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Notts County commentators go viral with video of emotional reaction to playoff semi final win

Notts County commentators Charlie Slater and Mark Stallard go viral with a video of their emotional reaction to a playoff semi final win.

The clip has been uploaded showing how the two reporters react to a dramatic goal scored at the last minute of that thrilling clash at Meadow Lane last week.

BBC Sport commentator Charlie Slater, and ex-Notts County player Mark Stallard talk listeners through the match that saw the Magpies defeat Boreham wood 3-2.

Aden Baldwin scored a goal in the sixth minute of extra time to take the game to extra time.

Then Jodi Jodi scored the winning goal in extra time, sealing County’s place in the playoff final against Chesterfield on Saturday at Wembley.

“We have proved that we can win many different ways and today was one we had never experienced,” says Magpies boss Luke Williams said.

“Many, many times we have scored the first goal and then gone on to score two or three afterwards.

“What do we need to prove to ourselves? We are bullet proof – 2-0 down, no problems, we come back and win the game in dramatic fashion.”

When questioned if he thought fighting back to win in those kind of circumstances and sparking emotional scenes was a “weirdly perfect” way to prepare for the showdown at the national stadium on the 13th of May, Williams replied: “I understand why you say weirdly, because who would plan for this?

“Who would say ‘lads we need to go two down because we need to fight back?’ It’s crazy.

“You want to score the first goal, weather the storm and score the second then a late third and it’s a beautiful day.

“Somehow it has ended up like this.”

Williams admits he doubted Notts County would be able to keep alive their bid for promotion back to the EFL after a four-year hiatus.

“Yes, there was a moment of doubt,” Williams told BBC Sport.

“Not so much when we conceded the first goal, because in the flow of the game it looked like we are creating a lot, but I would say after the second goal there is doubt – I’d be lying if I said there is not.

“Then probably when Ruben missed from the spot, you think surely this isn’t going to be our day. I felt we missed a lot of good chances and then to have a spot-kick with a great penalty taker and miss it, you think ‘ah okay, it’s not going to happen’.

“But the players delivered some special moments.”

Boreham Wood boss Luke Garrard said he was both “proud” of and “hurt” for his players after the defeat.

“We played our part in an incredible semi-final eliminator, it’s just disappointing that we won’t be the ones walking out at Wembley,” he said.

There is plenty of reaction as Notts County commentators go viral with a video of their emotional reaction to the playoff semi final win…

@JimHearson: I’m a Forest fan and even I find this delightful 👏🏻 Tbf, any right-minded Red wants County to be back at a level where they belong, so hopefully this will be a step in that direction.

@medievilbabe: We’re lucky to have a brilliant commentary team. Obviously there as “ours” but always level & fair but also invested in the result. Stallard shouting “get in” whenever we score has become folklore 😆

@ichbinmarc_: He’s a fantastic commentator, is Charlie. We’re lucky (and proud) to have him!

@Smiffy300583: We’re lucky to have both @CharlieSlater15 & @MarkStal09 🖤🤍🖤🤍 NOTTS ARE GOING TO WEMBLEY 🖤🤍 COME ON YOU PIESSSSSS

@BigTom0491: He’s immense and Stal is our former striker! After game they was chants “Charlie Slater he’s one our own” you’ll catch him on 5live few times next season

@DavidWe82584943: Woking fan here. Well done to get to the final. Please go on and win final. Your points total this season deserves that

@TimBradd: Passion from them lads is amazing, top men both Stall and Charlie ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️❤️

@theboygosling: Quite simply the most iconic Notts Commentary EVER. Stal has ‘Get In’ Charlie now has ‘Its in’. Stuff of legends

He’s one of own,
He’s one of our own…
Charlie slater,
He’s one of our own!
@CharlieSlater15 you and stal providing fantastic coverage and entertainment yet again ❤️

@richyfoster: I’ve watched this over 50 times today. Get In!

@widdownotts: The bloke in the background helps to make this commentary cam brilliant. Hos reactions spoke for us all.

@nickrock01: Awesome commentary – captured every low and high perfectly. My nerves were shredded by the end #COYP

@SamGuideDogTra1: The equaliser was the one, the way @CharlieSlater15’s voice went, I assumed he must have been jumping around as much as I was over here 😂🖤🤍

@dayanthony: You can actually see the very moment the ball flies towards the goal in Stal’s eyes! Absolutely love this pair, Charlie had big, big boots to fill stepping to this role, but my God, Uncle Colin would be proud. 🖤🤍

@Martinlowe1984: Love this, the passion of Charlie is immense, got goosebumps. On to Saturday we go, at Wembley, come on you pies. We’ve got this 🖤🤍🖤🤍

@juliansheasport: West Ham fan with a soft spot for your lot – the last time I saw you was managerless & 91st, losing 3-0 at home to Cheltenham in 92nd place. You’ve been to hell & back since then, & earned the right to put everything right in front of a big Wembley crowd. So, so hope you do it.

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