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Non league player assaulted and spat at his grandmother while robbing her to fund his drug habit

Non league player Joseph Dykins assaulted and spat at his grandmother while robbing her to fund his drug habit, Teesside Crown Court heard.

He had so much at his feet, but instead, his life went out of control when he started using Class A drugs and was removed from a football academy in Darlington.

After spitting in his grandmother’s face, the 23 year old demanded cash to pay for his habit. He then pushed her to the ground and stamped on her mobile phone, as per the Northern Echo.

Teesside Crown Court were told that the footballer is still supported by his family as they hope to help him deal with his drug addiction.

Emma Atkinson, the prosecutor, stated that Dykins had been a bully to his grandmother for around six years and even assaulted her on one occasion.

The defendant would call his grandmother on a regular basis, asking for money, before arriving at her house and demanded that she pay him.

“He grabbed her mobile phone out of her hand as she went to leave her home and he jumped out of a window, followed her while screaming at her,” Emma Atkinson said.

“He took hold of her mobile phone again and threw it into the garden, it was retrieved without damage and she said she was calling the police.

“He called her a ‘silly ‘s**g’ and demanded that she transfer the money, he then pushed her causing her to stumble over. He then threatened to let her dog out of the house, if she didn’t hand him the money.

“She transferred £60 to him, she felt she had to do that otherwise he would pester her all night. She called the police and that’s when he grabbed the phone again before stamping on it repeatedly.”

The court were told that he was awaiting a sentence for an earlier assault on his grandmother and committed the most recent attack as he was on bail.

Dykins, from Peel Street in the area of Thornaby, pleaded guilty in January to robbery and harassment, as well as criminal damage, when he assaulted his grandmother.

Michele Turner, mitigating said that her client’s family was helping him to ‘fight’ his addiction and that he should get the help he required.

She added: “He wanted to go to prison, he has realised this was out of control and realised that his behaviour was wrong.”

Recorder Richard Woolfall sentenced Joseph Dykins to three years and four months in prison for his campaign of harassment and bullying against his grandmother.

“You have a history of targeting your grandmother and causing her distress – she says she has been bullied by you for six years,” he said.

“When you were desperate for money, you targeted your grandmother again and demanded cigarettes. She gave you them and told you to go but that wasn’t enough for you, you wanted more.”

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