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Non league club’s party video is being investigated by the FA

A Cornish based non league club’s party video is currently being investigated by the FA with it doing the rounds on social media.

Footage has appeared, showing around 20 players from St Blazey Football Club leaving a Plymouth apartment suite on Sunday morning.

Devon is in tier two restrictions with a ban on households mixing indoors, however these lads chose to ignore it and have now got themselves in trouble.

St Blazey said: “St Blazey AFC are truly appalled to have learned of some of the players actions over the weekend. We are co-operating with the CCFA and will make no further comment until their investigation is concluded.”

The club said it was “truly appalled” while Cornwall County Football Association (CCFA) said it was “looking for further information”.

A video shared online shows a group of men, said to be St Blazey players, exiting the self-catering suite following an argument in a hallway.

In the video, voices can be heard to say it is 1:30 in the morning when the lads eventually agree to leave the Airbnb apartment, following what one speaker describes as “hours” of noise.

During the argument with the property host a call to the police is threatened and a man, who claims to be one of the team’s managers, orders people inside the room to leave.

Two of St Blazey’s games over the Christmas period, including one on Boxing Day, have since been cancelled.

One sources message read: “Dont know where to start, basically we went out on St Blazey Christmas piss up last night, a few of the boys rented an air bnb opposite The Walrus, so we went back there about 7:30, got several warnings about noise and at 1:30am got kicked out.

“There was easily 20 of us in there, some woman filming us and calling old bill.

“Now this is where it gets weird, was a bloke stood on the landing, I didnt take much notice but turns out it was Les Dennis and it was his wife filming us, after they kicked us out they went in the apartment and filmed all the beer cans, empty bags and about a thousands nitrus oxide canisters on the floor, she rang our chairman this morning and threatened to release the video of us waking out and all the kit in the gaff if we dont suspend everyone.

“Basically Les Dennis has St Blazey on strings.”

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Richard Pallot, from the Cornwall Football Association, has confirmed that an investigation has been opened.

He said: “There is an investigation open regarding what led to the cancellations and the circumstances around it.

“I can’t say too much more at the moment but I’m waiting for replies and information from the relevant people. We need to establish exactly why the game was cancelled.”

A short statement from the South West Peninsula Football League said: “The league board are aware of accusations concerning the reasons for postponement of two St Blazey games over the Xmas period. We are aware of a Cornwall FA investigation and will await that to conclude before making any decisions on league games.”

League secretary Phil Hiscox added further: “I am aware of accusations, etc, and am assisting Cornwall County FA who have the duty to deal with misconduct and bringing the game into disrepute, etc.

“When they have concluded any investigation and any charges then the league will make a ruling on whether those games in question are played at a later date, or awarded as wins to the innocent parties (St Austell and St Dennis). The league can also deduct points, but only Cornwall FA can fine or suspend clubs or individuals.”

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

The director of the Airbnb accommodation does not wish to comment. Devon and Cornwall Police have not confirmed if they attended the incident.

Fans reacted after hearing about the non league club’s party video which is being investigated by the FA…

@obrie030964: I’ve watched, listened, pissed myself laughing at the @StBlazeyAFC stuff. After a shit year why can’t a team of lads let their hair down. Les Dennis must be that desperate to get back in the limelight he’s actually made a cornish football club more famous than him.

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