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Non league club TURN DOWN promotion causing management team to resign

A non league club have decided to TURN DOWN promotion, causing their management team to resign with immediate effect, it’s announced.

The Football Association has invited clubs at Step 5 and 6 to apply for ‘upward movement’ while teams are also asked to submit details of their ground grading, security of tenure and finances by Monday the 3rd of May.

One of those clubs however, Christchurch, have decided against going up to Step 4, leaving many fans baffled by their decision.

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They were one of the three teams from the Wessex League Premier Division that had the option to apply for promotion. Lymington Town and AFC Stoneham the others, though Christchurch were number 1 on the list (meaning they were initial/first consideration).

@ChristchurchFC_ wrote: “Unfortunately the club has decided not to apply @FA upward movement to step 4. We look forward to continuing in @SydWessex next season.”

The club’s manager Ollie Cherrett said via his Twitter account: “After discussions with club this afternoon and decision not to apply for upward movement I have taken the tough decision to resign from manager of Christchurch FC.

“I would like to thank the club for the proud opportunity to manage Christchurch for 5 1/2 years which has seen some great memories winning Wessex 1, FA Vase journeys and not forgetting the history making FA cup run this season.

“I like to thank all the backroom people the players and management team that have supported me over the years and thanks to Hum bridge sports club and our supporters.

“I wish the club all the best for the future and look forward to the next chapter.”

Wayne Smith, joint manager, added: “Following the earlier announcement that the club will not be taking the upward movement to step 4, I have made the difficult decision alongside 011ie to resign as manager of Christchurch FC.

“I have had a great 2 half years at the club making so many memories with special people. We have achieved so much to obtain the opportunity for promotion along with great FA Vase and FA Cup runs that will live long in my memory.

“The Players, Backroom staff, supporters and followers have all been fantastic and would like to thank them all for their support.

“I leave with a heavy heart but would like to wish Christchurch all the best for the future and am looking forward to what the future may hold. Thanks Wayne.”

Fans reacted after seeing that the non league club TURN DOWN promotion causing their management team to resign…

@Frycarpets: Its a shame but with no real financial backing not surprised on the decision. Unfortunately that’s what modern day football is all about these days even at that level #upthechurch

@BenSatts97: Couldn’t be more wrong, money was there and sorted.

@Frycarpets: Poor decision then on the clubs part then if that was the case.They won’t get another chance of progression not much point in carrying on then if they don’t ever want promotion that’s what you compete in league’s for

@MichaelBG1212: Why wouldnt a team apply? Surely you’d want to go up?

@pfcmichael: Lack of investment I think. More money needs to be spent if they go up and they can’t afford to

@BrooksyTV: Bottom line is nothing is more important than the survival of the club itself, whatever level they play at.

@mrcrh11: Promotions been handed on a plate this year and seems all the clubs up north want to go up

@theboygibbo: Can’t argue with that. Shows they want to progress

@FootballWant: Wow!

@Daniel_C1987: Baffles me why clubs don’t go for it , I get financial issues may be a problem but at least tell management before hand , we all have ambitions don’t waste ppl time going for promotion to then decline it

@MesserBest: That’s a shame. Christchurch were in one of the predicted leagues I saw Tooting in and I was thinking it’d have been a nice away day.

@MartinGrimsdale: I dont pretend to know how much it would cost to apply to move up and exactly what ground improvements would be involved but from what i saw last season you have a squad that could easily compete at a higher level so very disappointing

@bournemouthian: Very disappointing

@dorsetdom1905: Interesting decision not to go up from Dorset side Christchurch – the management team have already left because of this decision. Lack of ambition or sensible given the current climate?

@TheJackLovell: Don’t understand the decision, you & The players have done an unbelievable job past few years , definitely deserved to having a go at the league above.

@87jblake: Chin up mate, achieved a lot in 5 years considering you had no budget in this day and age! Take the experience onto the next chapter to a club with better ambitions 👍 good luck with where you boys go!

@stecoffen: Hold your heads up high! It shouldn’t end like this! be proud of what you and the squad achieved on peanuts, now proven via this decision! You all bloody deserve promotion! still achievement to be the champions of two seasons! Hope you get the job and backing you deserve!

@kirkgrice: Absolutely gutted for you all, I know how hard you’ve worked and how ambitious you all are, don’t know the ins and outs, but worth a go, surely? All the best in your new venture, sure the phone will be ringing very soon

@CooperB90: This is a real shame! Both yourself and the management team did such a good job over the last 5 years, taking that club to new heights every season! Wish you well in whatever your future holds. UTC

@Ferbie27: Sad to see you go. These last two seasons have made me love football again. Good luck in the future. Thanks Ollie

@arnieno2: Such a shame mate you’ve done an amazing job there!

@jbartsofficial: Really can’t understand the decision. Cracking job you have done Ollie! Good luck in whatever comes next!

@DeacsG: Only decision to be made if club do not match your ambitions. Good luck Ollie.

@TBTVSport: Not sure what else you could’ve done? Win games, make history, take risks … that’s what the game is supposed to be about A disappointing end to such a golden period. And the club has lost many good people. Best of luck to you all in the future

@kirkgrice: Hats off to you Smithy, done a cracking job in your time there, the improvement in league position and run in the all Cup competitions speaks for itself, should be proud of the impact you made and the achievements in making history!! There’ll be plenty of opportunities ahead!

@ChampionFootbal: Sorry to see this, what’s a job you and team have done over last few years. I’m sure your next offer won’t be long!

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