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Norwich’s Daniel Farke aims bitter jibe at Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa

Norwich’s Daniel Farke aims a bitter jibe at Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa over his nomination for manager of the year at FIFA’s The Best Awards.

Bielsa made the shortlist for the major award after leading the Whites back to the Premier League and making an impressive start to life back in the top flight.

Ultimately, he ended up getting beaten to the post by Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and finished in third place behind Bayern Munich’s Hansi Flick, yet there were still some within the world of football that think Bielsa didn’t deserve to be nominated.

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That appears to include Farke, who spoke on the nomination when speaking to the press on Friday ahead of their game against Sheffield Wednesday on Sunday.

The Canaries currently sit top of the Championship table, taking 76 points from 35 games played. Leeds won the second tier of English football with 93 points from 46 games.

“Even when we won the league, I did not win manager of the year,” the Norwich boss said as reported by editor Paddy Davitt on his personal Twitter profile. “Leeds win the title last year and Bielsa is nominated for manager of the world.”

Yet his sudden outburst at Bielsa’s nomination appears to be misplaced, with the eligibility for last year’s FIFA awards running until October, meaning Leeds’ start to life in the Premier League was taken into account.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Leeds won three of the first six games back in the Premier League (4-3 against Fulham, 1-0 against Sheffield United) and 3-0 against Aston Villa). They also lost 4-3 against Liverpool, drew 1-1 with Man City, and lost 1-0 against Wolves.

In comparison, Norwich lost six of their first eight games in the Premier League last season, with their slow start eventually seeing them relegated.

Even away from that, Bielsa took over a side that had only finished in the top-half of the Championship once in the previous seven years and a club that was feeling the pressure of their own expectations weighing them down like a tonne of bricks as best summed up by MOT Leeds News.

The fan site added: “The German, meanwhile, arrived at Norwich after they finished eighth in the league and had been in the Premier League in the previous season.

“In fact Norwich had spent five seasons in the top-flight between our relegation in 2004 and our revival in 2020.

“They were a club well-versed in what it takes to gain promotion while we had to start from scratch.

“It’s just sour grapes from Farke and he should take his frustrations elsewhere.

“Maybe if he concentrated on his own side more they would be able to achieve survival and not finish bottom of the Premier League like last season.”

Fans reacted as Norwich’s Daniel Farke aims a bitter jibe at Leeds boss Marcelo Bielsa…

@Andy_Terry333: There are a few fans on here both Leeds and Norwich that maybe need to consider Farke was on a bit of a wind up, you know what most of the people on this thread are doing to each other right now

@MarkShipley3: Farke is a good manager no doubt, Bielsa got Heckinbottom, Christianson, Hockaday, McDermott and Warnocks players added Paddy Bamford, the most important factor is that many forget his strength is improving each player. I aooreciate they all have a ceiling of imprivement but hey

@desnewts1: Daniel farke is fantastic

@CashCow156: Leeds Utd won the league by 10 points when the league was a far harder league than it is this season. WBA, Brentford, Forest, Derby were all far better teams than this season. Nothing in the Champ’ship this season. Leeds also played the best football that the Champ’ship as seen. Bielsa never blows his own trumpet unlike Farke.

@Smevs33: Christ he’s not bitter is he 🤪

@bethgabriel_: Hahahahaha bless him man

@bielsaginobili: did he compare his cakewalk job , coaching a talented team with no pressure , a team that has been to the pl many times ( different coaches ) in the last 7 years . With leading a team to the pl with 16 years pressure that many Managers failed to do before him

@MarkShipley3: Inherited a team ch ship 13th place year before same team just about then just missed out, smashed a strong chship then went toe to toe with the Prem

@norwich_dave: That’s a very un-Farke like thing to say. Strange. #ncfc

@norfolk_buh: Yes Daniel

@OliverBarnard28: What a guy

@ForeverAYellow: Daniel Farke causing a right ol stir up with his comments about Marcelo Bielsa hahaha

@sam51h: Aw come on Farke. Decent enough manager but not fit to be mentioned in the same breath

@melvin_hall: And your gripe is what exactly? Jealous much?

@_billyreid: If I finished 20th in the Premier League the year before I just wouldn’t speak

@bigmacca199: 😂😂 Here come Norwich for their Bi-annual Premier league season of being dry bummed. #ncfc

@lufcjm: i love how happy Norwich fans are that their club is getting attention from opposition fans

@Tom_Payne10: Feck me this is embarrassing

@cotocortes: This guy goes up and down in an elevator-team and has the nerve to throw beef to Bielsa. Do you know why you weren’t nominated for MOTY? Because nobody fucking knows who you are. When you go visit your mom she calls you for breakfast like “hey, small team manager, come here”

@tompauley8: Love Farke dunking on Leeds/Bielsa

@lufcalexx: – won 5 games last season

@MarkShipley3: Won lge then relegated #levels

@deadhairlineee: What a weird bloke

@lufc_fc: “Stop crying Daniel Farke”

@AllLoveLeeds: Pathetic

@Tom_ncfc1902: Oh shit, this is gonna bring out all the triggered Snowflake Leeds fans. “No-one likes us and we are really quite offended by it”

@canarydan: These comments are hilarious. They’re Championship champions, doing well in the Premier League but still care what Farke thinks and says. #lufc fans are cute. Very sensitive, but cute.

@aidanleo07: Ahahahahah what a fucking moron

@ConorJHMcG: Nice to hear Bielsa is living rent free in another minnows head ✅📝

@Ben17lufc: Rent free etc. etc.

@louis_wr: Cry Daniel

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