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Norwich City get heavily criticised over campaign featuring homophobic slurs

Norwich City get heavily criticised over a new campaign of theirs featuring a wall of homophobic slurs, capturing everyone’s attention.

The Canaries unveiled the mural as part of Pride Month, however it’s led to mockery with even Proud Canaries, the LGBTQ+ fan group of the Championship club, slamming their own club’s attempt to say that homophobic and transphobic slurs aren’t ok.

The wall was then covered by coloured paint, as thrown by Norwich fans and members of staff, with the club proclaiming it to be a “masterpiece” while promoting it on social media.

In a statement released on Thursday morning, Proud Canaries said: “We were asked to take part in the project. The impression given was that the film would record an upbeat occasion with players and fans alike throwing paint rainbows at a concourse wall to create an inclusive graffiti mural while discussing the negative impact of bigotry.

“Had we been briefed on the constantly in-view and in-focus abuse wall concept we would have firmly advised against and deemed it a deal breaker.

“The finished edit is far from positive. Viewers, including those from our community, are subjected to the sight of a lexicon of slurs – regulalrly used to target LGBTQ+ people – for almost the entire duration of the production.

That error of judgement was compounded exponentially yesterday with the launch tweet, ironically stating that ‘this language is not okay’ while platforming it.

“We’ve asked the club to delete the film in its current form, apologise publicly and work with us, Norwich Pride and the broader fan base to make good.”

A Norwich City spokesman said: “As ever, all at Norwich City are proud of the club’s ongoing work to support diversity, equality and inclusion across our players, staff and supporters.

“Throughout recent years the club have had, and continue to have, extensive dialogue with its various fan groups.

“We are determined to continue our work in this area, tackling discrimination in football, supporting difficult conversations and pushing boundaries in making Norwich City a home for everyone.”

Fans reacted as Norwich City get heavily criticised over their campaign featuring homophobic slurs…

@NCFC_McG: Solidarity to all of you, and I am sorry you’ve been put in this position. Totally unacceptable situation.

@benjacobhague: I’m gay, and I find this an odd post. At least give some context around why certain words or phrases aren’t ok and may harm.

@jonrogerswriter: It’s absolutely awful Ben. It’s beyond clumsy. It’s dreamt up in a round table and no one was wise enough or aware enough to say….what!?

@foxgpb_ncfc: I can appreciate the initiative but this is such a tone deaf idea – I’m imagining a group of people around a table saying ‘I’ve got one, ‘f*dge p*cker’, write that down’.

@MartinJBuck: I can understand the sentiment to this and that the intention is good but I’m not sure it’s quite the right way to go. I’m presuming you would have discussed this idea with @proudcanaries before going ahead? If it had been a video of victims of abuse talking about their experiences and writing the names they had been called before painting over them, it may have been less accidental Partridge.

@Jack_T_92: Who thought this was a good idea?

@dannyw_92: Imagine they did an anti-racism version of this… I don’t get how anyone thought this was a good idea? And who decided that certain words needed bleeping out and not others? It’s just odd

@Luke2Wallace: What the actual fuck is this 😳 Feels like something The Apprentice candidates would get fired for coming up with

@Norfolkwease: Please take this down. You wouldn’t put up a load of racist words to teach racism is wrong would you. I am a season ticket holder and a member of @proudcanaries & I will be writing to you. Very disappointed.

@nikki1407: What an odd tweet 🙄

@mattjware: Out of interest, are you saying that you didn’t know the paint-throwing would be covering up bigoted slurs? You were just told it was throwing paint at a blank wall?

@stevegedge: A good statement. Were #ncfc still a Premier League club this would be getting a lot more publicity. As it is the mainstream media doesn’t really care about the Championship unless the likes of Wayne Rooney are involved.

@delboycanary: Totally agree , I doubt they would do a similar thing regarding Racism etc

@jacobbowles3: Good statement from @proudcanaries

@tfid23: Why hasn’t this been deleted yet?!?! Who thought this was a good idea? #ncfc

@albotbc: Agree on this, a very strange decision for the club to post homophobic slurs all over Twitter.

@Anita_NCFC: You have mine and many others support in this. Another shambolic Advertising faux pas from NCFC.

@KyleDownes10: This is up there with the most embarrassing tweets I’ve ever seen.

@AlfieIndra: To show that we are against homophobia we have decided to get an intern to think up as many slurs as they possibly can and write them on a massive board and tweet it to hundreds of thousands of people

@andxtay: @NorwichCityFC So none of these words, which you’ve posted online for all your 845k followers to read, are allowed?

@clinicalchilly: I’m in two minds about this, you wouldn’t put up words like the N word or other racists words to kick out racism,secondly nothing was done when fans were chanting it to billy gilmour nor Connor Gallagher when you played Palace away. It just seems to be a weird campaign to me

@aimeencfc: Love #ncfc but god this adds to the list of terrible PR moves this season😭 writing out&painting over slurs isn’t the ally 💅 move they think it is lol. So out of touch & just reviving slurs that me a 20 y/o d*ke hasn’t even heard of 💀 Twink apparently being a slur is hilarious

@TheDryhtscipe: What made you think that queer people wanted to look at a whiteboard of slurs, precisely?

@IanEdNorman: Tomorrow… a list of racist terms, some of which may be new to you! 👍🏻

@TacticoModerno: “We’re so against homophobia, that we’ll show you all the homophobic slurs we know”

@AdamCha57040838: With that picture your basically promoting it and adding to people’s vocabulary, who’s idea was it to post this 😅

A) Imagine the meeting that took place in which they brainstormed all the slurs to use in this
B) This graphic will surely never be used in a derogatory manner, I’m sure of it

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