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Nottingham Forest fans react to ‘terrible’ reveal by club ahead of season opener

Nottingham Forest fans react to what has been described to be a ‘terrible’ reveal by their club ahead of the much anticipated season opener.

The East Midlands outfit have released their third kit for the upcoming 2021/22 league campaign, and it’s fair to say that it’s sparked quite the reaction online. 

The design is certainly one that will catch the eye, with it described to be a ‘compelling blend of orange and fluorescent yellow’.


Nottingham Forest are delighted to reveal their new limited edition Macron third kit ahead of the 2021-22 campaign.

A compelling blend of orange and fluorescent yellow, the eye-catching design will feature over the course of the season along with the red home kit and navy & fluorescent pink away kit which launched earlier this summer.

Following today’s initial launch, the new third kit will be available to purchase in-store and online from Tuesday morning in a wide range of sizes.

The kit features three of the club’s principal partners for the 2021-22 season, with BOXT appearing on the front of the shirt, UK Meds on the back of the shirt and The Skinny Food Co. on the back of shorts. 

To purchase the new third kit online from Tuesday, please visit the online store here.

The Megastore will be open Tuesday to Saturday next week from 9am to 5pm for supporters to purchase the new kit.

Nottingham Forest finished 17th in the Championship table last season under the management of Chris Hughton, in what was a disappointing campaign on the whole for the club, especially considering that they had been in with a serious chance of a top-six finish the previous term.

This time round, they will be a huge amount of hope they squad can make a positive start to the 2021/22 campaign, as they look to fire themselves back into promotion contention this term, though the league is one of the most unpredictable in the world.

Forest are set to take on Coventry City in their opening match, in what could potentially be a tricky test for the Reds as the home side play their first league match at the Ricoh Arena for a number of years.

Nottingham Forest fans react to the ‘terrible’ reveal by their club ahead of their season opener…

@awilliamson93: That’s hideous

@nffc_red_dog: Terrible shirt, who is signing off on these designs

@NFFCTom: That’s so bad it’s painful

@wards_2004: That is absolutely disgusting, worst kit forest have ever had

@shanearmy1: That is horrid what’s going on

@chris_robinson0: We won’t have to worry about having a clash with the other teams kit, it clashes with itself!

@danielbuckley92: All of a sudden the away kit doesn’t look quite as awful

@LeeGregory: Bank balance has nothing to worry about seeing that!


@danthenshaw: Quite possibly one of the worst kits I’ve ever seen.

@OfficiallyDJ: No words. 🤢

@TrentsideTree: Sorry @nffc but that’s hideous.

The reaction kept on coming, but it’s not to say there wasn’t any good feedback on it, check out how divided supporters are with it…

@JJisRad: This is so disgustingly beautiful that I hate and love this

@vivajakers: Put it in the bin

@AshRossDavis1: Actually quite like it

@tomv18: Going to need some sunglasses for this one! Can’t decide if I love it or hate it, but think this could be a classic in years to come, like the awful yellow one in the 90’s that I’m actually in love with! #NFFC

@_TOM_703: Think I’m going to be sick! But the best medicine will be announcing some new exciting top class players! #COYR

@JimHearson: You may be delighted to launch it, but early indications are that not many are delighted to see it.

@s831: New tactic – blind our opponents 😂

@tedwheatley: This disgustingly stunning. Love it

@kevinspackman: Hope the stewards have an away jacket so they don’t clash!!

@gazcol77: I love it, think it’s the best of the 3!

@lukekirk2006: I dont hate it. Think it might grow on me

@ForestfcSs: It gets worse

@dan13ls4n: Delete this please

@WillLang0: They’ve definitely got us on strings here lads

@88BenM: When you’ve got football at 3 but you’re digging a road up at 6.

@dangahv: Get the away shirt in stock.

@mallyslife_: This one is not for me, but so what at least Macron are trying new designs and not sticking to a standard template all the time. Grey kit last year, beaut, black and pink this year beaut!

@GB3LionsUReds: Are you taking the piss? Is it April Fool’s Day again????? You have got to be kidding me? Both our away shirts are THE worst football shirts i’ve ever seen. Embarrassing. Who is ‘designing’ this? Is the target market 9 year olds? ABYSMAL. How can any grown adult wear that?

@Jrooke9579: Holy sh*t

@KieranBarrett96: Wow that is awful 😂😂😂

@ryanscareermode: What the fuck is that 😭😭😭😭

@Worcester76: That is truly horrendous!!!

@LadkinLuke: Announce Garner in it

Last year: Camouflage kit
This year: Seen from space

@ForzaJuveZac: it’s so bad I love it 😭😂

@Nickyt1974: Best kit of the season!

@Neurotica0: Hideous

@StanchionShirts: Well, it’s interesting… 🤨

@xBraydenFN3: isn’t a signing + shit kit

@jimboscott83: Look, the away kit is a thing of beauty so you get a partial pass, but this… this, is horrendous.

@Jheverin_68: Was disgusted at first but now I want 3 of them

@JackAntonyMills: I think looking back at this kit in about 10 years people will start to like it more. It just seems better as a retro kit if you know what i mean #nffc

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