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Non league cup match sees 37 goals scored including a 17-16 penalty shootout win

Many football fans were left stunned last night after a non league cup match ended up finishing in a 17-16 penalty shootout win.

That game was between Isthmian League South Central Division duo Chalfont St Peter and Hanwell Town with the Saints coming out victorious.

The Isthmian League Velocity Trophy tie ended up being 2-2 after normal time, so you could say already the 69 fans in attendance got their moneys worth, but they did even more so when watched a total of 37 goals being netted across the whole of the game.

Jeremiah Maja opened the scoring for Hanwell with a penalty after 5 minutes…

Chalfont got an equaliser after 20 minutes through Riccardo Alexander-Greenaway with this goal…

It took 5 minutes for Hanwell to restore their lead thanks to Rob Laney…

It looked to be heading to a victory for Hanwell, though Chalfont’s Kofi Quartey prevented that from happened with around 5 minutes left on the clock…


CHALFONT 1-0 Hanwell
Chalfont 1-1 HANWELL
CHALFONT 2-1 Hanwell
Chalfont 2-2 HANWELL
CHALFONT 3-2 Hanwell
Chalfont 3-3 HANWELL
CHALFONT 4-3 Hanwell
Chalfont 4-3 HANWELL (saved)
CHALFONT 4-3 Hanwell (missed)
Chalfont 4-4 HANWELL
CHALFONT 5-4 Hanwell
Chalfont 5-5 HANWELL
CHALFONT 6-5 Hanwell
Chalfont 6-6 HANWELL
CHALFONT 7-6 Hanwell
Chalfont 7-7 HANWELL
CHALFONT 8-7 Hanwell
Chalfont 8-8 HANWELL
CHALFONT 9-8 Hanwell
Chalfont 9-9 HANWELL
CHALFONT 10-9 Hanwell
Chalfont 10-10 HANWELL
CHALFONT 11-10 Hanwell
Chalfont 11-11 HANWELL
CHALFONT 12-11 Hanwell
Chalfont 12-12 HANWELL
CHALFONT 13-12 Hanwell
Chalfont 13-13 HANWELL
CHALFONT 14-13 Hanwell
Chalfont 14-14 HANWELL
CHALFONT 15-14 Hanwell
Chalfont 15-15 HANWELL
CHALFONT 16-15 Hanwell
Chalfont 16-16 HANWELL
CHALFONT 17-16 Hanwell
Chalfont 17-16 HANWELL (post)


After the shootout, fans and a player took to give their surprised and amused reaction at how long the penalties went on for – find out what they had to say on the next page.


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