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Jesse Lingard accused of animal cruelty after showing off ‘mutilated’ dogs in Instagram post

Nottingham Forest’s Jesse Lingard has been accused of animal cruelty after sharing an Instagram post of his pet dogs with cropped ears.

Ear cropping is an illegal procedure in the UK unless performed by a vet for medical reasons, but has become a popular cosmetic surgery for some dog breeds to look tougher and more intimidating.

The 29-year-old’s dogs, Creed and Cash, appear to be of Doberman and Mastiff-type breeds with their ears mutilated to look pointy and more pronounced.

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Ear cropping is a procedure whereby the floppy part of the ear is removed and the hard part is then left to grow upwards.

The procedure is usually done on puppies aged between six and 12 weeks and can be extremely traumatic for dogs.

Additionally there is no recognised health benefits to the surgery.

Lingard has been accused of animal cruelty since sharing images and videos of his dogs on Instagram.

One commenter on his post that has received over 120,000 likes wrote: ‘Ruined 2 amazing dogs! Idiot’.

Another opposed this view however, suggesting that Lingard wasn’t in the wrong as they replied: ‘The dogs looks pretty healthy. But of course, people will think as always, they have the authority to judge the other.’

Why an alarming new trend has vets saying, 'Cut the crop!'

The dogs were bought from Chaperone K9 Ltd who boast on Instagram that they are ‘Suppliers of the finest family protection dogs around the world’.

The Leicestershire-based company has previously supplied dogs to Chelsea star Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Arsenal full-back Kieran Tierney.

Protection dogs have seen an increase in popularity amongst footballers as high-profile stars look for new ways to increase their home security after numerous break-ins and robberies at players’ homes.

Vet Rory Cowlam wants the former Manchester United and West Ham man to use his platform more responsibly and commented under the post: “Jesse, do you understand the issues with these dogs?

“The reason you’re getting so many negative comments here is because these dogs have been mutilated! Ear cropping is an abhorrent practice, done simply for looks and is an incredibly painful surgical procedure with months of splinting too.

“I would love you to turn around and use your platform to educate people on why this is wrong, and understand that it is illegal in the UK for a very good reason!”

Another vet, Sean, wrote: “Why on earth did you buy these dogs when they’ve been mutilated by having their ears and tails chopped off? And where did you buy them? This practice of cosmetic surgery serves no purpose for the dog and is entirely an image thing to make so called “protection dogs” look tough. It really gives their new owner some serious small dick energy vibes I must admit 😂 It’s illegal in the UK because it’s cruel so if they were done here that’s illegal, and if you bought them as imports from abroad you should be ashamed of yourself. The government will soon be banning this to prevent puppies having their ears chopped off here behind closed doors for fashion. I’d like to hear what you have to say to you followers and the public about why you condone animal cruelty, where these dogs came from, and where they were cropped and docked?”

While another added: “Disgusting behaviour from anyone… and even worse from a public figure.”

This is other social media users and vets said with Nottingham Forest’s Jesse Lingard accused of animal cruelty after sharing an Instagram post…

getsetvet: Mutilated dogs. What a thing to be proud of. It’s an absolute disgrace to be parading around either illegally mutilated or deliberately imported cropped dogs to get around the ban. This is shameful.

laracollette: #notocropping … why are you happy promoting this people look up to you and you’ve giving them a reason to mutilate the dogs imagine cutting your ears off

@Emily_1010x: It’s sad to see Jesse Lingard parading his new multilated dogs around on insta! Guess it’s to try and make himself look good, But to have dogs ears cropped and tails docked is animal cruelty and illegal in the UK 🤬

@JDuf65: He’ll do anything to get attention, quite sad really! 😳

marcvj: No excuses. This is mutilation

@cameronj180: Idiot

@scottneedham88: Rightly so. Disgusting

@Joee_leigh: Cutting ears/tails off for aesthetic is so horrible.

lilmerricks: This is shocking and cruel, not to mention illegal in this country #stopanimalcruelty

2f4pvetclinic: Disappointing to see I am afraid #flopnotcrop #cutthecrop #earcropping

jesslovesinteriors: Nooooo! Don’t crop their ears just for your own image

cat_the_vet: You have a responsibility as a public figure to not support or condone animal cruelty.. Which is exactly what you are doing with this post. I am amazed the team around you have let you make such a monumental PR mistake.. Now you have taken on the responsibility for these dogs, don’t abandon them like other ‘celebs’ but you must come out with a public statement and never, ever feature them on your pages again.

jamieh847: Why would you have both your dog’s ears and tails cropped

birds__katie: Absolutely disgusting ! Glorifying this awful mutilation of these dogs and to top it off both dogs are wearing choke chains which clearly shows you’re also advertising outdated and inhumane training #stopthecrop #flopnotcrop #forcefreetrainingonly

sandra.stroppel: So very disappointing to see. If you love your dogs, surely you wouldn’t want them mutilated for fashion! #flopdontcrop

nosetotrailuk: Such a shame to see these beautiful dogs missing their ears. As this is illegal in the UK I’d be interested to know where you got them? Also if you are aware that as a celebrity you’re now influencing younger generations who will see this mutilation as “normal” or worse – desirable. Of which it is not. Dogs deserve better.

nacho_average_lab: Would be great if you can explain why their ears are docked. Are they overseas rescues? Because it’s an illegal practice in the UK (for good reason, there is no medical justification for it; it’s a cruel practice done purely for aesthetics). It’s just quite irresponsible to show them off without sharing this story. And your post ought to contain a note to readers to clearly state these facts and make it clear it’s not a practice you support.

goldens2482: Disappointed you’re prompting such a cruel practice and animal cruelty. Poor dogs.

darylandsheep: Your dogs clearly love you and you them but it’s such a shame they have been mutilated for fashion. Perhaps you didn’t know this but you have a huge platform and would be great to see you address your ignorance and learn from this. This cruel practice is illegal in the UK for good reason and I hope you can educate yourself and your fans.

mrs_ssquirrels: #flopnotcrop. Someone with such a presence on social media should be using that to educate others with regards to the illegal mutilation of dogs to change their looks. Ear cropping and tail docking is illegal is the UK due to the sheer brutality of the procedure. Most of the procedures are done without suitable pain relief and anaesthetic resulting in the animals causing severe pain. Educate yourself and do better to ensure dogs are not caused unnecessary pain to look like ‘protection dogs’.

henewgradfarmvet: Ears cropped and tails docked. Mutilations which are illegal for a reason. However you came to have these dogs they should never feature on your social media again. Unnecessary cruelty and shameful to be using your platform to promote it.

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