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Non league community raise thousands to help form new Gateshead phoenix club for 2019/20 season

Football fans within the non league community along with the Gateshead supporters have helped raise thousands to help form new Gateshead phoenix club for 2019/20 season.

Gateshead Soul Supporters Association set up a GoFundMe page with a target of £50,000 to ‘save football’ in the town with the crisis National League side Gateshead FC described as ‘just a piece of paper’ after they axed all their staff.

So far, the current total sits at an impressive £8,207 by 388 people after being created just five days ago on the 2nd of May.

Gateshead Soul Supporters Association’s GoFundMe page read: “Our club, Gateshead FC, has been completely decimated by a spiteful and morally bankrupt group of charlatans following the end of the 2018/19 season. The current situation at ‘Gateshead Football Club’ is nothing short of abysmal and a complete insult to the borough of Gateshead which has had a football club proudly representing it for almost 80 years. Following the sacking of all staff members via email, the Gateshead Football Club we used to know is no more.

“Countless lies have been told over the course of the season as the 89-year tenure of a football club under the Gateshead name playing in Gateshead is set to come to a shameful end. And with no players, staff or home – it’s heartbreaking to admit that the evil which somehow got its clutches onto our once proud football club has well and truly killed it. ‘Gateshead Football Club’ is now nothing more than a name owned by some charlatans who seem perfectly content destroying it with no sense of remorse or decency. It is beyond saving and we cannot afford to wait any longer for the FA to act.

“As previously mentioned, our only option as a committee of fans that will ensure football survives in Gateshead under the Gateshead name is to form a new club together. Establishing a new club would be a real project that we want everyone to be part of. New clubs will be considered for step 7 in the non-league pyramid, but can get special dispensation to achieve as high as step 5. We would look to have a competitive budget which can be achieved through various income streams the most important of which will be this Go Fund Me page. This will help provide a solid foundation and starting point to allow a new club to hit the ground running for the 2019/20 season. We will need as many backers as possible but the end result could be something truly special. We will have a club to support, one that we can be proud of on and off the pitch.”

If you want to donate something to help set up this new club, so it gives fans something to be happy with and to know is supported and owned correctly rather than having to endure the nightmare situation currently going on thanks to Dr Ranjan Varghese, then click HERE or on the GoFundMe page photo above.

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