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Norwich fan taunts Hull lads, Rosenior baffled at red card and Duffy reacts to fouling Connolly

A Norwich fan cheekily taunts Hull lads, Liam Rosenior was baffled at his red card and Shane Duffy reacts to fouling Aaron Connolly.

Fair to say this game had plenty of things to talk about, as Adam Idah’s 96th-minute winner sees the Canaries seal comeback win on the opening weekend of the Championship.

Idah saw his toe-poked effort just 10 minutes after coming off the bench following a goalmouth scramble prove to be a relief for the hosts.

Liam Delap had out Hull ahead on his debut against the run of play on 17 minutes, but Jonathan Rowe’s first senior goal made it 1-1 deep into first-half stoppage time.

Meanwhile, Tigers boss Liam Rosenior was sent off late on for protesting that Idah was in an offside position when denying Hull a point.

The result had one Norwich fan mocking a group of Hull fans after the final whistle, saying “2-1” on repeat, while one Hull fan said “I’ll smash you up, come here” while backing off…

Meanwhile, Liam Rosenior said he remains in the dark about his sending off.

As per Hull Daily Mail, he said: “It’s the last minute of the game. Matty Ingram sets up to take a goal kick short and I’m screaming at him to kick it long to the right side where Cyrus Christie is, that’s not timewasting, that’s tactical. I wanted us to squeeze up the pitch, kick the ball to Cyrus and pen them in.

“Matty moves the ball literally five yards, he’s running, he’s not timewasting. Everyone in the crowd is shouting that he’s timewasting, Matty kicks the ball forward and the fourth official walks up to me and says ‘for that reason, we’re going to play 15 seconds more’ – my words to him were: ‘I’ll take you at 15 seconds or we’ll play until they get one more chance’.

“The ball goes down the side of the pitch, it goes out for a goal kick. Corner. I turn around to the fourth official and say ‘How long are we playing now?’, he says ‘This will be the last part of the game’ – perfect, the ball comes in our box, we clear it and it goes into what they call the safe space and he should blow up.

“The cross comes back into the box again, Sean McLoughlin gets pushed on the floor by their player – completely missed – hits him, goes to the striker and goes in the net.

“Now I’m sent off. I don’t know what I’m meant to do. I’m passionate, I want us to win. After that, I don’t remember. I don’t remember saying anything to the fourth official, I remember taking my jacket off and throwing it on the floor like a 15-year-old, but I care.

“For us to work so hard – we didn’t play well – but we still worked hard, we ran 5km more as a team than we did at any point last season, in the first game of the season, so in terms of the signs of what I’m seeing from this team and how fit you have to be, we’re in a good place, so for that to be taken away from you from something that shouldn’t have happened was just very, very difficult to take.

“I still don’t know what I’ve been sent off for. I stepped on the pitch because I was angry, maybe it was for that. At the end of the day, I’m a respectful person.

“I saw Keith [Stroud] after the game and had a really good conversation with him. Very respectful, I gave him my opinion, he gave me his, which out of respect for his officials, I’m not going to say what he said.”

We also had to mentioned, Shane Duffy who gave a hilarious reaction to his late foul on fellow Ireland international Aaron Connolly.

He wrote in a tweet: “Meant no harm tbf 90th min against him nah take the yellow 😂😂 love the kid ❤️”

Duffy had been making his competitive debut for the Canaries on the opening weekend of the new Championship season, and the young forward came off the bench for Hull on the 70th minute.

Late on in the game, Duffy went in with a late slide tackle on Connolly, sending him rolling and picked up a yellow, ave a watch below…

Norwich: Gunn, Stacey, Duffy, Ben Gibson (Omobamidele 74′), Giannoulis, McLean, Rowe (Tony Springett 75′), Hernández (Fassnacht 61′), Gabriel Sara (Núñez 74′), Sargent, Barnes (Idah 86′)

Subs: Tim Krul, Omobamidele, Gibbs, Idah, McCallum, Fassnacht, Núñez, Fisher, Tony Springett

Hull: Ingram, Coyle, Jones, Greaves, Rúben Vinagre (McLoughlin 66′), Traoré (Christie 66′), Slater, Seri, Vaughan (Simons 79′), Delap (Estupiñán 79′), Tufan (Connolly 72′)

Subs: McLoughlin, Longman, Simons, Estupiñán, Fleming, Lokilo, Lo-Tutala, Christie, Connolly

A lot of Twitter users reacted as Norwich fan taunts Hull lads, which was capture on camera…

@MichaelRealReed: NHS working overtime with that one

@ImKhan990: A lot of “hold me back” behaviour going on there with no one there to hold them back.

@shearersbuddy: I’ve had harder shits…..

@JordanRichmond: It’s a tough watch.

@Dale88J: Grown men

@dave_n84: Hope everyone is safe. Harrowing stuff right there.

@stoney_s6: “I’ll smash you up, come here” while backing off 🤣🤣

@ConorLeyland: Don’t think I’ll go near hull or Norwich now for my own safety

@nanjayman: I remember when I had my first ever beer.

@P4ULW1L50N: Brutal… Hope everyone got home safe!

@BIGANTZ85: How embarrassing are these so called casuals of today 🙈

@Woodthewolf83: That one in the browny stone island thinking ‘fucks sake hope it don’t kick off I’m shitting myself here’

@walkerizm: Hull and Norwich, how scary 😂

@SWFCMadOwl: Naughty that. Hope everybody was alright.

@tommym2323: Proper nasty. All the gear no idea

@ryanmcfc92: Drives me mad this shit “ill smash both of use”. Fuckin go on then 🤣🤣

@WillMott1991: Hope everyone’s ok and no serious injuries

@David_wzd4: Seen more action at picnic…..

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