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Non league manager goes viral with his rant blaming referee for losing 4-3 after being 3-0 up

A non league manager goes viral over the weekend with his post-match rant blaming the referee for losing 4-3 after being 3-0 up.

Baffins Milton Rovers boss Danny Thompson let rip at the standard of refereeing in the Wessex League Premier Division after the defeat to Hamble Club.

Charlie Oakwell, who was booked in the first half, was sent off for a second bookable offence eight minutes into the second half with Baffins leading 3-1.

Thompson said: ‘The second one was never a yellow card in a million years, Charlie clearly won the ball.

‘It was a massive blow and we couldn’t recover. The referee’s ruined the game, he’s cost us three points.

‘If we’d had 11 players on the pitch for the 90 minutes we would have won, 100 per cent.’

Along with the red card, Thompson was adamant that Hamble’s winning goal – which came from a penalty awarded for a foul on Ed Sanders – shouldn’t have been given.

‘I asked the lino if he thought it was a penalty and he said he didn’t,’ reported Thompson.

‘A few weeks ago at Laverstock the lino gave three penalties, and here we have a lino saying he didn’t think the ref should have awarded a penalty but couldn’t do anything about it.

‘It’s not sour grapes, the referee was poor for Hamble as well.

‘The league must be struggling for referees. This was even worse than Laverstock.’

Baffins had stormed into a strong lead with Miles Everett, Jason Parish and Tom Vincent all finding the net, before Braydon Douglas got one back for Hamble five minutes before the break.

Baffins went down to 10 men, Douglas got on the scoresheet with a shot deflecting off Sanders and then Bailey Honeysett got the equaliser.

Baffins keeper Roux Hardcastle saved a spot kick from Hamble in the 75th minute, but Will Gange scored the rebound to put his side in front for the first time in the mach.

Rovers finished the match with nine men as a frustrated Tyler Giddings was then sent to the sin bin.

‘Being 3-1 up at half-time and losing is tough to take,’ said Thompson as per Portsmouth The News. ‘It’s the manner of the defeat, if we had lost fair and square I’d hold my hands up.

‘As soon as they scored their second goal, I could see them going on to win it.’

This is how fans reacted as the non league manager goes viral with his rant blaming the referee for losing 4-3 after being 3-0 up…

@jbartsofficial: So much of this in the Wessex League. It’s cringey! The officials do their best, they are at a level for a reason. I don’t really know what else people expect. Yeah we all get frustrated with decisions but ultimately just got to do what you can do.

@j0hnnydayt0n: … and the players are at that level for a reason.

@venny1976: How embarrassing, chucking away a 3 goal lead and you blame the officials !

@ShaneBa99700047: He looks and amusingly sounds like he’s about to absolutely break down in tears!

@NorbertWhiteley: I was at this game as a neutral. You were 3-0 up and threw the game away. The home team were better than you in all departments in the second half. To blame conceding four goals on the officials is absurd. I thought they (the officials) had a decent game.

@JohnmjtJt1919: Deflecting away from himself. Blaming others WOW!! Always look at yourself first is my advice…..you’re welcome 👍

@IainW19: You were 3 nil up. 😂

@mrDavidJBryant: Hand your notice in my friend and become a referee, show us all how it’s done! 👍

@MCDBEES: Embarrassing comments. Examine your own failings of which there are clearly many, rather than blame match officials.

@FFSChristie: Losing from 3-0 up indicates clear failings as a football manager, the irony of someone shit at their job criticising someone being shit at theirs

@Clem_Fandango78: 3-0 up, lose 4-3…… of course, it’s the fault of the officials 😆 🤡

@RefereeSouth: Defeat with 10 men, where did it go wrong today? The officials. I don’t care how bad you think the officials are. They are never to blame for letting you slip away a 3-0 lead. I wonder if BMR manager, has a pop at his player for getting sent off?

@WPacey_89: Apparently it’s the officials fault they blew a 3 goal lead and lost 4-3! 🤣🤣🤣

@TEBickley: This guy is something else! Beggars belief his team were 3-0 up and lost 4-3.

@GilhamColin: Blaming the match officials for turning 3-0 into 3-4, when you’ve won 1 out 5 matches, is frankly downright embarrassing. I do hope @WessexLeague will be having a word.

@BenThorntonn: Never the fault of the actual defence in the squad is it 😅

@Daniel_C1987: 😂😂😂 blaming the officials for blowing a 3 goal lead 👀

@That_Ref_Guy: Imagine being 3-0 up, losing 4-3 and it being the officials fault 🤣🤣

@Dockhouse_Dave: Genuine question, if you win due to a ref error do you claim you wouldn’t have won but for the ref? Everyone asks for consistency but in reality only when a decision goes against them

@AndyBro90257825: If your 3 up and can’t see the game out try looking at yourself in the mirror and asking did you do the best you could at your job instead of the easy blame someone else option. And by your comments it appears to be your regular default button. 🤦‍♂️

@Cricket1406: 😂 what a clown he is 🤡

@AndrewWSuperdad: How embarrassing this is, truly shocking attempting to deflect the blame from his own teams incompetence and his tactics.

@dazbo23: Grow a set of Balls go do a ref course and go and ref on you’re own with no help coz trust me you don’t get any help . Unless you’re face fits . Then u can moan .

@MarkMt1878: Suggest you consider signing up those officials who are responsible for netting 4 and beating your boys 😳

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