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Non league club release all players and staff ‘in order to save the club from extinction’

Non league club North Shields release all their players and staff ‘in order to save the club from extinction’, it’s been confirmed.

They have said that they are now working with the Northern League regarding their remaining fixtures, having made the tough decision.

However, one of the club’s players, Brad Chisholm, tweeted in response: “Reading this statement as a player of North Shields. What a load of shit😂 we have not been paid in full at all, also we have all agreed to leave not because of the money because of the inconsistency and lies within the club. Respect to the management team for dealing this.”

Jonny Ball @JRBall8 tweeted: “Just to clear a few things up the lads weren’t paid in full they were missing 3 weeks wages which they won’t be receiving, they weren’t taking money knowing the club was struggling financially we didn’t know anything was wrong until 24 hours ago.”

CLUB STATEMENT (15/12/2023):

Following on from our previous statement we can follow on with this being the toughest statement we have produced.

We can confirm that the club is in an impossible financial situation. The previous 2 months has financially crippled the club with no financial incomings and greater financial outgoings.

The club met with the manager to discuss this and inform them of the situation. The club had to act on finances available and reduce the budget in order to save the club. Unfortunately due to the lack of income from recent postponed matches, the club is unable to continue paying the current budget. These changes needed to be made in order to still have a Football Club.

If we continued to pay players and management in full with no incoming finance, unfortunately the club would no longer exist.

The manager held a meeting with the players and it was decided at the meeting that the Management Team and Players will all leave the club with immediate effect.

We now start the very difficult task of rebuilding the club which is steeped in history and located within a fantastic community.

We are working with the EBAC Northern Leagues Management Committee regarding our remaining fixtures. The situation has left tomorrow’s game vs Carlisle City unplayable and will not go ahead. We will keep all supporters informed of every process going forward for open and transparent communication.

We ask for your understanding and support during this very difficult period.

CLUB STATEMENT (12/12/2023):

The board of directors at North Shields have unanimously elected Sean Redford and Sean Mulligan as the club’s interim co-chairmen.

North Shields held a board meeting at the weekend (Saturday 10th December) following the notice of the retirement of Club Chairman Alan Matthews.

The club will now be under the direction of Sean Redford and Sean Mulligan in the interim basis. Both will continue in their roles as Club Secretary and Head of Media alongside their duties as interim chairman.

The clubs search for a permanent chairman remains paramount however the directors recognise the importance of having to move forward and keep the club thriving.

We would like to fully and wholeheartedly thank Alan Matthews for all of his efforts, hard work, sweat, blood and tears he has put into the club over the last 26 years – this is no easy task! we will be releasing more information around a ‘Retirement Do’ for Alan very shortly!

What’s going to happen in the interim basis??

We want to invest in our facilities, however this investment must be proportionate and appropriate. The club will NOT pay excessive monies quoted by companies where clubs further south pay a fraction of the price. We remain in constant discussion with ground developers and companies for affordable adaptations. We know the subject of crowd funding is always on the mind. We can confirm that this amazing fund donated by our supporters is ring fenced and remains untouched for when we are able to carry out these improvements.

North Shields FCs last home game came on 18th October 2023. 2 months since the last home game which has been met with no revenue from matchdays coming in and has put us in a bad situation financially. Non-league clubs need money from matchdays to survive and without that, they are just about keeping their head above water. Players still get paid during weeks where no football is paid, electricity, gas, water bills are still paid and are still rising. These are incredibly unprecedented times, to go over 2 months with no income is crippling the club financially. The club are asking those who are in a financially sound position and are able to donate any funds to get in touch. Info@northshieldsfc.co.uk

We want to continue to develop our commercial partnerships and make the club a valued and respected part of the community.

We will continue to speak to people who might be willing to invest in the club or support our progress in whatever way they can. We remain in the process of speaking to potential investors however this is proving to be a lengthy process.

We want to maintain our competitive budget like most clubs at our level, we need to use that budget wisely and attract the right profile of player. However this needs to be achievable and in line with rising costs, lower crowds and financial struggles it again can’t be of the highest level.

We want to improve communications from the Board to help ensure that supporters remain engaged and it feels like we’re all pulling in the same direction.

The Board believe that it should be viewed as an honour and a privilege to be a Director of North Shields FC and everything we do should be in service of this great club, with its proud history and some of the best fans in non-league football.

Each Board member will have a clear areas of responsibility.

Rest assured that this Board has ambitions to grow the club and progress back to the next level and beyond, however this will take time and in football not every club can achieve its goals. What is important is that we don’t lose the ambition and energy to keep trying.

Every decision we make will be aimed at giving the club the best chance of being both successful in the short-term but also existing in a meaningful form for future generations.

There will be inevitable decisions that supporters do not fully agree with or understand, and it won’t always be possible to share the full context behind some decisions more widely, it is also not possible to make decisions that please everyone.

No other changes were made to directors’ responsibilities at this point in time.

The above statement is only words and it will take time to fully define our plan and put it into action. There are also a number of short-term issues which need addressing before we can truly start to make changes.

The club have decided to turn comments off on this post once again to stop negative and damaging comments being made by so called supporters who don’t even turn up and support the club. We thank all those amazing, loyal supporters for their understanding and loyalty. However, as we stated above, you can never please everyone!!

Thank you for your continued support,

The Board of Directors North Shields FC

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This is how Twitter users reacted as the non league club release all players and staff ‘in order to save the club from extinction’…

@AnleyBrian: Yet another club finding itself in horrendous financial difficulties. So many clubs are only 2 or 3 postponements away from exactly the same situation. Meanwhile @premierleague has just signed a £6.7 BILLION 4 year TV Rights Contract.

@TheDB30: 3 clubs now in this region that have had to make a statement of this nature recently. Rich get richer, everyone else can do one it seems. We pride ourse on our football pyramid in this country… that pyramid is dying a slow and painful death, awful to see.

@lee1892Johnson: ………all the riches in the game at the top level & then you get that. Everything that’s wrong with football

@iloveidpol: Devastating for local football . The lifeblood of our sport live on a permanent knife edge.

@dazcurry: Shocking this . A fan owned club is the way forward

@PeterRavenhill_: There’s many sustainable ways to manage wages during periods of no games.

@Colin_B_1970: This is really sad. It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was at Wembley cheering them on to their FA Vase win.

@MagpieGroupNUFC: Its incomprehensible and a stain on the game that at a time where there has never been so much money in top flight football, that the very foundation of our game – the grass roots – are neglected by the footballing authorities.

@ChrisLukeJones: Stuff like this is why it’s extremely hard to take the whinging at the top remotely seriously, these are the clubs that are there for communities to come together not to be a brand or product

@ILPadrino1994: Great group at North Shields, hope everything gets resolved soon and we still have the club! Since the Premier League announced its latest mega-money deal, Brandon United, Marske United & Now North Shields have collapsed…

@kirky0110: And Manchester United or Chelsea or other entitled, arrogant and ignorant club fan bases moan about not been in Europe or not spending 200 million a year. This is the tragic reality for clubs not backed by Arabs or breaking financial rules. Such a shame!

@UTM_Mariners: This isn’t looking good…

@_AFC_Sterny: Baffles me how this doesn’t get any publicity but then sky sports can waste 10 minutes on Arteta getting a touch line ban

@pubester: Feel sorry for all those affected. Fat cats at the top of the football pyramid won’t give a shite!

@DW_Wiggy: Some of these North East clubs are paying way to much to players, just not sustainable one term

@liamnufc1896: Absolutely heartbreaking seeing a local team with so much history come to this. It should never have happened

@hqmike85: Never good to see a club struggle even one that beat us at Wembley, but hope you manage to get everything sorted!

@toon_mentalist: It should never have been allowed to come to this

@Non_Runner: With all the money being ploughed into the premiership its sad that non league clubs with history like Shields and Marske have been struggling. Others will follow.

@TcLUFC: So many of these types of clubs, inc very close to us, spunk away stupid money on players then wonder why their fucked when it all goes tits up 🤦🏼‍♂️

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