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Non league team walk off pitch over alleged racist abuse – opposition team get three points

A non league team walk off a pitch over alleged racist abuse, however it was the opposition team who get the three points, it’s been revealed.

Bedford Albion took to Twitter to express their frustration after finding out that their game wouldn’t be replayed after being abandoned.

In a now deleted tweet, they said: “So earlier on in the year we walked off the pitch due to a opposition player calling our player ‘a white cunt’. We hear that the FA couldn’t prove he said it even though we have evidence and the referee standing 3 yards away. The oppo have been awarded the 3 points! ?‍♂️??

“So basically they are saying we walked off the pitch for no reason meaning that they basically got awarded the points for saying a racist comment. Absolutely incredible I have never ever seen anything like it. How the hell are you meant to stamp it out without the FA helping?”

Beds County League replied: “All incidents of discipline are dealt with by the County FA, more serious incidents of discipline can be dealt with by the FA. The County League DO NOT deal with discipline incidents.

“The league committee will have acted & made any decision based on information provided from any FA hearing around the alleged incident. The incident in question will have been found proven/ unproven by County FA before the league committee act in accordance with the league rules.”

Fans gave their reaction after learning of the non league team’s decision to walk off the pitch over the alleged racist abuse, whilst also voicing their anger that the opposition team got three points…

(Photo of Bedford Albion’s ground by Steve B the Groundhopper)
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