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Notts County keeper responds to frustrated gamer with Football Manager accused of match-fixing

Notts County keeper Aidan Stone responds to a frustrated gamer with Football Manager accused of match-fixing by fans on Twitter.

The user took to social media, uploading a clip showing what got him so angry he was so angry, and it’s since had over 19,000 likes.

It sees the gamer’s goalkeeper with the ball in his hands, but was left baffled to see him throw the ball into his own net, instead of giving it to one of the defenders.

The gamer hit out on social media only to then issue an update saying the keeper was back in his good books having saved two penalties in a Europa League quarter-final tie.

Stone saved a spot kick in the Europa League final.

After it caught his attention, Notts County shot stopper Aidan Stone said: “Sorry fella just trying to play out 😂😂”

Louis Wheeldon tweeted: “I’m very close to destroying my computer.

“For added context by the way, 2-1 up in the 87th minute at the time of this happening. Stone has been shot against a post since.

“Update: he’s just saved 2 pens in a shootout to put us in the Europa semis. I like him again now.

“The Europa League final has gone to penalties and Stone is in goal.

“I am shaking.


“Man United won it.

“Harry Winks you will pay for your crimes.”

Twitter users reacted as the Notts County keeper responds to a frustrated gamer with Football Manager accused of match-fixing…

@jaybeeusa: Wind caught it, definitely cannot blame the keeper there. If anything the defender is to blame

@PineTheThird: aidan stone my lord #PVFC

@Joshball_13: He’d be getting dragged off Di Canio style

@_carson_72: Fact he hasn’t destroyed his computer is even more impressive

@justinmaynman: I love this stupid game because the graphics engine trying to recreate what the match engine says happened gives you these absurd gems.

@Terryvanbank: This is what FM is all about 😂

@tomhwilliams23: Aidan Stone my lord

@mtfctylerr: Aidan Stone Mansfield highlights

@jraistrick56: Who’d have thought #bcafc would be in the Europa League final

@Arsen_Aly: This guy is carrying my Grimsby town save

@Copy_by_James: Footballers attempting to explain the actions of their @FootballManager counterparts – love it!

@NYKRATTA: like when you tried it on Saturday 😉

@1973mackem: Lee Camp makes his FIFA debut #SAFC

@allmoshnopit: If ya fancy doing that against us this season that would be great 👍

@Bottman94: Looks like match fixing to me mate

@italiananglopod: David De Gea when he hears Ten Hag asking to play it out of the back

@TigerRobin71: Everything about this, but especially the crowd 🤣🤣🤣

@EastwoodInnit: This is what I play FM for

@Mitch67958857: George long in the 7th minute at Middlesbrough, bookmark it.

@jameswardg: Surprised the wasn’t an investigation for match fixing on that one 🤣

@JimMufc99: Keepers had a shocker there

@nathj1993: Everything out the window if this happened to me 😅😅😅

@MichelNFFC4: I’m volleying my computer out the window if that ever happens to me

@piratesmurf24: Are you friends with Ivan toney 👌😏

@sinembanga: The fans 😂😂😂

@BCAFCBH: If that’s Bradford City you’re playing as this is exactly something that would happen to us 😂😂😂

Football Manager recently revealed that they will be changing it up with te 2024 to be the 20th game in Sports Interactive’s Football Manager series, and will be the last of its kind.

They say: “It’s a love letter to football and the FM series as we know it.

“It’s the closing of this chapter of our history.

“You can expect a host of improvements, big and small, both in new features and revamps to existing areas of the game. This is all thanks to ideas and feedback from within the studio, the world of football and contributions from our feature request forum.

“The vast majority of the team at Sports Interactive are working on FM24, with the idea that it will inarguably be the most complete version of Football Manager to date.

“The FM24 feature set was confirmed and fully designed earlier than previous releases, thanks to additional resource joining the studio, and huge improvements of various practices and workflows. We’re also due to be feature complete (when every feature design is implemented by the dev, art, and UI teams) earlier than before too. Crucially, this gives us more time to finesse the new features, fix known issues and catch any new ones that may crop up.

“That doesn’t mean though that we’re going to announce those features significantly earlier as we want to get it all working first!

“However, as a sneak preview, I can share progress that’s been made towards one of the most requested features from our forums over the last 20 years – and that’s the ability to transfer saved games from one version of FM to the next.

“From our data, we know that people play FM in a wide range of different ways. Many will play each version until the next one is released, while others may continue with previous iterations not wanting to give up on their save game. As the best “create your own story” game there is, this is both a blessing and a curse.

“But, thanks to many years of hard work from across the studio, I’m delighted to announce you’ll be able to bring your FM23 career into FM24 across all platforms. This means, when you first launch Football Manager 2024, you’ll be given the option to continue your FM23 story, picking up exactly where you left off – powered with the new features and revamps that FM24 will introduce. And it’s not only for this year’s version of the game that this feature will be active. It’s also the plan to bring saved games from FM24 into FM25, despite the big changes coming for FM25, which I’ll talk about more shortly.

“This is especially good for those playing via Game Pass and Apple Arcade who, by subscribing to those platforms, would lose access to their career shortly after the new game is released. This has been unavoidable to date due to the expiry of our licenses which require us to remove titles from platforms upon conclusion. We’re still working out the finer details with the platform holders, but the idea is that you’ll be able to seamlessly move from FM23 to FM24 on those platforms and continue your save or start a new one.

“This won’t be the only long-time requested feature update coming to FM24, and is one of many major tech projects we have been working on as a studio, which leads me nicely onto the final part of the blog…


“As mentioned before, FM24 will be the closing of a chapter after 20 years at the top of the management simulation league. But it is far from being the end of our story…

“For many years now, we have been planning the next revolution of Football Manager, something we haven’t claimed since the 3D engine first came into the series back in FM09.

“With the average play times we enjoy and the health of our game’s performance in the market, it’s an important decision to get right. How can we bring new people to the series, whilst not alienating our existing audience? How can we cater for all the different ways that people play our games?

“There are a number of key projects we have been working on for some time now that we’re supremely confident will propel Football Manager forward for all of our player types.”

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