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Northern Premier League side considering switching from English to Welsh football

A Northern Premier League side are considering ending their 35 year stay in English football and switch to the Welsh leagues for next season.

Colwyn Bay have expressed that they are exploring that possibility due to financial struggles, if they don’t then they might end up going bust.


COLWYN BAY Football club are to explore a possible return to Welsh football on financial grounds.

They are to hold talks with the FA of Wales later this week and will discuss the issue further before making a final decision.

Interim chairman Bill Murray told a supporters meeting on Monday that the club needs £100,000 a year more revenue to stay competitive in the English system and with lack of support from the town in terms people coming to games and business investment, that is looking impossible.

The club needs home gates of 450 to 500 to stay competitive in England and despite playing some good football this season, they are not getting that sort of support from people in the town.

“To carry on as we are will see the club fold inside two years,” he warned.

“The club has been kept afloat in recent years by the generous support of David and Brian Titchiner, but they can’t keep bailing the club out.”

He told supporters there were three options:

– 1 Stay as we are and see the club die.
– 2 Stay in England on a drastically reduced budget and slide further down the pyramid.
– 3 Start again in local Welsh Football and look to re-build from there to possibly challenge for Welsh Premier status in three or four years.

If the club go for the third option, Craig Hogg and Neil Coverley said they would consider staying with the club providing there was a realistic and feasible plan in place with a view to taking the club forward. As things stand making progress in England is not realistically feasible.

The club have been in the English system for over 30 years and got as high as the National League North, but in recent years have not been getting big enough attendances at home games to make it viable.

Mr Murray said: “My heart wants to stay in England where we have had some great times, but times have changed and with the current financial situation, my head says return to local Welsh football to try and give the club feasible targets to work towards – otherwise there could be no club at all.”

Any resignation from the Evostik League has to be submitted by March 31st, and so the club has four weeks to make a decision.


After learning of the news that Colwyn Bay were considering switching English football for a return to the Welsh leagues after 35 years, fans gave their reaction with some thinking it would be for the best of the club to move, others thought they should stay but slip further down the pyramid – check out what they had to say on the next page.


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