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Non league keeper sent off for going for a pee during a game

A non league keeper ended up getting sent off for going for a pee during a game, begging the question is it a red card offence?

Back when Salford City were at National League North level, shot-stopper Max Crocombe had no chocie but to relieve himself mid-game just like we used to see French keeper Fabien Barthez do back in the day.

He went on to face a serious backlash from Bradford Park Avenue fans, especially after one chose to report him to the police.

Towards the end of the fixture, ex-MK Dons and Oxford United’s Max Crocombe urinated by the side of the stands at Horsfall Stadium.

A linesman caught him in the act and alerted the referee, which prompted a sending off, and as well as being reprimanded by the officials, he feared having to face the full force of the law for urinating in public.

A supporter, in the crowd of 533, reported him to the police, promoting plenty of responses on social media, with Gary Lineker even jumping on the bandwagon.

Bookmakers Coral wrote on what happened, with the Match of the Day presenter saying: “If that’s true, I’d have been given a life-time ban for a shit.”

Max Crocombe published an apology at the time, saying: “I’d like to sincerely for the incident today.

“I was in a very uncomfortable position and made an error in judgement which spoiled a great win.

“My intention was never to offend anyone and I’d like to apologise to both clubs and both supporters and it won’t happen again.”

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Bradford Park Avenue club secretary Colin Barker told Press Association Sport: “He was told by the steward twice not to do it and he went ahead and had a pee.”

Barker highlighted the severity of the situation for Crocombe and said: “One of our spectators has made a formal complaint so we’re waiting to see what will happen from there.

“But there’s no secret about it. It’s been reported to the police.”

Crocombe learned that he would be out for up to three games for the indiscretion that led to him being sent off in the 88th minute.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Since leaving Salford, Crocombe swapped English football in favour of Australian, linking up with Brisbane Roar and then Melbourne Victory where he remains to this day.

This type of incident happened a few years later, as in 2020, one particular footballer was abused on social media after being given a six-match ban for what he did on the pitch live on the BBC.

Coleraine were having a water break as their Northern Ireland Cup game against Ballymena went into extra time following a 1-1 draw in normal time.

However viewers were left stunned as Coleraine’s number 10 Eoin Bradley felt there wasn’t enough time to leg it into the changing rooms for a toilet and instead went and done it one the pitch instead.

He reportedly asked to go to the toilet, though that request was denied due to to the measures imposed by COVID-19.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go, and that’s what Bradley went and did, whipping out his penis and urinated on the turf, with players and the manager right next to him.

The game was live on BBC Two in Northern Ireland and commentators had to apologise to viewers watching. Of course, it’s only natural for many others to take to social media, in hysterics at seeing a little too much of Bradley than they wanted to.

Bradley had put Coleraine 1-0 when he hit a beautiful left-footed free-kick just before half-time, however after Kenny Kane popped up with a 94th minute equaliser, the game went to penalties.

Bradley has been criticised on social media, where they have described his behavior as “typical of a Fenian”, a derogatory term towards the Catholic-nationalist community of the British province, as reported by sportsfinding.

The footballer has since defended himself from the harsh comments and has also published posts online.

“Yeah I pissed on Windsor. Yes, I am a Fenian / Catholic. Some of my best friends are Protestants. And that? It’s 2020. Grow up, “Bradley wrote.

The CEO of Coleraine, Stevie McCann, has also protected its player and condemned online attacks.

“Comments of a sectarian nature have no place and are not welcome in the Coleraine FC “, stressed the manager.

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