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Odds on: Who will finish in the top four of the Premier League?

The Premier League is well underway — but who’s going to come out on top? Peter Watton is from OddsMonkey, the matched betting experts. In this post, he takes a look at the latest odds for which teams will make it to the top four.

Now that we’re already a quarter of the way through the football season, things are starting to get exciting, and the strongest contenders are already rising above the rest. Of course, there are always surprises in the Premier League, and you never know when an underdog might come out of nowhere (we’re looking at you, Leicester City). But, given the current league table and bookmaker’s odds, I’d say that the following four teams stand the best chance of finishing in those all-important Champion’s League spots.

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Odds on to win: 4/6

After a gruelling battle with Man City left them in second place last season, Liverpool are back and in superb form. Currently boasting a 100% record and an eight-point lead on last year’s champions, they’re now the bookies favourite to take home the trophy next year. That said, Liverpool seemed unbeatable for much of last season, too, and at one stage they even had a seven-point lead, but ultimately it just wasn’t enough to take them all the way. So, while their performance has been impressive so far, it’s probably too soon to hand over the trophy (as one Harry Redknapp cheekily suggested) just yet.
The Mighty Reds could face a serious challenge in their upcoming match against Man United, too. Liverpool are currently the bookies favourite for the game, but at the same time, the Devils have historically been hard to beat at Old Trafford — and they desperately need some goals. So, I’d say it’s certainly one to watch.


Man City

Odds on to win: 29/20

As the reigning champions two years in a row, Manchester City should be a shoo-in for the title. But they’re currently lagging behind Jurgen Klopp’s formidable team, and with two losses under their belts already, they really can’t afford another mistake. But at the end of the day, they’re still Man City — and if any team is going to knock Liverpool off the top spot, it’s them. I’d certainly be very surprised if this seasoned squad doesn’t make it into the final four.



Odds on to win: 100/1

Although they’ve been slapped with a transfer ban, Lampard’s young squad is still the bookies third favourite to win the title. At 100/1, they’re way behind Liverpool and Man City, but there’s still a gap in quality to bridge between the top two. And, given that the Blues have won their last four games and have netted an impressive 18 goals so far this term, a place in the top four seems likely — and I expect that Champions League glory could be back within their grasp in a couple of years or so if they keep this up.



Odds on to win: 125/1

While the bookies might have the Gunners a fair distance from the top two, that’s not to say that their performance hasn’t been strong this season. After recruiting some fresh talent over the summer, Unai Emery’s team has delivered some solid results, suffered just one defeat, and are currently sitting in third.
But, Arsenal are still conceding an alarming number of shots, so they’ll need to tighten up at the back and hold their nerve if they want to stay near the top of the table. While a return to the glory days of the 2003–04 season might not be on the cards just yet, I expect they should finish comfortably in the top four if they can stay on good form.

While the bookmakers are firmly backing Liverpool for the title, there’s still plenty of football to be played. Of course, part of the beauty of the Premier League is how quickly things can change, so it’s still all to play for — you never know what might happen over the next few months.

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