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Non league club sack players and managers after party video looked into by the FA

A Cornish based non league club have had to sack their players and managers after their party video was looked into by the FA.

Footage appeared on social media, showing around 20 players from St Blazey FC leaving an AirBnb apartment suite in Plymouth in December.

At the time, Devon was in tier two restrictions with a ban on households mixing indoors, though on this occasion, the footballers chose to ignore it and have since got into big trouble, so much so they have been axed by the club.

St Blazey said last year: “St Blazey AFC are truly appalled to have learned of some of the players actions over the weekend. We are co-operating with the CCFA and will make no further comment until their investigation is concluded.”

The 16 second clip, which has been viewed over 15,000 times after being shared online, appears to show a group of St Blazey players leaving the self-catering suite following an argument in a hallway.

In the video, a voice can be heard saying it is ‘1:30 in the morning’ when the lads eventually agree to leave the apartment, with another saying that they have endured hours of noise.

During the argument with the property host, a call to the police is threatened and a man, who claims to be one of the team’s managers, ordered people inside the room to leave the building.

Two of St Blazey’s games over the Christmas period, including one on Boxing Day, ended up getting cancelled.

After that they played out a 0-0 draw against Saltash United and a 3-0 defeat away to Helston Athletic before the season was suspended.

One sources message read: “Dont know where to start, basically we went out on St Blazey Christmas piss up last night, a few of the boys rented an air bnb opposite The Walrus, so we went back there about 7:30, got several warnings about noise and at 1:30am got kicked out.

“There was easily 20 of us in there, some woman filming us and calling old bill.

“Now this is where it gets weird, was a bloke stood on the landing, I didnt take much notice but turns out it was Les Dennis and it was his wife filming us, after they kicked us out they went in the apartment and filmed all the beer cans, empty bags and about a thousands nitrus oxide canisters on the floor, she rang our chairman this morning and threatened to release the video of us waking out and all the kit in the gaff if we dont suspend everyone.

“Basically Les Dennis has St Blazey on strings.”

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The party video was investigated by the FA and now the non league club have decided that it’s best to sack their players and managers responsible.

On Twitter, St Blazey wrote: “The club can confirm that joint managers Matt Hayden and Shaun Vincent, as well as the players involved during the events of the Christmas Covid-19 breach, have been relieved of their roles as St Blazey AFC players/managers.”

A second tweet, read: “The club would like to place on record their sincere thanks for the hard work of Matt and Shaun as well as all of the players’ efforts on the pitch.

“A full statement will be released in due course.”

A statement was published on the 12th of January, saying: “Cornwall FA investigated allegations made against the management team and players of St Blazey AFC following an incident on the 19th December in Plymouth.

“Having taken advice and guidance from The FA it has been agreed that the incident does not fall within the jurisdiction of The Cornwall FA to issue charges via the Football judicial process.

“All information has now been forwarded on to the Devon & Cornwall Police to pursue Civil action against the individuals concerned.

“All the evidence gathered has also been forwarded to St Blazey AFC for consideration in relation to any internal action they as a club may wish to take.”

The Cornwall FA have been working closely with St Blazey and the committee of the club would be “discussing the matter internally”.

www.fanbanter.co.uk – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies

Fans have reacted as the non league club sack players and managers after the party video was looked into by the FA…

@FingersTAFC: Well done for making an example of them. Hopefully this will send a message to all other player and managers out there

@Marklandricomb1: Massive mistake by the club to let these managers and-players go . Apologies and donations weren’t enough then, obviously some people just want to look good in front of certain authorities instead of standing by the managers and squad that make the club money on a weekly basis

@Mciver904: Bold statement but unfortunately I think you’ve let go 2 of the best young and upcoming coaches out there locally, what more could they do but apologise and they made a donation to say sorry ffs

@GorstRoger: Shame @ShaunVincent85 is a great bloke, both managers were doing a great job,very harsh decision

@razza_bezza: So pro footballers can get away with it weekly even though it’s all over the national media, but amateur footballers and management get hung out to dry!?! I’m not having it that nobody on the committee was aware of it going on!! Typical Blazey to be fair

@eaton_harry: Awful awful decision, lads donated just under £500 to the local hospital as an apology. Won’t just be the players at the party leaving, will be the whole squad. Sad to see as the club was getting back to its very best. @StBFCPaul top bloke, one of the best around!

@phil_spudhead: A club which has been on the decline of years , managed to find two individuals Shaun and Matt who were dedicated to get the club back to better times .The players involved will leave and the other players in the squad will go as well. No team and no management madness decision

@lewisvooght98: Shocking decision from the club, after the hard work that’s been put in over the last 2 years from Matt and Shaun and the voluntary work from myself and other players to fund and renovate the changing rooms has just been thrown away, won’t find a more loyal set of lads anywhere!

@michael04136841: Your loss you donuts let’s see how you get on without them a very harsh and completely wrong decision

@abmTCFC: Fuck me what a shite decision this is

@Rtferguson96 on the club sacking the players managers for the party video: Following Blazey was fun whilst it lasted but that’s me out.

@Jon_Hill7: Very daft decision!

@davelee0712: Blimey! Gonna cost their families a fortune to find a new club

@DanToon4Life: What a joke of a club. You get pros like foden and Greenwood getting away with what they did yet Blazey punishes their lads. Gonna lose lots of support now

@jlpow: Green and black Nike boots for sale size 8 pm me

@downthelamb: Few Premier League clubs should take notice of this. Well done St Blazey FC

@Jordanduffey23: Cheers les top man

@smorish10: St Blazey 0 – 1 @LesDennis

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