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Non league clubs discover fate of 23/24 appeals (approvals, rejections, reprieves, relegations)

Non league clubs discover the fate of 23/24 division placement appeals (including approvals, rejections, reprieves, relegations).

A few weeks ago, clubs took to appeal their allocated place, others voluntary relegate themselves with reprieves also being confirmed this week.

The Football Association recently revealed the allocations of clubs to the National League System for 2023-24, subject to FA Council approval and any appeals – and there was a fair few of the latter.

Below is what has been confirmed so far with much of the appeal decisions confirmed already…

Non League Matters user paulh66 wrote: Updated brief summary of appeals (can’t guarantee I haven’t missed any others…it’s late!)

Appeal upheld (see FA site for written reasons):

Appeals dismissed (see FA site for written reasons):
Bishop’s Stortford
FC Peterborough

Appeal outcome pending:

Appeals withdrawn (inc where overtaken by other events):

No evidence of appeal being made:
Sawbridgeworth (although league said they’d instigated an appeal)


Blues Allocation Upheld

Following our FA appeal hearing on Wednesday 7th June, we can confirm the FA has decided to uphold it’s original decision and we have been placed in the National League North for the 2023/24 season.

The FA Appeal Board gave careful consideration to the submission and understood our concerns but sadly chose to dismiss the appeal.

The fact remains that other clubs are either more northerly situated or geographically better suited in terms of travel time for placement in the National North. The appeal board, however, has concluded that the original decision is a marginal call and that the committee had not been unreasonable in it’s original Bishop’s Stortford FC for the forthcoming season.

The Board decided to appeal the original decision as it was in the best interest of its shareholders, players, officials, volunteers and supporters and whilst disappointed, we accept the final decision of the appeal board.

Placement into the National North, of course, brings additional challenges but the whole club remain excited for our return to Step 2 and we look forward to facing new opposition and making new friends during the 2023/24 season.


Over the past 24 hours the club has received the devastating news that our recent appeal against lateral movement on the football pyramid was rejected –

The FA have confirmed that should the club wish to remain at step 5 that we will be playing in the Midland League next year as per the recently publicised allocations.

In an emergency meeting last night the club explored all options, but do not see a feasible way forward for the club to compete in the geographical area of the Midland League. It’s therefore with great sadness and regret that we have today petitioned to be formally relegated to the NWC Division 1 with immediate effect in order to save our club –

We hope they can assist us and accept this request.

At this point we would like to thank all of those wonderful people who helped during the appeal, your support meant everything –

As a club we have not reached this decision lightly, this is a decision that we feel is necessary in order to protect the existence of WUFC. We hope our fantastic supporters, volunteers, players and staff understand the reasons for this and stand by us –

We shall not make any further statements at this time.




Northwich Victoria FC can now confirm we have received notification from the FA that our recent appeal against the lateral movement to the Midland Football League has been rejected. The Club are extremely disappointed to hear this outcome and now face a number of challenges in the next few days to prepare for the new season in the Midland Football League.

We would like to place on record, our thanks to the FA and the appeals panel for hearing our case and the professional way in which it was conducted. We now accept this decision and move forward in the next chapter for Northwich Victoria.

We would like to reach out now more than ever to the fans of the Club who, as always, have been fantastic in their support to this cause, to really get behind the Club in the upcoming season as we strive to be as successful as we can in building new friends and visiting new clubs within the Midland Football League

This is what fans had to say as non league clubs discover the fate of their 23/24 appeals (approvals, rejections, reprieves, relegations)…

@AlHunt1972: What an utter disgrace…… shambles

@PL2NL: I’ve not seen one club win their appeal. Easy £100 a pop for the FA. Let a club appeal and just deny it 10 days later

@gill_marsland: The Fa are an absolute joke, I had a feeling our appeal would be rejected, they don’t care about grassroots football and what it means for a club like Vic’s and of course poor winsford 😔 BUT we have to move on and all stick together and show the world that no one can ruin us! 💚

@JohnEdward1810: Absolute disgraceful decision from the FA, they have ruined football for years, and they are continuing to do so. They don’t think of the clubs at all.

@drwhofan_194: It’s a shame that (I’m presuming) travel costs mean a team further down the non-league pyramid can end up needing to request relegation (or even folding) when they get shuffled into a different league.

@AntonDeck: Non-league football administration don’t help itself at times

@Philwhite6: Really well well well another £100 for the FA 💰💰

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