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Off-Season Fun: 5 Activities UK Football Fans Should Consider Before the New Season Begins

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Football fans in the UK have been bored for a while now. The football season ended a bit back, and weekends have been longer than usual since then. Time crawls slower with no football match to fill the void, especially on weekends. But, thankfully, it’ll all be over soon as another season is set to begin in a few weeks.

However, although a few weeks, the beginning of a new season may still look like a long time. Luckily for you, there are many things and fun activities you can engage in before the season begins. Here are five of them.

Play Online Poker

Poker is one fun activity people worldwide, football, and non-football fans, have come to cherish very much. From the days of brick-and-mortar casinos, poker has always been many people’s favorite recreational activity. When the game came online, the convenience of playing added to its allure. As a game that requires strategy and skill, poker is a game that stimulates the intellect, in addition to the fun it provides, of course.

Suppose you plan on joining the list of fans playing online poke before the season begins and looking for the perfect platform, you are in luck. Discover the ultimate mobile poker experience with Top10PokerSites.net, where you can enjoy thrilling virtual card games, lucrative tournaments, and impressive bonuses. Once you start playing the game, you’d also discover it to be a fun activity you can include on your weekend to-do list, alongside watching football when the season starts.

Perfect Your Recipes for the New Season

The football season is filled with many great moments on and off the pitch. Asides from watching matches, some people derive joy from the little things that come with football—for instance, the after-match pub hangouts. While many love these hangouts, others prefer to invite people to enjoy the game at their homes and show off their cooking skills.

If you love to display your cooking skills for friends during the football season, now is the time to start learning and perfecting new recipes. With a few weeks left, you still have enough time to learn and perfect a dish that’ll wow your guests and keep them coming back.

Take a Vacation 

Although very much fun, football season can be grueling for fans, especially in the UK, where you have the Premier League, Championship, and many other lower and local leagues. Investing time and emotional energy to support your favorite clubs through their highs and lows all season round can be a draining emotional roller-coaster. However, the good news is that you can always recharge your batteries with a good vacation.

Going on a vacation before the season starts will go a long way in helping you recover from the last season while also preparing you for the new one. Irrespective of whether you’re vacationing alone or in the company of family and friends, there’s so much to do and explore. You’d be wrong not to give yourself this opportunity before the season starts. So, book a trip to your desired location, give yourself a treat, and mesmerize yourself in something you love.

Binge Watch a New TV Show or Movie

The new football season starts in a few weeks, meaning you may have little or no time for any other type of entertainment once the league season kicks off. Therefore, now is the best time to watch as many shows as possible because you may not have the opportunity to when the season starts.

Usually, irrespective of your preferences, there should be plenty of shows to binge-watch. There are tons of old shows that you may rewatch. There are also many recent shows you can catch live when they air. While you may have many choices, pick your poison wisely. Also, be prepared to spend much of your time in front of a screen. So, remember to stay active.

Prepare Yourself for the New Season

With the new season set to begin soon, there’s no better time to prepare yourself for what is to come. You can start by getting the kits you’d wear as you cheer your favorite team to victory. You can also create a list of activities you’d love to achieve this season, for instance, watching a night game in Anfield or booking a Monday night trip to Stoke City.

You may also want to work on a new terrace chant if you still have time and talent. Good terrace chants add more flavor to matches. Please note that we are not encouraging you to be rude, offensive, or prejudicial with your chants. So please keep it clean, legal, funny, and most of all, cheerful.


The love for the football game is immense. Many UK football fans would most likely want to spend all or a good chunk of their lives watching uninterrupted football if they could. However, that’s impossible, as football takes a break at the end of every season. As another new season is almost upon us, we’ve examined some fun things you should consider before the non-stop action begins.

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