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Number of EFL matches marred and suspended over varied incidents in the crowd

A number of EFL matches on Tuesday night were marred and even suspended over varied incidents that took place in the crowd.

Burton Albion played host to Bolton Wanderers, only for that to be was halted after a medical emergency within the home support.

The Brewers had stormed to a 3-0 lead within 20 minutes before the scary moment occurred just moments after the restart.

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Three minutes into the second period, the match was halted as the medical teams from both clubs raced into the stands to give treatment.

Burton Albion tweeted via their official Twitter account: “The game has been stopped due to what appears to be a medical emergency in the home end of the crowd.

“Medical staff from both teams are straight in attendance.”

However, after a five-minute delay, the League One game was able to resume with the Brewers writing on 53 minutes: “The game has now resumed.

“Well done to the medical teams from both clubs for running across the pitch to give emergency attention to the support in question.”

A post was issued in the Burton Albion supporters group on Facebook, coming from the male’s partner saying that he home safe and well and thanked the medical staff.

However, that was not the only medical emergency involving a spectator on Tuesday evening, as Lincoln City’s League One game against Doncaster Rovers was brought to a halt due to a medical emergency in the stand.

Referee Benjamin Speedie paused the game in the 61st minute after fans in the Lincolnshire Co-op stand made stewards aware a fan had fallen ill.

A tannoy announcement was made inside the LNER Stadium, saying there had been a “medical emergency” in the stand and said the game would resume once the incident had been dealt with.

Medical staff were seen to run across the pitch and into the stand, which supporters watching on and applauding the quick response.

They were seen taking away a male from the stand for medical treatment with the game at 0-0 when the incident happened.

A further PA announcement said: “The referee has temporarily suspended the game while we deal with an incident. I’ll keep you up to date.:

An eyewitness said the ill fan waved to the crowd as he was led away on a stretcher.

Lincoln City wrote in a Twitter post: “The individual is conscious and breathing. They have left the stadium for further assistance.

The club would like to extend our best wishes to the individual.”

Meanwhile in the same game, some supporters thought it would be a good idea to run onto the pitch, causing further delays to the encounter. Home fans booed while shouted for the culprits to get off, as can be seen in the video below. Stewards no where to be seen.

In a Championship fixture at Sheffield United’s Bramall Lane, a group of Hull City fans ripped out and broke seats into pieces with the game playing out to a 0-0 draw.

A video was uploaded to social media, showing some of those waving the broke parts in the air and chanted, “We’re Hull City, we’ll take all your chairs”.

Twitter users reacted with a number of EFL matches marred and suspended over varied incidents in the crowd…


@SpiggyTope: Well done Imps staff, providing the necessary qualified initial support and assistance for the patient. Hope the I’ll person recovers quickly to take their seat once more following @LincolnCity_FC 🙏❤

@CHEESETITS2011: Thank Goodness 🙏 Well done to all that helped too 👏👏

@sophLF: Keeping everything crossed for them for a speedy recovery 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️


@katej1984: It’s not often that seemingly all Lincoln fans agree on something, but the stewards doing a shit job is certainly something that does. Not attempting to stop pitch invaders is one thing, but not reacting to people telling them someone is having medical issues is abhorrent.

@HoultonCarl: Lincoln v Donny ? Dear god 🤦🏻‍♂️ on a positive note though it’s a joy to watch Norton-Cuffy – completely different level 👌 One thing – @LincolnCity_FC why were the two Donny twerps on the pitch for so long? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@LincolnCity1884: Stewarding situation was atrocious tonight. I was near the incident and watching stewards walk up the stairs nonchalantly was hard to watch, and then allowing the donny fans to do a lap of the pitch is absurd. It definitely needs addressing after tonight.


mersonpfc: Were they abit hungry then?

luke21_street: Guessing them chairs got mauled by the tigers 😂

country_crisp_fruit_juice: Oh no, now It’s even more of a shit hole.

tom.armstronggg: embarrassing

harry_hand_16: Ngl it’s stupid but is deserved for what they did at our stadium, I mean at least we had the decency to not throw them at the fans

adz6786: State of their fans… smoke bombs to celebrate a 0-0

neck_endpope: Idiots

paul.mack.14: You will always get vermin breaking seats. It’s a shame but nothing changes

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