave Old Trafford early on Sunday evening during the defeat to Arsenal would have been counting their blessings after seeing the state their beloved stadium was in come full-time.

“The Theatre of Dreams (or should that be ‘Streams’?) has more often than not resembled that of nightmares in the past decade but the biblical scenes we witnessed in the latter stages of the defeat to the Gunners show the club has finally reached breaking point. As the rain teemed down on Old Trafford, the stadium capitulated as draining pipes gave way and the leaky roof caved in once more.

“This problem is by no means a new phenomenon to match-going supporters. It has become common custom for fans to be dodging the rain when sat inside Old Trafford.

“However on this occasion, the world was watching as the scale of the Glazers’ neglect became clear. From the press box to the Stretford End, nowhere was safe from the hordes of water that lashed into the stadium.

“United became a laughingstock as the footage of Old Trafford was beamed globally.”

beINSPORTS pundit Andy Gray said: “That is ridiculous, look at it.”

Richard Keys added that it was a shame to see how far United’s home has crumbled.

MEN’s Jack Flintham goes on to write: “But it is more than just a shame, it is a travesty and one which the Glazers should be forced to pay for. Never should the stadium have been left to rack and ruin in the manner that it has.”

He reflects on how ‘Old Trafford used to be an iconic sporting venue’, but these days has been ‘left to effectively die is nothing short of vandalism by the current ownership’.

Jack finishes: “How is Ratcliffe meant to sell the narrative that United are a club on the up to potential new signings this summer when their home is in this appalling state? The Glazers may have their hands off the football now but today’s dark scenes at Old Trafford show their influence could be felt for many more years to come.”

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This is how fans reacted after Old Trafford and the away dressing room FLOODS following a downpour during Arsenal’s win over Man Utd…

@jonnorris12: I remember when Old Trafford was a lovely football stadium. Place is falling to bits now.

@JHD4REAL_: Genuinely how is this allowed? Should be punished if their stadium isn’t fit for purpose.

@rayhibs: Is that the United fans tears 🤣🤣 Christ thats bad.

@BertGatti: State of it

@stevensimmons3: Biggest club in the world my ass! Clubs gone. Shit hole on and off the pitch 😂

@charlie_smithxo: Old Trafford falling apart 😂😂

@RNewall2: What an absolute dump 😂😂😂😂

@GilbertsBar: What the hell? Some work needs doing there

@L4fckop: Not even joking when I say a load of ours would take this at Anfield if it meant having United’s spend. The cretins.

@jakemassey2020: Clubs a fucking joke!!!! Every person who was in any of the sections that got flooded need a refund! Fucking disgraceful!!! @ManUtd

@Grovem02: Look at how far the #GlazerOut have let this club decay… £1bil in debt, our Old Trafford was once a fortress and now can’t even keep the water out!.. I wonder if INEOS knew what they were buying into!

@Ironarmyhd: 🤔 One way to get all the rubbish into a pile at the bottom of stands 👏🏼👏🏼😂

@FfcLucan: State of that shithole, the roof was leaking in the late 90’s, gaffs falling apart now.

@nicolajones525: When people buy tickets, do they get told if the seats are in the deep end or shallow end?

@HC15OnTour: Not the slightest bit surprised at this. Every time you visit you can see that it is old, tired & lacks quality & investment. Anyway, that’s enough about the team. Same applies to the stadium too.

@lb7mufc: It’s embarrassing at this point. We’re the biggest club in the world, sort the basics out. Pathetic

@Nicola_WWFC_: Well I know I complain about the north bank roof but at least it’s better than this 🫣

Old Trafford is falling down
Falling down
Falling down
Old Trafford is falling down
What a shithole

@MartinVLamb: That’s embarrassing 😳. This doesn’t even happen at non-league grounds.

@AmisonJohn: Floods of salty tears 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Michaelnevill12: Just lost for words really 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

@TomTJJoy: Standards have been dropping for years. Awful ownership which has impacted every aspect of the club. #GlazersOut

@dowdall4: Haha 😅 what a fucking shithole 🔴⚪️⚫️

@SoFLPalace: Shit ground, Shit fans

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