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Non league club furious at ‘shocking’ state opponents left the changing room

Non league club Hanley Town are furious at the ‘shocking’ state their opponents left the changing room for the game against Stourbridge.

A video of the mess was uploaded to social media, and it got over 1,000 likes within 12 hours and a lot of comments along with criticism at the away team.

Hanley Town had beaten Stourbridge 2-1 to advance through to the next stage of the FA Cup. The opener on the 26th minute with Jones and Dodds linking up on the right hand side to find Glover in the box whose header looped over the keeper to put the hosts ahead.

Stourbridge were back on the level terms via a penalty in the 63rd minute, before Hanley were then handed a spot kick 10 minutes later. Glover sent the keeper the wrong way and slotted home calmly to put them back in front.

Teams went back into the changing rooms after the full time whistle, but after going in to check how Stourbridge left it, Hanley were left disappointed with the muck.

They wrote via their Twitter account at around 10:30pm Tuesday night: “Wow. There are ways to lose. We leave every changing room spotless. Sorry but this is shocking from a step 3 club.”

The 16 second clip shows a soaked looking floor, bit of clothing, mud, bottles and many other kinds of rubbish just left there for the home side to deal with. Check out the footage below…

Twitter users had their say as non league club Hanley Town furious at the ‘shocking’ state their opponents left the changing room…

@robin1302: Pathetic @StourbridgeFC

@Jono_SHJ: Perhaps best to directly point this out to @StourbridgeFC? Not everything has to be on social media.

@ScottRog3rs: Should be publicly called out, that’s a shambles.

@cabmanglyn: Mr Tannoy at Stourbridge normally has plenty to say so I’m sure he’ll respond soon enough!!!

@DazzlerGarner: Not surprised by them rats🐀🐀 @StourbridgeFC

@DanMiddo: It’s not like you had a long drive home so had to rush off @StourbridgeFC

@wbaguesty: Shocking state!! Not in the spirit of Non League…

@chris_burbidge: Absolutely appalling

@MarkyOatcake: Wow, that’s shocking. Why would you leave a changing room like that @StourbridgeFC? it does nothing but reflect badly on your club.

@RichieZuLuBatch: Awful behaviour

@DarrenReece8: Disgraceful, should send them a cleaning bill

@AntonyM82099360: Doesn’t surprise me

@stouraywe143: Very very poor, can only apologise… all the best in the next round lads 👊🏻

@stephen_dimmock: The players who left it like that should be made to either clean it themselves or pay the wages of the cleaner

@Tina76866520: That is absolutely disgusting how can any team leave it in that state, it respect to clean it like u did when u come to us I am the cleaner Annd u left ours spotless x

@pedalsingh: Football clubs at lower levels are built on the hard work of amazing volunteers.. and this is disgusting

@JoshMcCluskey8: From experience you left our changing rooms in one of the cleanest states in a very long time. That’s truly awful from Stourbridge that.

@angejc72: All these people saying it’s just a bit of mess should come and volunteer at a football club for a week. They work hard and get very little recognition to make grounds nice for the fans. Go and help out and volunteer

@OriginalSivi: @StourbridgeFC should know better than this, hope this gets addressed at least show a bit of respect

@burts32: Standards. You just have to keep yours and hope others follow.

@Donnaquinn88: Get them back to clean it up …. Not very good role models are they

@CoopIan: Its not a rule to clean oppositions changing rooms its just a respect thing quite often lead by the manager – Trying to shame a club not sure that is any better – they’d just lost a big game

@R1CHJB: SOURbridge???

@richthewolf1: If that’s accurate that sums up the attitude of some of @StourbridgeFC current players. Not fit to wear the shirts or represent a great club. Disgraceful on and off the pitch

@packmoorInn: Absolutely disgusting, from grow ass men!!! You should be ashamed, I know for a fact that Hanley left your changing rooms spotless as we do all of the groups we visit, thanks to our amazing kit man.

@Hayleyscfc1991: Sore losers! Disgusting

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