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Non league clubs go viral after mocking the European Super League

Non league clubs go viral after mocking the much talked about European Super League which has gone down very badly with fans online.

Late on Sunday night, it was confirmed that Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are among 12 clubs who have agreed to join a new tournament.

In what has been described as a ‘seismic move for European football’, the Premier League clubs will join the likes of AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid.

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The ESL said the founding clubs had agreed to establish a “new midweek competition” with teams continuing to “compete in their respective national leagues”.

It said the inaugural season was “intended to commence as soon as practicable” and “anticipated that a further three clubs” would join the breakaway.

In has been condemned by the Premier League, UEFA, FIFA, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and a huge number of supporter groups of the clubs participating. Gary Neville’s stance on it went viral, getting millions of views, see that by clicking HERE.

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Fans felt so passionately about opposing the plans, that now season ticket holders of the ‘big six’ are cutting up their season tickets and plan to watch lower league football.

This would be a huge welcome boost for non league sides who have struggled big time financially due to the pandemic.

Meanwhile whilst many non league sides are suggesting fans of these Premier League giants to come support their club and proper no nonsense football, others couldn’t help but mock the big European plans.

Vanarama, the sponsors of the National League, joked that they would change their name.

They tweeted: “All this elite talk has got us thinking about upgrading the name…” along with a photo of their ‘new logo’ – the Vanarama National Super Duper League.

Wrexham were another team that went viral, with over 20,000 users liking their statement with even their new owner getting in on the act.

The Welsh outfit wrote: “Despite the club’s two 4-0 victories this week, we can confirm that we will not be seeking membership to the newly uncovered ‘European Super League’ and will continue our quest to reach the EFL.

“The club will be making no further comment.

“‘Wrexham are my new club if *team* goes ahead with this’.

“Why wait? Sign up here for FREE membership for the 2021/22 campaign! Real football and you could meet Ryan Reynolds and his friend.”

York City joined in on the fun, getting 3,000 likes for writing: “We can confirm that that club will not be taking part in the European Super League.”

Concord Rangers tweeted: “Despite reaching the FA Trophy Final we can confirm that we will not be participating in any form of ‘European Super League’ instead we will continue to compete in England’s famous non-league pyramid.

“The club will be making no further comments.”

It wasn’t just National League clubs having their say, Ramsgate wrote: “Ramsgate Football Club would like to distance ourselves from a European Super League and pledge our allegiance to both @IsthmianLeague and @FA.

“We have heard the rumours that we will be joining but these are completely unfounded.”

Meanwhile a big number of sides decided to write just how much better non league is compared to competitions like the Premier League and this new European Super League…

Worthing retweeted something they wrote back in October 2020: “When you spend £14.95 with us, you’re getting a game of football in the flesh with a pint in your hand. You can celebrate a goal knowing it isn’t getting ruled out 5 minutes later. You know that your money is going into your local community, not into the hands of billionaires.”

Basingstoke Town said: “It’s time for change. Belong to a club that know you by name not by number. Belong to a club who value your support. Belong to a club who take pride in the true value of football & what it represents. Support your local #NonLeague team this season & feel the change. Belong.”

Pontefract Collieries said: Quite honestly the ESL is a disgusting concept for football at all levels, however it has made people realise just how important their local non league clubs are. Every silver lining! Support your local team, they need it and would massively appreciate your support!

Nantwich Town put:Despite a request to join in the European Super League, We would like to announce that we will not be partaking. Football is for the fans. Not for the greed”

Kettering Town: “Good Morning to you! Yes, you! You, the one who supports their local team! We don’t have to worry about a Super League, all we have to worry about are whether chips are available, parking arrangements and whether the clubhouse is open. We’d have it no other way!”

Gresley Rovers: “Supporters of the “big 6” why not show your clubs that you won’t stand for their betrayal of you. Non-league clubs would welcome your support. Great value, great experience and on your doorstep. You know it makes sense.”

Sheffield FC:Football clubs are about giving people a place to gather and play the game. They’re about giving fans a place to come together in support of their team. They’re about local communities. Football clubs will always provide that and it will never change. #ForTheLoveOfTheGame

Haringey Borough: “We are Haringey Borough Football Club. A friendly, local club in the heart of the community. You are all welcome and as soon as we are able to open our doors once more, we will welcome you with open arms.”

Many more non league clubs continued to go viral after mocking the European Super League…

As non league clubs go viral after mocking the European Super League, Jeff Stelling also saw his tweet get a lot of notice, saying: “Even if this falls flat on its face do not forgive them fans of the six. Never forget what they have tried to do.

“I obviously mean the owners of the six . Not the fans . We all should feel sorry for the fans of those clubs. It is not their fault ! Just read the tweet again . Pretty clear I was not having a go at fans

“Thank god I support a proper club. And not just mine, but all those clubs who treat their fans with respect, whose players still speak to their supporters , whose fans respect each other. Feel sorry for the fans of those six clubs who are viewed as worthless by their owners.

“Bed now. By the time I wake up o expect at least a couple of the six to be already backing down . But their fans should not forget how their owners were trying to betray them.”

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