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Non league footballer left shocked by what he was called by player during match

A non league footballer has been left shocked by what he was called by a opposition’s player during a match over the weekend.

Just two weeks ago, 24 year old former Crystal Palace youngster turned Sheppey United defender Jahmal Howlett-Mundle took the decision to reveal to his teammates he was coming out as bisexual.

He made the tough decision to do what is unfortunately still very difficult for many in the fear of upsetting others or getting abuse in the stands or online.

However on Saturday afternoon, what was just as shocking is that he was abused on the pitch by a player, just for being of that sexual orientation.

In a match played between Tower Hamlets and Sheppey United, Howlett-Mundle had some abuse, so took to social media to call it out, in the hope action would be taken.

He wrote via his Twitter account: “Real shame that a @TowerHamletsFC player was narrow minded enough to call me a “gay p*ssy” during the game. Comments such as those will not get under my skin or throw me off my game, and I do understand that unfortunately it will happen again.

“So glad that @SheppeyUFC teammates/management supported me during & after the game and I would like to believe something will be done about this by @EmiratesFACup & @SCEFLeague by following up on this incident, in the hope that it will help to eradicate homophobia within football”


“Sheppey United Football Club are in full support of our defender Jahmal Howlett-Mundle who was subjected to verbal abuse whilst playing a game of football this afternoon.

“The club will welcome any investigation and will also provide support to Jahmal who is obviously very upset with the situation.

“Sheppey United Football Club strongly condemn homophobic abuse and are totally committed to the elimination of all forms of discrimination. There is no place for it in our game or society as a whole.” – STATEMENT ENDS

It’s incredibly sick that someone would say such things in the intent of trying to hurt the feelings. It’s not banter. It’s not clever. It’s not funny.

To use such a heartfelt difficult moment – which was praised by hundreds if not thousands of fans up and down the nation – and use it in spite for self gain, the abuser really needs to have a long hard look at himself.

@TowerHamletsFC have since seen his tweet and replied: “This has just come to our attention, please can you give us the number of the players shirt so we can investigate and take matters into our hands. As a club we want you to feel we do not tolerate this type of action and will take this very seriously. Please personally message us.”

Fans took to give their views with the Non league footballer left shocked by what he was called by the player during Saturday’s match…

@deloldfield4: Clearly a problem there, as one of the @EBTheDeres players got threatened with being stabbed after the game on Tuesday! Sorry to hear you were subjected to such small mindedness, and I hope you’re ok👍🏼👊🏼

@paul638975341: This should never happen and is not acceptable in any walk of life just remember @jhmundle Everyone at Sheppey United is behind you and will always support you also you was Immense today 👏👍

@mikeking1983: We are all behind you mate. Shame on that player.

@SteveTunniclif2: @jhmundle I hope you reported it and the authorities deal with him, there is no place for that in the game 🤬

@hmmokay: beyond disgraceful behaviour. I have nothing clever or cool to say, but I still wanted to send support and love from E3. big e-hugs from this stranger xx

@MikeFow44173345: Sad and disgraceful comments from an opponent player, block them out if possible. Should never happen. Should have respect win or lose.

@MarcelGraves: Sorry to hear that you had to experience that today. Unfortunately these sorts of things still occur, especially if you are beating them! You’ve won more this week than you can imagine though!

@Marlinstarz: Disgusting. Sending love bro. Very disappointed to see this & commend you for speaking up on it. Hoping that actions are taken so that precedent can be set across all levels of ball.

@Robertl75784399: Jam, it’s a credit to you for bringing this to everyone attention and for you being the bigger person, no matter what you’re or anyone’s else personal preference is it’s no one else’s business

@kevinrcoleman2: Sorry to hear about this Jahmal, sadly this still happens in 2021. @FA and @LondonFA should take immediate action including mandatory EDI education for the offender, happy to help with the process if any delays for you..

@danbirchhh: Always with you brother. Comments like that got no place in football or in life, narrow minded individuals. Big graft and performance from you today 💪🏽

@grahamrodber: Very sorry and saddened to hear this, football has a long way to go in terms of eradicating discrimination from our game 😢 Please just keep being you and keep doing what you are doing, head up! 👊🏻

@AJ_Dream18: That’s poor and I’m sure @TowerHamletsFC will be taking very this very seriously

@LanreCarter: That’s not cool bro, hope you’re all good

@k_w_a_k: Solidarity. And good on you for calling this out.

@ToshFan44: I’m sorry that this happened to you. Good to see the prompt tweet from the opposing club but it is important that the Referee is informed when this happens even if he or she did not hear the remark themselves.

@GrantPayne8: The player need FA education discipline too I would remove player from the team

@alec46819: Someone needs educating. This should not be still happening!

@wermhatt: Name and shame.

@MattMorton16: An absolute disgrace if that’s what someone has to resort to, sorry you’ve had to share a pitch with such an idiot but buzzing you answered in the best way by getting a CONVINCING win. If there were witnesses let’s hope it’s dealt with so it becomes clear this isn’t acceptable

@Davie42782790: It’s not acceptable and should be reported, why should the morons get away with it, don’t take any abuse whatsoever, it has no place in society never mind football


“I’m not the type of person to reveal large parts of my personal life and usually keep myself to myself. I certainly felt it was the right time to be honest with myself and my loved ones and by being open about my sexuality, maybe it will give others the confidence to follow suit,” he said to the Sheppey United website.

“Football still has room for improvement in terms of players coming out and being themselves, but with the likes of Thomas Hitzlsperger and Thomas Beattie having done so, it’s slowly starting to evolve. We have seen other sports people like Gareth Thomas (Rugby) and Tom Daley (Diving) come out years ago and they are great role models for people like me.

“I believe I’ll be a better version of the Jahmal you already know. Whatever anyone’s sexuality, you should not be treated any differently – I’m just as hungry as any other player to step onto the football pitch and give my all to win for our team and our supporters”.

“I always wished I had somebody that looked like me, that grew up where I grew up and played football to look up to when I was younger” said Jahmal.

Non league footballer left shocked by what he was called by player during match

Upon speaking to Marcel Nimani, Sheppey United Assistant Manager, Marcel had nothing but praise for the defender. “Jahmal is a great footballer and leader for us on the pitch and an inspirational influencer off the field. In the 21st century, sexual orientation of a person is a normal existence in our society, but unfortunately in football it’s not quite the case.

“Bravery acts like Jahmal’s play a massive part in normalising members of the LGBTQIA+ community within football. I believe these acts go a long way in supporting many struggling sports people.

“I thank Jahmal for the trust that he has put into our club and we as a club are fully supportive of Jahmal in what is an emotional time for him.”

To finish up, Jahmal was thankful to all at Sheppey United, saying: “I’m overwhelmed by the support I’ve received by my teammates and the staff here at Sheppey United since I told them the news. The club have been great in supporting me and I look forward to having a great season with them as we look to start our promotion push at the weekend.”

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