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Non league match bizarrely halted by naked streaker on very cold day

A non league match was bizarrely halted for a number of minutes by a very naked streaker on what was a very cold day during the weekend.

Sutton Coldfield Town eased their relegation fears producing a much needed win thanks to second half goals from Jack Burgess and Reece Gibson, beating Shepshed Dynamo 2-0 in the Northern Premier League – Midlands Division.

The hosts could have taken the lead in the opening five minutes when Curvin Ellis twice put the ball wide, with the first half playing out to be rather scrappy.

However it was in the 61st minute when Sutton broke the deadlock, Burgess picked up a clearance from a corner and beat the keeper with a shot that went under the bar.

They extended their lead on the 86th minute through a great confident Reece Gibson finish to seal the three points.

In the final minutes of the game, a streaker legged it onto the pitch, with no clothes on whatsoever, and took to do press ups in front of the players, staff and 216 fans in attendance.

Sutton wrote afterwards: “FULL TIME. Apologies for delayed updates and the full time announcement and a handful of typos… an unimpressive streaker doing press ups distracted me… SCTFC 2-0 @ShepshedDynamo”

Twitter user @SCTFC_ULTRAS captured the random moment on video, saying: “First time for everything at @SCTFC today. The streaker was suffering from it being a cold day 😂😂”

Social media were in stitches as the non league match gets bizarrely halted by a naked streaker on that very cold day…

@jslovechild: At least he didn’t cable tie himself to anything.

@NLChronicles: Does he play for Littlehampton??

@Stufenton79: 🙈😂😬

@FrankChickens_: In all the time I’ve been following the Royals, this is the first time I’ve seen this! 🤣🤣

@Phleeper: Did he get confused by the away fans chant of ‘If you like it up The Butthole, clap your hands’

@HarryCrook17: never seen a cock so small. horrendous

Bez to @jonobrown_
“FFS Jono this isn’t Wednesfield mate put your kit back on”

@DanielPlatt_1: ‘Jonno’s put a bit back on’ 😂😂

@MarkSan53715862: Yes a shocking entry onto the pitch,Thorpe sent on a striker but there was obviously a breakdown in communication. Thank god Bez was able to put things right 😉

@gdrury71: Great fanny.

@VillaWayne: Hope he’s got the right moulds on!!

@YouYeltz: That really is a (Sutton) Coldfield

@gallowgate_pete: Or a spot the ball competition.

@Trokey_Lou: His fupa is better than mine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

@AndreasColella2: 🎶 Don’t YOU want me baby, don’t you want me… ohhhhhhwohooh 🎶 😂

@rpoore1882: Must of been cold out 👀

@twadgemonkey: New balls please

@Villaboy89: This isn’t the nudist league mate

It’s full of Tits, Fanny and the Royals 💙
Oh sutton is full of fun 😀

@daveyboyegan: Decent tits. Nice fanny I’d do it!

@LouiseRebecca22: Where’s his knob?? 😳

@sdfcbwa: You left your penis in your pants go and get it

@groupstageexit: You should’ve paid for a child admission mate…

@claydonultras: Let’s hope it’s warmer on may 1st for the @AFC_Claydon v @BactonSun89 cup final or I’ll look like I’ve got a fanny, just like this guy.

@NLChronicles: I know its cold but I just want a cuddle!!

Eddie Fry: Genuinely cant believe what i saw lol brave lad going out bare in that cold like

Paul Hastings: No way hahah jeez look at the size of it

Rory Oaks: gave everyone a right good view of it like, really made the most of his few minutes of fame there

Gary Atkins: oooo god no just running on was enough, then he got down and did press ups for everyone to look right at the butt crack, makes me shudder

Harry Simpson: That really put people off their appetite for dinner/tea

Ollie Yarnold: I proper wanted something to eat afterwards as well

Jason Farley: he had so much time to do such random shit that no one wanted to see ha only in non league ay, especially a streaker

Reece Fairchild: i want to say he had the balls to do it, but im not so sure he really did looking at that haha

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