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Non league clubs fined for walking off pitch due to alleged racist abuse

Non league clubs have ended up getting fined after players walked off the pitch due to alleged racist abuse.

The referee was forced to stop in the game following an incident involving Padiham goalkeeper in the second half as Congleton were 3-0 up.

As well as that, Padiham say several of their players wallets “were emptied in the changing rooms.

The alleged racial abuse and theft was reported to Cheshire Police.

Following that game, Congleton Town wrote on Facebook: “The game today was abandoned by the referee. The club have reported an incident of alleged racial abuse and theft to Cheshire Police.

“The club takes this matter very seriously and is committed to working with the league on this matter.”

Padiham FC stated on Twitter: “Our players were removed from the pitch today due to racial abuse aimed at our goalkeeper and several players’ wallets being emptied in the changing rooms during the game.

“The players and staff of Congleton FC have acted with class and we’ll act together to ensure this is eradicated from our game.”

Well recently it’s been reported that, Padiham got a fine of £165 for taking their players off the pitch while Congleton were fined £160 for the racial abuse.

Padiham chairman Shaun Astin tweeted: “I am a chairman of a non league football club, we decided to take our players off in a game because our goalkeeper was being racially abused. We were fined £165 the offending club were fined £160. Where is the justice there?”

After find out about the clubs being fined for the racist abuse as well as taking players off the pitch, football fans up and down the country took to voice their anger and disappointment, even another club is helping them to pay it off – find out what they had to say on the next page.


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